How to dry pears at home

How to dry pears at home

Agree, on cold winter evenings, you want summer warmth and aroma. Dried fruits can remind of tasty summer. Today we will be busy harvesting pears.

Pear is saturated with sugars, enzymes, organic acids, fiber, nitric, tannic and pectin substances. A lot of this fruit contains vitamins B1, C, P, PP, carotene (provitamin A), as well as flavonoids and phytoncids. In addition, most varieties of pears are rich in microelements, including iodine, which is necessary for normal life. You may be surprised, but with proper drying pear does not lose its beneficial properties. How to dry pears, you will learn right now.

Preparation of pears for drying

If you decide to treat yourself to dried fruits in winter, then remember that for drying it is necessary to take ripe, but at the same time hard pears with dense flesh, with stony cells, with a small seed chamber. The following varieties are considered ideal for drying: “lemon”, “forest beauty”, “Victoria”, “Klapp's favorite”, “Zaporizhia”.

Fruits prepared for drying should be well washed and wiped.

Small pears can be dried whole, larger fruits should be divided into slices approximately 1 centimeter thick, and you can also remove seed boxes if you wish. Now you can proceed directly to the drying of pears.

Drying pears in the open air

Prepared pears laid out on a baking sheet or on a tray. We place it in a sunny place and dry it for two days. At night, pears should be placed in the room and covered with polyethylene. After two days of drying, the pears should be transferred to a well-ventilated shady place and brought to readiness for another two to three days.

Drying pears in the oven

Pears, prepared for drying, lay out a thin layer on a baking sheet. Send to the oven and dry at about 60 degrees for a couple of hours. After the indicated time, the temperature should be raised to 80 degrees and continue drying. The exact time of drying pears depends on its variety, often for the fruit to reach readiness takes a day.

Drying pears in an electric dryer

Pears prepared for drying should be immersed for a few seconds in boiling water and then immediately cooled in cold water. This procedure is necessary so that the pears do not darken during drying. After such a “contrasting soul,” the pears are laid out on a pallet, giving the opportunity to drain off all the excess liquid, and sent to an electric dryer. Pears should be dried at a temperature not higher than 70 degrees, periodically fruit slices should be turned over. The process of drying pears can take from 15 to 30 hours. Fruits are considered ready when they get a brownish tint, when pressed they will be soft and elastic, and when bent they will not break.

Drying Pears in a Microwave

Put sliced ​​pears in one row on a plate. We set the power on the microwave oven at about 300 W and send the fruit to dry for a couple of minutes. After this time, the fruit should be turned over and continue drying at the same capacity. Approximately every half a minute you need to check the readiness of the fruit. Usually, drying pears in a microwave takes no more than 5 minutes.

Drying fruits today is not a fairly common procedure, since huge freezers have appeared, and it has become possible to store fruits in frozen form. Dear visitors of our portal, and how do you prefer to preserve the fruits of summer to winter? We would be grateful if in the comments to this article you tell us about how you dry pears.

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