Kefir cheese at home - tasty, economical, healthy. How to make different types of kefir cheese at home

Kefir cheese at home - tasty, economical, healthy. How to make different types of kefir cheese at home

Unfortunately, recipes for making cheeses from raw milk are partially lost.

After all, before many housewives, especially in rural areas, they themselves made cottage cheese, sour cream, ryazhenka, butter and cheese from milk from their own cow.

Then, when all this appeared on store shelves, such skills became unnecessary, and in fact they were transferred from the older generation to the younger.

They are preserved in the form of recipes for some cookbooks.

Fortunately, today there is a great internet that helps people share information. And now it is not a problem to find how to cook, for example, kefir cheese at home. There are a number of recipes that use different methods and apply certain additives to obtain the desired product.

Plus, making cheese is self-evident. First, you know what kind of raw material is used there, how harmless the components are. Secondly, you can regulate the taste and other qualities of cheeses yourself. For example, only the mistress decides what kind of salinity to make cheese. The same applies to fat. Of the minuses - to make the product you need to make an effort, but it is not at all difficult.

Basic principles of making kefir cheese at home

To get cheese from kefir, liquid fermented milk product must be curdled, the protein separated from whey. This is achieved in different ways. Due to heating, due to the introduction of additional acids or using natural processes. Also, the cheese product can be subjected to heat treatment - at the initial or final stage, in the latter case baking soda is added for melting.

For the separation of milk protein from whey using a colander, covered with gauze or cloth. In addition, a press is also used to make the liquid leave the product better. Kefir for cheese, you can take any, but better not quite fresh - it is acid, and not peroxide. The best is a three-day option.

According to some recipes, the finished cheese is kept for several days in brine, but more often it is done without it, salt is added directly to the mixture before cooking.

Homemade kefir cheese is prepared with the addition of other dairy products - cream, sour cream, whey, butter and the milk itself, as well as salt, acids, baking soda, spices, greens.

A simple recipe for kefir cheese at home

For this recipe only kefir is needed. And some salt if you want some salted cheese. If sweet, add sugar. According to the same recipe, cottage cheese is made, but to get cheese you need to follow special rules. Further - in detail about the preparation. Cheese looks like Adygei or feta.


• Two liters of kefir

• A teaspoon of salt - or more, to taste

Method of preparation

Kefir pour into the container - the best in the pan.

Salt, stir, try - is there enough salt? Better not to overdo it.

Put the kefir on a small fire and heat until boiling.

Stir at this time is not necessary.

When the boil begins, protein flakes appear. It's time to turn off.

By this time, a colander with two-layer gauze in it should already be ready.

Pour kefir into a colander by substituting a container for whey.

Strain the liquid, pressing it down with a spoon or spatula. Then twist the gauze.

Put the bun of the future cheese directly in gauze into a shallow container and press it down with a press - for example, a jar of water. The liquid must drain.

The morning is ready cheese. It is great for Greek salad, stuffing in a pie with the addition of greens.

Kefir curd cheese at home

In this recipe, cottage cheese is first made from kefir, and then cheese is made from it. It turns out double heat treatment. The product is more dense, shiny, does not crumble when cutting, at the last stage of cooking, you can add additional ingredients - pepper, greens, vegetables, mushrooms. Ingredients

• Two liters of kefir, preferably with high fat content

• One egg

• Spoon of butter

• A teaspoon of salt

• Half a teaspoon of baking soda

• Pinch of paprika and black pepper.

Method of preparation

Put kefir in a steam bath - for example, pour it into a saucepan, which should be placed in a large saucepan with water.

It is necessary to wait, when from kefir clots will form and light water will separate.

Reclaim the sealed kefir on gauze, put in a colander. Squeeze out excess liquid and let it stand, draining for half an hour.

Curd cake mix is ​​ready. Now it needs to be turned into cheese.

Return the cottage cheese in a saucepan, add the remaining ingredients.

All you need to mix well and knead, so that the pieces of cottage cheese were as small as possible. A fork, tolkushka or blender will do here.

Again, you need to put the pot in a water or steam bath, turn on the heat and wait until the cheese starts to melt.

Next, you need to constantly stir the product with a spoon or spatula so that the melting proceeds evenly and all the curd pieces are dissolved.

It should be a homogeneous mass of yellowish color, usually it takes about 15 minutes.

Grease the cheese form with butter - cream or vegetable.

Pour the melted mass into the mold, cool to room temperature and put in the refrigerator. After an hour or two, you can try.

Spicy kefir and milk cheese at home

The technology of preparation of this cheese is similar to both previous recipes. But, unlike them, kefir is needed to get whey, which is then mixed with milk. Also, additives play a big role - thanks to them, the homemade product turns out fragrant and spicy. If desired, reduce the degree of sharpness, and adjust the smell with the help of other favorite spices.


• Three liters of milk • One liter of kefir

• Two teaspoons of salt

• Half a teaspoon of hot red pepper

• Pinch of sugar

• Five peas allspice, ground in a coffee grinder

• Ground cinnamon on the tip of a knife.

Method of preparation

Heat the kefir on low heat until the whey begins to separate, and the milk protein clumps begin to float.

Allow to cool slightly and strain through a cloth in a colander.

Cool the resulting curd and use it for the desired purpose - eat with sour cream, use for filling pies, dumplings.

For further preparation of cheese, we need the resulting whey. It must be left in the room for two days - sour.

Then put the milk in a large saucepan and boil.

Pour the whey into the milk and cook over a low heat until the milk begins to roll.

When protein clumps rise abundantly, it's time to turn it off.

Also strain through cheesecloth.

Place the clot in a bowl, salt, add salt, hot pepper, cinnamon, allspice, mix well.

Again, return all this to gauze, tie and hang to drain for half an hour - an hour.

Then put the future cheese head under the press on a plate or other container so that the liquid drains, and leave it for about half a day.

Delicate cream cheese on kefir and sour cream at home

This cheese is similar to creamy - you can spread it on bread, you can form not sausage, but balls, each rolled in greens, and add in this form to salads. Or pour oil and leave to marinate. You can add crushed garlic to the green if you wish. It is suitable for snacks based on pita. The secret of tenderness is in sour cream, which is leavened with kefir.


• Liter of sour cream with a fat content of at least 20%

• Liter of kefir with a fat content of at least 2.5%

• One or two teaspoons of salt

• A bunch of greens - parsley, dill. Method of preparation

Sour cream and kefir mix, salt and blender, to get a completely homogeneous mass.

Coat the colander with a cotton or gauze cloth.

Pour out the mass, wrap the ends of the cloth, put a press on top.

Cheese should stand in the refrigerator for a day. At the same time, the released liquid must drain.

In a day from the mass to form two thick sausages, roll them in chopped greens, tightly pressing.

Store in the refrigerator, separating in a circle if necessary.

Tips and tips on making kefir cheese at home

  • Kefir for making cheese at home should be taken as fat as possible, at least 2.5%. Also, if milk or sour cream is used, they should not be skimmed.
  • You can make sweet cheese by adding sugar or honey when forming.
  • If the cheese is prepared by melting, it is better not to put the dishes on the fire, but rather do it in a water or steam bath. In any case, you need to thoroughly mix the melting mass.
  • It is better not to keep homemade cheese for too long, optimally - several days, maximum a week. Otherwise, it may mold or begin to sour. You also need to protect the cheese from drying out. If you want to stock the product for a long time, you can marinate it or put it in a pickle.
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