How to freeze black currants

How to freeze black currants

Everyone knows about the benefits of black currant. Therefore, many hostesses in the summer rub this fragrant berry with sugar to enjoy vitamin jam in winter. Black currant is primarily rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamins B2, B6, E, K, D, R. Eating berries improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the intestines. Therefore, they often practice treatment with black currants, the effectiveness of which is compared with the resort.

In order to preserve all useful substances in them when harvesting berries, it is best to freeze currants.

How to prepare black currant for freezing

The collection of black currants for freezing is carried out in dry cool weather. For example, in the morning, when the berries are not heated under the scorching sun.

Black currant grows most often in the forest belt or cultivated in vegetable gardens. But still it is useful to remind you that berries cannot be gathered near landfills or in ecologically unfavorable areas.

Ripe berries suitable for freezing are not damaged by birds or insects.

Black currant is sorted out, removing twigs, leaves and foreign debris. Some hostesses cut with scissors and tails.

Currants are sorted, separating strong berries from overripe, but not spoiled.

It is believed that if the currant is collected in its own garden, it is not necessary to wash it. But in order to protect themselves from intestinal infections and chemical poisoning (after all, harmful chemical compounds can settle on the berries along with the rain), the currants must be washed in cold water. Then currants spread on a colander to glass all the water, and then poured on a clean cotton towel to dry.

Now clean, dry berries are ready to freeze.

How to freeze blackcurrant without sugar

Prepared strong black currant berries spread in a single layer on a tray and placed in the freezer for several hours.

Frozen berries are poured into dry plastic containers or into tight plastic bags, well closed and sent to the freezer for further storage.

Black currants have elastic berries, so if it is well dried, you can skip the primary freezing stage, and immediately pack the berries in small sachets, tie them up and, without kneading, put them in the freezer. When the berries become hard, untie the bag, let the air out of it and pack it well, so that the berries do not absorb smells from other products placed next to each other. Of course, ideally, the berries are stored separately from other products, but not everyone has a large freezer with a spacious freezer.

How to freeze black currants with sugar

Prepared (clean and dry) strong blackcurrant berries are placed in plastic containers and poured with sugar over each layer. Close the lids and clean in the freezer. Containers should be small so that they fit so many berries, which would be enough for one time use. After all, all frozen products, especially berries, are not subject to repeated freezing.

How to freeze grated black currant with sugar

For storage in the refrigerator, black currants are rubbed with sugar in a 1: 1 ratio, but only 200 grams per kilogram of berries are used to freeze the black currant sugar. For this type of harvesting, both ripe and overripe berries are suitable, not suitable for freezing, which was written at the beginning of the article.

Black currant berries are ground with sugar and packaged in portioned plastic containers or cups, leaving little space in them to increase the volume during freezing. Containers are closed with lids and stored in the freezer for storage.

Black currant can be ground and without adding sugar, and then freeze, as mentioned above.

How much frozen blackcurrant is stored

The shelf life of black currants depends on the degree of freezing. The lower the freezing temperature, and the faster the freezing takes place, the longer the product can be stored. With fast freezing, berries can be stored until the next harvest. But if the temperature in the freezer is not lower than -10 °, then such berries are stored no more than 3-4 months.

Black currant puree is defrosted at room temperature, not using a microwave, and whole berries can not be defrosted. Especially for the filling.

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