How to dry dill

How to dry dill

Dill is undoubtedly the most popular spice. These fragrant twigs can not only spice up your dish, but also help you with problems with the kidneys, bladder, it is also effective for arthritis. In the summer to find greens on the shelves of the supermarket is not difficult, but if you want to pamper yourself with dill in the winter, then we advise you to stock up on them in advance. Today we will tell you how to prepare dill for the winter in a simple and fast way, namely, we will tell you how to dry the dill.

Many people mistakenly believe that drying dill does not require any skills, and as a result they get spoiled product. Yes, do not be surprised, but even this seemingly banal procedure has its own secrets and tricks, it is we, dear visitors of our portal, that we will share now.

Dill preparation for drying

In many ways, the success of drying depends on properly prepared raw materials. Dill should be cut off after the morning dew in dry weather, otherwise during drying the dill will turn black or will completely rot. We touch, removing the damaged and yellow twigs. Cut the roots. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Give extra water to drain.

How can you dry the dill

Dill can be dried both ground and sprigs, while the leaves and stems are dried separately from each other.

Drying chopped dill

We put a thin layer of dill prepared for drying on sheets of white paper (it is not recommended to dry dill on newspapers, since it will not only lose its flavor and will not acquire a beautiful color, but may also be dangerous to health). Dry in a dark, well-ventilated area for 3-5 days.

Drying dill with sprigs

After going and washed dill, we collect them in small bunches, tie them up with a rope. Suspend the dill for the end of the beam in a ventilated room away from sunlight. With good weather, dill should be ready in a couple of days.

How to determine that dill is ready

Take a sprig of dried dill and try to grind it into powder. Happened? Great, dill ready!

How to store dried dill

Grind dried dill, do not overdo it, otherwise the spice will lose a good part of the essential oils, and therefore will not be so fragrant and useful. Fold the greens into a tightly closable glass jar. Store in a dark cool room. An opaque zip-clasp coffee bag is also suitable for storing dry dill.

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