How to make goat cheese at home: simple recipes. How to make goat cheese: recommendations

How to make goat cheese at home: simple recipes. How to make goat cheese: recommendations

The more we learn about modern cooking methods and food storage conditions, the stronger is the desire to remember long-forgotten homemade recipes and put them into practice.

As a self-made product, you can be completely sure, especially if it is goat cheese.

It received its name due to the fact that it is prepared not from cow's milk, like most dairy products, but from goat.

How to make goat cheese: advantages of the product

The beneficial properties of goat cheese are vast and diverse. Unlike cow's milk, goat is well absorbed in the body and does not cause allergic responses. Home-cooked goat cheese has such beneficial substances and trace elements as:

• phosphorus;

• selenium;

• iron;

• calcium;

• potassium;

• vitamins of groups B and D.

The advantage of cheese is its low calorie content. It is low in cholesterol. It is therefore ideal for people who want to lose weight. Antioxidants in the composition help the body to resist infectious pathogens and carcinogens. Cheese product from goat milk has a characteristic taste with spiciness and pure white color. It is ideal for white wines and as a snack for beer.

Advantages of goat cheese over cow cheese:

• a set of microelements and goat cheese nutrients is easier and faster to digest;

• a large amount of calcium in the composition makes the product useful for people with diseases of the joints;

• The absence of allergic reactions allows you to make cheese a unique product that can be used even by people who are allergic to lactose.

To make goat cheese at home does not require a large investment of time, effort and money. It is enough to find fresh goat's milk to create a dietary product, while the rest of the set of ingredients will be minimal. But it all depends on the type of cheese desired.

Recipe for hard varieties: how to make goat cheese

To make hard cheese from goat milk, you need the following set of products:

• directly goat milk itself in the amount of 3 liters; • home or purchased (store) cottage cheese - 1 kilogram;

• one chicken egg;

• 1 teaspoon of soda;

• a small pinch of salt;

• and half a cup of vegetable oil.

Preparation Steps:

1. First, you need to pour the goat's milk into a saucepan and bring the liquid to a boil. It is necessary to add all the cooked cottage cheese to boiling milk and, while stirring carefully, boil over high heat for another 20 minutes.

2. After the time expires, move the curd-milk mass to a colander and wait until it is completely separated from the liquid. After that, you need to transfer the raw material to another container, for example, in a bowl.

3. Add to the milk-curd raw materials all the other ingredients. The mass must be thoroughly kneaded and put in a bowl, stewed in a water bath for about 10 minutes. Notice them need after boiling water.

4. Hard cheese is almost ready. It remains to remove the raw materials from the water bath to shift into a prepared plastic bottle, which has its neck cut in advance. Tamped cheese in a bottle should be tight. Then we ship the filled bottle to the fridge so that the cheese has completely cooled. It is better to store cheese in the same bottle in the freezer, its quality will not be affected, and the taste will remain the same.

Soft and melted types: how to make goat cheese

The following recipe will help you to make soft cheese from goat's milk. It will need the following components:

• main ingredient - goat milk in the amount of 2 liters;

• 400-gram packing of sour cream, you can take a home product;

• 6 pieces of chicken eggs;

• 2 ordinary spoons of salt, they should be poured without a slide.

How to make soft cheese:

Step 1. Boil milk with salt.

Step 2. At the same time, beat 6 eggs and knead them with sour cream.

Step 3. When the milk finally boils, pour the whipped cream-egg mass into it and wait for the boiling point of the new mixture. The result should be the separation of whey from the mixture.

Step 4. We pour our mixture into a colander, it is better to do this through gauze folded several times. Excess liquid from it should drain.

Step 5. When the whey is completely drained, wrap gauze with the future cheese and put it under the press. It can be created by placing cheese between two plates or boards, on top of which is placed a load having no more than 1 kg of weight. Step 6. In such conditions, the cheese should lie for about 5 hours, and then in the same gauze it should be put into a bowl and placed in a refrigerator for several hours to cool. The product is ready.

To make melted cheese, we will need a ready-made product based on goat milk - this is cottage cheese. Total we need:

• half a kilo of goat cheese;

• butter (a couple of tablespoons);

• teaspoonful of soda and a pinch of salt.


First you need to melt the butter in a stainless steel pan. Thoroughly squeeze the cottage cheese, add salt, soda, and also put in the same pan. The mass preparing on the fire must be constantly stirred so that it cannot burn. Cottage cheese will begin to melt and acquire a texture similar to melted cheese. At this point, you will need to shift the product into shape, so that it is there where it froze. At this final stage, you can give the future melted cheese a characteristic flavor, for example, by adding greens or a certain seasoning.

Cooking delicious cheese, or how to make goat cheese

Favorite cheese cheeses can be cooked not only from cow but also goat milk. His recipe is quite simple. If you get goat's milk, you can easily find the remaining ingredients in your farm. So, we will need:

• 6 liters of goat milk;

• 200 grams of 6% vinegar;

• some salt.

Getting Started:

1. Begin to create cheese with cheeses, it is necessary to filter milk through cheesecloth to avoid getting animal hair into the finished product. In principle, this rule applies to cooking any other types of homemade cheeses.

2. Put the milk on the fire and wait for it to boil, slowly stirring. Add in boiling liquid salt and vinegar.

3. The result should be the consistency of whey, on the surface of which small pieces of cheese will be formed.

4. Using a skimmer, we catch them and put them on a plate with gauze.

5. Cheese will need to squeeze well.

6. It remains only to place the product under a press and leave it in a cool place to cool completely. When this happens, it means the product is ready for use.

In this recipe, you can cook absolutely any amount of cheese. The estimated calculation of vinegar - 100 grams for every 3 liters of goat milk.

How to make goat cheese extraordinarily tender

Cheese with the most delicate taste, which will not leave indifferent even the most picky gourmets, is prepared quite simply. You will need the following set of products:

• fresh goat milk in a volume of 2 liters;

• two full tablespoons of cottage cheese and sour cream, you can take both homemade and purchased;

• salt in the amount of one teaspoon;

• vinegar. One spoonful of this substance is useful in the event that the milk will roll up badly.

Let's start cooking tender cheese:

1. Put the milk on the fire and heat it to 50 ° C.

2. Pound the curd with milk and add this mass to the heated liquid.

3. Salt the solution and bring to a boil.

4. Reduce the heat to a minimum and add the prepared sour cream to the milk.

5. Next, keep your eyes on the mixture, constantly stirring it until the milk begins to thicken. This should occur within a maximum of 15 minutes. If this does not happen, then it is time to add vinegar.

6. The resulting curd clot need to throw in the gauze, stretched on a sieve.

7. We leave to lie in this position our mass, cover it from above with a napkin, preferably from a fabric, pressing it down with a small weight from above. Its weight should not exceed 300 grams.

8. An hour later, you get the most delicate goat cheese, which can be served at the table.

Additional information on goat milk

The benefits of goat milk are enormous. Experts distinguish it as a unique means of traditional medicine. It helps to cope with such diseases:

• bronchitis;

• cough;

• a cold;

• sexual weakness;

• atherosclerosis;

• hypertension;

• liver disease;

• cystitis.

Goat milk is not only a hypoallergenic product, but also capable of treating allergies. Therefore, it is not surprising that, on the basis of milk, such a useful and versatile product as goat cheese is obtained.

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