Unusual sweetness - marshmallow with apricots at home. Cooking marshmallow with apricots at home - in the oven, with and without boiling

Unusual sweetness - marshmallow with apricots at home. Cooking marshmallow with apricots at home - in the oven, with and without boiling

Sunny summer fruits and berries are tasty and fresh and in the form of various desserts and sweets.

One of such tasty dishes is the marshmallow.

Preparation takes some time, although, in fact, it is easy and differs from recipe to recipe literally in the details.

Apricot candy is very sweet, it is sometimes even cooked, without adding sugar at all.

The set of products is practically not changed in different recipes, but the technology can be selected for maximum convenience.

Homemade apricot pastila - general principles of cooking

• Apricots for pastes should be used well ripened. It will even be better if they are slightly overripe. An underripe fruit is not suitable for making such a delicacy. If only one such apricot falls into the pastille, it will taste bitter.

• Prepared apricots must be washed, cut off the damaged flesh and remove the bones.

• Prepare the marshmallow with apricots at home from both fresh and cooked heat. Fruits are steamed in the oven or boiled on the stove, achieving homogeneity of the mass. Then fray on the sieve. Often they are ground with a blender or ground with a meat grinder before heat treatment.

• Mashed potatoes are boiled on low heat until it is almost doubled and spread in a thin layer on a prepared baking sheet or large tray. On it and bring it to readiness - dried. The thinner the layer of marshmallow, the longer it is stored.

• Home-made apricot pastille can be dried indoors with a good draft, in the sun or in the oven. The sweetness is considered ready when it ceases to stick, becomes rather dense and at the same time is easily folded.

• The finished delicacy is rolled up, cut into curly pieces, rolled in powdered sugar and placed in prepared trays or small jars. Store in the refrigerator. For longer storage in the absence of cold glass jars rolled metal lids.

• Apricot pastille can be made with or without sugar, citric acid or nuts. Often when cooking in a fruit puree pectin is added. For flavoring put cinnamon.

Pastila of apricots at home - a classic old recipe


• two kilograms of ripe apricots;

• four table. spoons of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the fruits well, break each in half, remove the bone and cut off the damaged areas of the pulp.

2. Fold the halves in a large copper or enamel basin. Add sugar and, stirring, put on a small fire. If the fruit is very sweet, you can not add sugar.

3. Constantly stirring, reduce, achieving homogeneity of the fruit mass. The more you stir, the better. Even with the slightest burning, apricot candy will have an unpleasant rancid taste.

4. After the fruit is well boiled down, grind them through a rare metal sieve.

5. Cover a large tray or baking sheet with parchment paper and oil well with non-aromatic vegetable oil.

6. Over the parchment with a thin layer (up to half a centimeter), spread the mashed potatoes and flatten it with a spoon.

7. After that, the pastille should be well dried. The desired effect is achieved in a well-ventilated area or in the sun. Drying usually takes 3-4 days.

8. On the fourth day carefully, starting from the corner, turn the layer with the oil side up and ventilate it during the day.

9. Then the marshmallow roll roll, put in sudochek and clean in the refrigerator.

Pastila of apricots at home with citric acid


• one kilogram of ripe apricots;

• a small pinch of citric acid;

• kilogram of unrefined sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the fruits not damaged by rot into halves, remove the bones and place in a saucepan. Pour in about a glass of water and put on a moderate heat.

2. When the contents of the pan boil, reduce the heat to minimum, cover the container with a lid and cook for another ten minutes.

3. Then grind the softened pulp through a sieve and transfer the puree to a clean pan.

4. Pour 200 gr. sugar, stir well and boil quickly. Stir, reduce heat to the very minimum and continue cooking until the mass thickens.

5. Dissolve the remaining sugar, add another glass of water and add citric acid. Continue cooking on low heat until all the liquid has evaporated and the fruit puree is thick. 6. Put the hot mass in an even layer in a suitable dish and put in an electric dryer for three hours.

7. When the pastille is well dried, cut it into small, curly pieces, fold it into a glass container and cover with a nylon cover.

Pastila of apricots at home in a multicooker


• a pound of apricot;

• white granulated sugar - 1 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse apricots thoroughly, dry well and remove the stones.

2. Pouring the sugar, put the fruit in the cooking bowl of the slow cooker.

3. On the panel, set the “Baking” mode and start the execution. Cook with the lid open for at least one hour. Apricot mass should be doubled.

4. Then put the softened fruit in a bowl and smash well with a blender.

5. Lightly grease a clean bowl and put mashed potatoes in it. Cook as before for an hour.

6. Lay the thick puree in an even centimeter layer on a well-oiled sheet of parchment and air dry.

7. Cut the finished pastille cut into arbitrary pieces, sprinkle with powdered sugar or fine coconut flakes and fold into a jar or sudochek.

Pastila of apricots at home in the oven


• ripe apricots;

• granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the apricots well under the tap. Break each fruit in two and remove the bone.

2. Fold the halves of the fruit into a large pot, straighten it with sugar, and put the container in a warm oven.

3. Cook at 70 degrees, until the fruit does not let the juice and turn into a “mess”.

4. After that, remove the container from the oven, stir everything well with a spoon and pour it onto a baking tray lined with oiled parchment. The layer should be thin, about 0.5 cm.

5. Dry marshmallow until readiness in the room for about three days.

6. Then roll roll, cut into pieces and put in a dry glass jar.

7. If you do not keep the sweetness in the refrigerator, cover the jar with a nylon lid, but rather roll it with a metal one. During long-term storage, hermetically sealed lozenges will not be beaten by the food moth.

Walnut apricot fruit candy at home


• sweet ripe apricots - 2 kg;

• 800 gr. white granulated sugar;

• 200 gr. almond;

• a small pinch of cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean, seedless apricots twist twice through the middle grate in a meat grinder.

2. Pour the puree into a thick-walled saucepan and stew over the lowest possible heat. Puree should not boil, even slightly.

3. Into the hot fruit mass add all measure of sugar and season it with cinnamon.

4. Add as much as possible chopped almonds with a knife. Nuts should be chopped, not crushed into powder.

5. Stir everything thoroughly and leave the pastille to prepare, stirring systematically until it is almost double boiled.

6. Carefully place the hot mass in order not to burn yourself, spread it on the oiled parchment paper lined on the brazier. The layer thickness must be at least 0.5 cm and not more than 1.5 cm.

7. Smooth and place for drying in a hot oven (50 degrees). Duration depends on the thickness of the pastes.

8. Roll the well-dried apricot candy in the form of a roll and cut into small pieces.

Pastila of apricots at home without cooking


• well ripened apricots;

• light honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean, cut in half, seedless apricots with a mixer in a smooth mash.

2. Add honey to your taste and whip well again.

3. Then put the resulting fruit puree on the food film spread out over a large roasting pan or pan.

4. Smooth it with a thin, half-centimeter layer and cover with gauze. Do not fold gauze in several layers, one is enough, and be sure to ensure that the layer of gauze does not come into contact with the apricot mass.

5. Set marshmallow in the sun and dry well.

6. Apricot candy made in this way is not stored for long. It is desirable to spend it within a month from preparation.

Pastila of apricots at home with “Confiture”


• two and a half kilograms of overripe, soft apricots;

• one kilogram of refined granulated sugar; • 10 gr. “Confiture” or any other pectin with lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse apricots and sort out well. If there are spots damaged by rotten and worms on the fruit, cut them off. Choose apricot kernels, chop the flesh into small pieces and mash with a blender.

2. Add sugar, add “Confiture” and, having stirred well, put on medium heat.

3. Boil, constantly stirring, so that the fruit puree does not burn, not less than half an hour.

4. Take a large sheet of foil and form a mold from it with small sides.

5. Lubricate the homemade form with non-aromatic vegetable oil and put hot mashed potatoes in it. Even a thin layer and put to dry.

6. After the top dries out well, turn over the marshmallow and dry the underside as well.

7. Cut the finished pastilles in small plates and roll each roll.

Apricot Mash: home cooking tips and tips

• For long-term storage, pour the pastilles in a thin layer, so it is better dried.

• Also, be sure to dry well and the bottom layer of delicacy, turning the layer, after the top is well dried.

• If the fruit puree is rubbed after boiling through a sieve, the marshmallow will be more uniform, without pieces of sandpaper. But the time it takes to freeze more.

• If the apricots are ripe and sweet enough, you can not add sugar, or reduce its quantity.

• Add almonds can be grind on a coffee grinder. But nevertheless it is more tasty than a marshall when in it there are impregnations of nuts.

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