How to cook potatoes? Looking for readiness! How to cook potatoes in their uniforms, in water, in milk, in an oven, in a microwave oven

How to cook potatoes? Looking for readiness! How to cook potatoes in their uniforms, in water, in milk, in an oven, in a microwave oven

Usually in recipes of various dishes they write “cook potatoes until ready.”

But where is she, the very readiness?

Not every hostess knows how to define it.

As a result, it often turns out that the potato is digested or crunches on the teeth.

This is especially unpleasant when the dish was prepared not only for myself, but also for dear guests.

How much and how to cook potatoes in their skins, peeled, in slices?

How to cook potatoes - the general principles of cooking

It would seem that difficult to cook potatoes? I threw it into the pan, poured it with water and sent it to the stove. But not so simple. In one housewife, the potatoes are incomparable. And tasty by themselves. And the other mistress even no meat or fish can mask the unsuccessful potato side dish. Why it happens?

Subtleties you need to know:

• Badly washed tubers will give the finished potato an earthy flavor. And if, during cooking, the peel cracks, then the dish will be spoiled.

• For cooking, you need to pick tubers of the same size. Otherwise, you will have to stand at the stove and in turn check the readiness of each potato.

• The more starch in a potato, the faster it is cooked and the more crumbly it turns out. If varieties with a low starch content are used, then the potatoes are dense, not boiled soft, amenable to cutting even into small slices and plates.

• Salt potatoes should always. Even if she is preparing in uniform. But salt is not put at the very beginning of cooking, but in the middle of the process or near the end.

You also need to remember that the taste and preservation of vitamins in the product is directly dependent on the cooking time. No need to put the potatoes on a slow fire, if there is still time before dinner. It is better to leave the tubers in cold water, and then quickly bring to a boil, or immediately add boiling water.

How to cook potatoes in a uniform on the stove

The easiest and most common variant of cooking potatoes in uniform. This product is used for salads, okroshka, casseroles, zraz or just used in food.


• potatoes;

• water;

• salt. Cooking

1. Rinse the tubers under running water. If they have dried dirt, then you need to use a brush. We also immediately remove the sprouts, if they are present and we carefully clean the eyes, they must be clean.

2. Fold the potatoes into the pot and pour water so that it slightly covers the tubers. You can immediately use boiling water to save time, as well as reduce the yield of nutrients from the tubers in the broth.

3. Cook potatoes for 10 minutes, then salt.

4. So how much to boil the potatoes in a uniform? After 20 minutes, take a fork or knife, pierce the tuber. If the item enters easily, then it's done! If it is punctured with difficulty, then we prepare further.

How to Cook Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a popular dish. It is administered to a person in the diet in the first year of life. And every housewife should know how and how much to cook potatoes for mashed potatoes.


• potatoes;

• water;

• milk;

• salt;

• butter.


1. Clean the washed potatoes.

2. We cut. But how? In fact, there is no exact rule. The smaller the pieces, the faster the dish will be cooked. But it is considered that mashed potatoes are more tasty and more useful from the cut large pieces of a potato. We do at our discretion.

3. Fill the potatoes with boiling water, you can just water.

4. We put stew. After 10 minutes, we add salt.

5. We estimate the softness of the pieces in 15-20 minutes. They should not only easily pierce, but even disintegrate when exposed to a table item.

6. As soon as the pieces are ready, pour out the water.

7. In a separate container, preheat the milk and butter.

8. We shake potatoes or interrupt with a combine, gradually introduce warmed milk with butter. Pour to the desired consistency. Someone likes liquid mashed potatoes, someone likes thick.

How to boil potatoes in milk

Potatoes in milk - the most delicate dish, which is tasty even without a side dish. Especially if you add a little dill, garlic. But with a piece of meat it goes great!


• potatoes;

• salt;

• milk;

• dill, garlic, spices.


1. Clean the potatoes, cut into pieces and add to the pan.

2. Fill with milk so that it only slightly covers the slices. 3. We put stew. When boiling we reduce the fire.

4. After 15-18 minutes, salt and remove the cover. The milk should evaporate a little.

5. How much to cook potatoes? Pieces should be a little razvaritsya.

6. At the end add dill, chopped garlic. You can throw other spices. Done!

How to boil potatoes in a uniform for a couple of

Steaming is ideal for tubers that go to salads, okroshka. Potatoes do not boil soft, it turns out dense, and the pieces remarkably keep their shape. Well, talking about the safety of vitamins is unnecessary.




1. We wash the potatoes, as always choose the same size tubers.

2. We take the capacity of a steamer, a pan for a maker or a steamer for a slow cooker. In general, what is at home and is at hand.

3. We put the prepared tubers and send to prepare.

4. How much to cook potatoes in their skins in this way? On average, the process takes about 30 minutes. But it all depends on the device used. But having cooked once, you already accurately determine the time.

How much to cook potatoes in their uniform in the microwave

Microwave oven will help out, if you can not cook potatoes on the stove. Or just a little time, and I want to eat. But, how and how much to cook the potatoes in uniform in this way?


• potato;

• butter.


1. In the package. We rinse the tubers of medium size, put them in a bag, sprinkle with oil, and we can add some salt. We tie and make two or three small punctures. Sent to the microwave for 10 minutes. Cooking at maximum power.

2. With water. We put the washed tubers into a microwaveable container. Usually it is glass. Pour water, enough 7 spoons per 0.5 kg tubers. Cover with lid and cook also about 10 minutes.

3. You can also cook peeled potatoes, cut into cubes, slices, with oil and spices. The prepared product is laid in a suitable dish, sprinkled with spices, water is added, the container is covered and you can cook! We select time individually, but we set the maximum power.

How and how much to cook potatoes in a slow cooker

Potatoes can be loaded into the slow cooker, set a timer and forget about it! By the right time will be a wonderful side dish, hot and fragrant. But how to cook delicious potatoes in a slow cooker? Ingredients

• 1 kg of potatoes;

• salt;

• water;

• butter;

• bay leaf;

• pepper.


1. Clean the tubers. Cut into pieces. Do not shallow. If the size of the potatoes is average, then you can just into four parts.

2. Put the pieces into the multicooker container.

3. Add water so much that it barely reaches the pieces.

4. Add salt, pepper and bay leaf. You can immediately stir the spices in water so that they are distributed evenly, and then pour into the slow cooker.

5. We put on the cooking mode and prepare 30 minutes.

6. Sprinkle boiled potatoes with herbs, pour over oil and serve as a side dish.

Cooking Potatoes - Tips and Tricks

• Potato sprouts are poisonous! In no case should they get into the pan when cooking tubers in uniform. Watch out for it and break off.

• Potatoes with green barrels are also not suitable for food. Moreover, it will turn out to be tasteless and bitter. Even if you cut the damaged flank. As a result, saving the potato, you can spoil the whole dish.

• To quickly clean new potatoes, you can dip it in hot water for a couple of minutes and then in cold water. The skin will be easy to part with a tuber. But you can just hold the potatoes in salt water for an hour.

• Boiled potatoes will be more tasty if you add a piece of butter to the pan. We do it at the very beginning of preparation. The same technique is used to reduce the cooking time.

• Do you need to boil dense potatoes for cutting? Just add 2-3 spoons of cabbage, cucumber or tomato pickle to the pan. You can also pour a little vinegar or pour a bit of citric acid.

• Rosemary is the perfect spice for potatoes, no matter how they are cooked. A couple of pinches of this wonderful grass will make the taste of the dish extraordinary.

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