How to dry basil

How to dry basil

Basil or otherwise called Raykhon, Reagan, Rean, due to the aromatic content, is used by hostesses as a seasoning for dishes. Traditionally, it is used fresh, but even in the dried form, it does not lose its aromatic properties and can be the highlight of any dish. Despite the fact that you can buy basil at any time of the year in the supermarket, yet not a single seasoning can compare with basil grown in your own garden and dried at home. How to do this, you will learn if you finish reading this post to the end.

For drying, basil leaves of medium size, collected before the start of flowering, are suitable, since it is at this time that they contain the greatest amount of nutrients and essential oils. Wash the leaves under running water, let the water drain. After that, proceed to the direct drying, which can be of several types.

Drying basil in the open air

The basil leaves prepared for drying are laid out on a baking sheet, put in a shady well-ventilated room. It may take several days to dry the basil. After which the basil should be folded in a jar and put in a dark place.

Some prefer to dry basil not with separate leaves, but with sprigs. To do this, collect young shoots of basil with a few leaves, tie them with a rope and hang in a dry, well-ventilated shady place. After 2 weeks, basil is ready to go into sealed containers for storage.

Drying basil in the oven

Washed basil leaves spread on a baking sheet. We send to dry in the oven for half an hour (periodically the raw materials must be mixed), while the temperature should not be above 45 degrees. Otherwise, basil will darken and lose its essential oils, as well as the aroma and most of its beneficial substances. Dried basil should be cooled (if dried whole leaves, then they must be crushed), put in a tightly closable glass jar.

Drying basil in the microwave

Dry clean leaves of basil spread on a plate in a single layer. Sent in the microwave. It usually takes just a few minutes for the leaves of basil to dry and not lose their properties and flavor. The cooled dried leaves are crushed and put in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Store basil in a cool, dark place.

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