Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

Currently, thanks to Russian and foreign breeders, more than 2000 varieties of large-fruited strawberry have been created. That which we habitually call “strawberry”. Garden strawberries arose as a result of hybridization of Chilean and Virginia strawberries.

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

Every year, breeders do not get tired of surprising us with new varieties of this delicious berry. The selection of recent years is aimed at obtaining not only high-yielding varieties resistant to diseases and pests, but also those with high taste and transportability. New varieties of Dutch and Italian breeding possess not only these qualities, but also have attractive, leveled, beautiful and fragrant berries. We introduce you to the best varieties of this season.

Garden strawberries “Altess” (Fragaria 'Altess')

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

New remontant variety of strawberry garden “Altess” of Dutch selection. The variety is fruitful, but requires highly fertile soils and good growing conditions.

Berries: conical, beautiful, transportable, retain shine, color and density after harvest and during storage, suitable for sale. Ripe berries have a strong aroma.

The variety is resistant to diseases of the root and leaf systems. In practice, it has been observed that the cultivar has good flower resistance to thrips and gray rot, also has good resistance to short precipitation. It tolerates high temperatures.

Garden strawberry “Olympia” (Fragaria 'Olimpia') NF 638

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

A variety of strawberry garden “Olympia” of early ripening. Bush vigorous.

Berries: large, dark red, elongated conical shape. The flesh is dark red, juicy, aromatic, with a pronounced sweet taste. Productivity to 500 g from one bush!

The variety has good winter hardiness.

Garden strawberries “The Rock” (Fragaria 'Scala')

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

A new cultivar of strawberry “Scala” Italian selection of late ripening.

Berries: very large 40-45 g, excellent taste with a strong aroma, bright red color with shine. Productivity is high. The variety is highly resistant to diseases.

Garden Strawberries “Fraconia 'Sunsation'

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

New Dutch variety of strawberry garden “Sonsation” of average maturity. The bush is compact, the deciduous mass is located at the top, the berries are easily removed. The grade is high-yielding, it is possible to grow up in the open and protected soil.

Berries: attractive bright red with good aromatic qualities, juicy and with a very pleasant taste. The size of the berries is maintained throughout the growing period. The advantage of this variety is its resistance to drought and high resistance to diseases of the root system.

Garden strawberries “Tea” (Fragaria 'Tea') NF633

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

New high-yielding strawberry variety “Tea” of late maturity. More than 1 kg from a bush! Berries: large, conical shape, an average of 30-35 g, sweet taste, very juicy and fragrant. Berries withstand long shelf life. The variety is transportable, resistant to major diseases.

Garden strawberries “Fragolarea” (Fragaria 'Fragolaurea') NF149

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

Early productive variety of strawberry “Fragolarea”. Maturation stretched. For open and protected ground.

Berries: large, 25 g, conical shape, light red. Berries are stored for a long time.

Garden strawberry “Elegance” (Fragaria 'Elegance')

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

One of the best mid-ripening high-yielding varieties of strawberry “Elegance”. It can be successfully grown both with traditional extensive technologies and with the “harvest after 60 days” technology.

Berries: bright, shiny, orange-red color of conical shape, have a characteristic sweet taste and pleasant juicy flesh. The berries are easy to collect, they are not damaged when harvested and have a good keeping quality. The ripening period is extended, the collection continues for 4-5 weeks. The variety is resistant to verticilous wilt and root rot.


Zemklunika is a hybrid of strawberry and strawberry. All varieties have excellent taste and unusual muscatel aroma, as well as high winter hardiness, resistance to diseases and pests. Shrubs tall, powerful, flower stalks rise above the leaves. Abundant flowering. The berries are round or elongated, with an average weight of 6-10 g, individual up to 30 g. Ripened berries acquire a dark red color with a violet hue. With proper care, their number is simply amazing - up to 300 g of delicious berries can be collected from one bush!

Zemnite “Candied Mace”

Strawberry summer. Top news of the season

A variety of ground “Candied nutmeg” of average maturity. Bushes vigorous, sprawling, with powerful peduncles that rise above the foliage. In the spring, during flowering, foliage is not visible from the abundance of flowers. The berries are quite massive - the largest ones weigh up to 30 g, very fragrant and tasty with nutmeg flavor and slightly sour. Productivity is above average. The variety has complex resistance to diseases and pests.

Every year tasting marathons are held in the “SEARCH” plant nursery. For you, we offer only the best varieties that have received the highest rating of the tasting commission.

Author: Tatiana Guseva. Specialist in strawberry garden Agroholding “SEARCH”

We wish you a tasty harvest!

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