How to freeze wild strawberries

How to freeze wild strawberries

Some people say that forest strawberries are much more fragrant and tastier than strawberries grown in the vegetable garden. And therefore, as soon as this forest sweet berry ripens, they rush after it into the forest. Moreover, strawberry is found in large quantities in light forests, on forest edges, clearings, clearings, on dry grassy slopes, among bushes.

And if a rich harvest of wild strawberries is harvested, then the question immediately arises: how to process it to save it until the next harvest, or at least until winter.

Most often from forest strawberry jam jam. But if the volume of the freezer allows, then the berries can be frozen.

What strawberries can be frozen

Strawberries, which were collected quite recently, are suitable for freezing - they have not had time to be washed and put on juice.

It is best to freeze the strawberries, which have already ripened and become saturated red, but retained the elastic flesh, as overripe strawberries can be frozen, but after defrosting they soften and turn into “porridge”.

But unfinished frozen strawberries, after thawing, turn out to be tasteless, getting a taste of grass and becoming very sour.

Before freezing the strawberries are sifted, the sepals are removed and the grated berry is removed, and then washed.

To wash or not to wash - this is the question every hostess decides for herself on her own. But if you take into account the deteriorating ecological situation and the fact that frozen strawberries are put in many dishes without heat treatment, it is still better to wash the berries.

To do this, strawberries are placed in a colander and dipped several times in cold water or washed under a shower, taking care not to damage the delicate strawberry skin. Then the berries are spread on the sieve (metal sieves are not recommended to be used) and wait until the water runs out.

After that, the berries are dried in air for half an hour. They should not be kept longer because they will again become wet from the juice.

Forest strawberries can be frozen in several ways.

How to freeze wild strawberries with whole berries

Prepared strawberries are spread on a pallet covered with film in one layer at a short distance from each other and placed in the freezer for several hours.

As soon as the berries are frozen, they are poured into small plastic containers with lids or plastic bags with a clasp, they are well closed so that foreign odors do not seep inside, and put into the freezer.

How to freeze strawberries with sugar

Housewives often complain that frozen strawberries get a bitter taste. But this is a feature of the berry. To kill the bitter taste, you can freeze strawberries with sugar.

Washed, sifted and dried strawberries are put in plastic containers, and then each layer of berries is poured with sugar.

Containers are closed and cleaned in the freezer.

How to freeze strawberries in syrup

Option 1

Prepared berries are poured into an enameled saucepan or bowl, add sugar at the rate of 300 grams of sugar per liter of water and leave until the berries release juice.

Strawberries, along with the juice, are transferred into plastic containers (containers, cups, cups), without pouring 1-2 cm to the top, tightly covered with lids and put into the freezer.

Option 2

Prepared strawberries are packaged in plastic containers. Separately cooked syrup at the rate of 300 grams of sugar per liter of water.

The syrup is cooled and poured berries.

The container is covered with lids and then put into the freezer.

How to freeze strawberry puree

Strawberry puree can be frozen with or without sugar.

Over-ripe berries are suitable for mashed potatoes, but without spoiled barrels with rot.

Prepared berries, which can not be pre-dried, are ground in a blender, mixed with sugar, taken to taste, and poured into plastic containers, which are covered with lids and sent to the freezer for further storage.

How to freeze whole strawberries in puree

Strong ripe berries put in plastic containers.

From overripe berries make mashed potatoes, which are mixed with sugar, taken to taste.

This puree is poured whole berries, covered with lids and sent to the freezer.

Strawberries, frozen in any way, can be stored in the freezer for up to six months. It is not recommended to store it longer, as the nutrients in it will become significantly less.

How to defrost strawberries

Thawed strawberries in natural conditions, preferably in the refrigerator.

Since the thawed strawberries cannot be re-frozen, they must be initially laid out in a container that would be enough for preparing one dish.

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