How to freeze apricots for the winter

How to freeze apricots for the winter

Sometimes housewives, harvesting raspberries, strawberries, currants, or other expensive berry for the winter, do not pay attention to apricots - simple, but very healthy fruits.

  • Sunlight gives carotin to apricots, which is as much in these fruits as in egg yolk.
  • Apricots contain nicotinic acid, vitamins: C, B1, B2, PP, microelements: copper, manganese, iron, cobalt, potassium.
  • Apricots are useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • For burns to the face, masks can be made from the pulp of apricots.

Apricots are stored in the form of jam, compotes. They are dried, getting dried apricots, and also frozen, which is more valuable, since with this method of harvesting in the fruit all the vitamins are saved.

How to freeze whole apricots

If the hostess does not have time to remove the seed, then the apricots can be frozen completely.

Ripe but not crumpled apricots are suitable for this. They should not be wormy, bowed birds or beaten by hail.

  • Apricots are washed in cold water and then spread on a towel and dried well.
  • Then the fruit is laid out in a single layer on a tray covered with plastic film, and cleaned in the freezer until it hardens.
  • Frozen apricots are packaged in portion plastic bags, tightly tied so that the fruit does not absorb foreign odors, and again put in the refrigerator.

But with this method, apricots occupy a lot of space in the freezer, so with a small freezer you should resort to another method of freezing.

How to freeze halves of apricots

Apricots are well washed in cold water, dried on a towel, and then cut in half and removed bones.

To prevent the halves from sticking to each other during storage, you can freeze them first, as in the previous version - in one layer - and then pack them in plastic containers or plastic bags.

But if the appearance of apricots does not matter much, for example, they are frozen for the filling, then the cut apricots are put, not priminaya, in plastic containers and immediately put into the freezer for further storage.

How to freeze apricots with sugar

  • The washed apricots are cut in half, free from stones.
  • Then put in plastic containers, pouring each layer of sugar. The top layer should be made from sugar.
  • Filled containers are left on the table until juice appears in them.
  • Containers tightly closed with lids and put into the freezer.

How to freeze apricot puree

For this type of freezing, ripe apricots are suitable, slightly suppressed, but not spoiled or rotted.

  • Apricots are washed, the bones are removed, and then ground through a meat grinder or in a blender.
  • Add sugar to taste in puree, stir well and pour into plastic portion containers, not topping up to the edge by about one third, leaving room for liquid, which expands and increases in volume when it freezes.
  • The containers are tightly closed and put into the freezer.

How to freeze apricots in syrup

  • Apricots are washed, cut in half, removed bones.
  • Syrup is brewed from water and sugar: two glasses of water are mixed with a glass of sugar, the mixture is brought to a boil, cooled.
  • Apricot halves are put in small plastic containers and filled with syrup, not reaching the edge of about one third of the height.
  • Then close the lids and clean in the freezer.

Useful Information

Frozen berries and fruits cannot be defrosted quickly, because they can then turn into an unappetizing “porridge”. Therefore, they are defrosted in the refrigerator.

For the same reason, thawed berries cannot be re-frozen. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately pack them in small containers so that you can use the products (prepare a dish, eat) at one time.

But most often frozen berries are used without defrosting.

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