Strawberry liqueur at home - apart from the competition! All the subtleties and recipes for making strawberry liqueur at home

Strawberry liqueur at home - apart from the competition! All the subtleties and recipes for making strawberry liqueur at home

Strawberry liqueur is a strong drink with an amazing aroma of summer.

It can be used for its intended purpose or used in desserts, in baking, as an ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

And it is not necessary to run to the store for strawberry liqueur, it is very easy to cook it at home.

Strawberry liqueur at home - general cooking principles

The strength of the liquor can be from 15 to 75 degrees. But, despite the high rate, the drink is quite easy to drink. And all thanks to the addition of a large amount of sugar and a pronounced taste of berries. From sugar boiled syrups or put it in its pure form. Over time, it dissolves in a mixture of juice and alcohol.

What makes liquors stronger:

• vodka;

• brandy;

• alcohol;

• rum.

Strawberries for cooking liqueurs can be used not only fresh, but also frozen. Sometimes make a drink on the ready syrup with sugar. Fresh berries should be thoroughly washed, remove the tails and be sure to dry. Water droplets should not be.

Liqueurs are fast for immediate consumption and for long-term storage. The difference between them is not only in technology, but also in the ingredients used. Often dairy products, chocolate, condensed milk are added to the drink and it simply cannot be stored for a long time.

Recipe 1: Strawberry liqueur at home with vodka

This is perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make strawberry liqueur at home. A bottle of vodka can be purchased at any store, and the drink will be ready in a month.


• 0.6 kg of strawberries;

• 500 ml of vodka;

• 0.35 kg of sugar.


1. Wash 1.5 liter jar and dry.

2. Berries also need to be washed and allowed to dry, tails and damage immediately removed.

3. We shift the strawberries in a jar, pour vodka, close and put on the window. It is better to choose the sunny side.

4. After a week, we filter the liquor, but the years are not necessary. While the vodka infusion is removed, we pour half the sugar into the strawberries. Shake the jar and let it stand for another 2 days in the sun. 5. We merge new syrup, now berries can be squeezed out.

6. We combine with vodka and the remaining sugar, shake and remove to mature in a dark room for 22 days.

7. Then the drink must be removed from the sediment, which will sit on the bottom. You can use a straw or just gently pour into another container.

Recipe 2: German strawberry liqueur at home “Xu-Xu”

Quite a well-known recipe for liquor with lemon at home. In stores you can find this tempting drink with the inscription XuXu, but it costs fabulous money. Home option is much cheaper. The strength of the drink will be about 15%, it is desirable to use the cooled ingredients.


• 0.1 liters of lemon juice;

• 0.6 kg of strawberries;

• 0.33 liters of vodka;

• 0.15 kg of sugar.


1. Put the prepared strawberries in a blender container and beat.

2. Add sugar and do it together.

3. Add lemon juice to them.

4. Beat it all together until the sugar is completely dissolved.

5. Add vodka and continue to beat. The drink will be thick, similar to juice.

6. Spill by the glass and you can immediately use it!

7. If you are embarrassed by the presence of crushed seeds in a drink, then strawberries can be rubbed through a sieve before being placed in a blender.

Recipe 3: Strawberry liqueur at home with condensed milk

Recipe incredibly delicious liqueur, which will require ordinary condensed milk. We choose a real product without vegetable fats, otherwise a fatty film may form on the surface of the drink, which is not very pleasant.


• 0.3 kg of strawberries;

• 170 grams of vodka;

• 0.12 liters of condensed milk.


1. Wash the strawberries and put in a bowl.

2. Add condensed milk and whisk in mashed potatoes using a blender.

3. It remains to pour in vodka and beat again.

4. Fragrant liqueur is ready! You can take a sample.

Recipe 4: Strawberry liqueur at home for long-term storage

Option liquor, which is remarkably preserved throughout the year. The drink will delight until the new harvest, if it is stored in the refrigerator, cellar, cold storeroom room.


• 1.5 kg of strawberries;

• 0.2 kg of sugar;

• 0.2 liters of water;

• 1 liter of vodka. Cooking

1. We put strawberries in a glass jar, you can mash a little.

2. Add prescription vodka. You can take a diluted alcohol, brandy or another drink suitable for the strength.

3. Close the jar and put in the sun, you can just on the windowsill. Withstand 10 days.

4. Strain through gauze, squeeze the rest of the berries.

5. Boil sugar syrup with recipe water, cool.

6. Combine strawberry infusion with syrup, stir.

7. Bottled, corked and cleaned. Liquor can be consumed immediately, but it is better to give ripen in two weeks.

Recipe 5: Strawberry liqueur at home with lemon and mint

For such a liqueur, besides strawberries, you will need some lemon juice, vanilla, and a couple of mint sprigs. The drink is very fragrant and there are a lot of variations with the addition of cinnamon, cloves and other fragrant ingredients.


• 1 kg of strawberries;

• juice of lemon 0.5 and zest;

• 0.5 vanilla pod;

• 2 sprigs of mint;

• 500 ml of water;

• 0.8 kg of sugar;

• liter of vodka.


1. Combine the washed berries with vodka in a glass jar, close, shake. We remove in a dark place for 3 weeks. It is advisable not to forget about the future drink and periodically shake the container.

2. Cook the syrup out of the water with the sugar, let it boil for three minutes, then turn off and dip the mint, vanilla, zest. Cover and leave for 4 hours.

3. Strain the berries from vodka. Infusion merge back into the jar.

4. Add the cooled syrup, which must also be drained.

5. Pour in lemon juice, stir. Liquor is ready! It can be tried immediately or poured into convenient containers and removed for storage.

Recipe 6: Strawberry liqueur at home with a banana

Recipe amazing strawberry liqueur at home. It has the taste of the popular “Love is” chewing gum and it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.


• 2 large bananas;

• 0.35 kg of strawberries;

• 0.5 liters of vodka;

• 0.2 liters of water;

• 0.25 kg of sugar.


1. Peel bananas, break them into pieces or cut them. Throw in the bank.

2. Add strawberries to them and pour vodka on them. Shake, cork and set to warm for two weeks.

3. After 14 days, boil syrup from prescription sugar with water, cool. 4. We get tincture of berries with bananas, filter. You can slightly squeeze, but not very much.

5. It remains to combine the cooled syrup with aromatic tincture and the liqueur is ready! You can use it, but it is better to send it to ripen and hold it for a week in a cool place.

Recipe 7: Strawberry liqueur at home with rum

In fact, this type of homemade liquor is made from two types of alcohol: vodka and rum. The drink has an unusual taste, pleasant aroma and sufficient strength.


• 1 liter of vodka;

• 0.7 Lira Roma;

• 2 kg of strawberries;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. Wash and dry the berries well. If they are large or dense, then cut into several parts.

2. Pour strawberries into a jar, immediately fill berries with sugar, mix and insist to highlight the juice for 3 hours.

3. Combine rum with vodka, stir and pour into strawberries.

4. Cork a can and vigorously shake for five minutes.

5. We put in a dark place for 60 days. It is advisable to remember about liquor 2 times a week and shake the container.

6. After two months, the drink is filtered and it is completely ready for use.

Strawberry liqueur at home - tips and tricks

• Do not like the bones in the liquor or not the blender? You can skip the strawberries through a juicer and use pure juice to make a drink.

• The slightest traces of rot or mildew spoil the taste of the drink and give it an unpleasant aroma. Therefore, it is important to carefully pick berries and prevent spoiled strawberries.

• Strawberries are few and not enough to make your favorite recipe? You can always add some other berries: cherries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries. Also fit juicy fruits: peaches, plums, apricots. Well, do not forget about exotic fruits: bananas, oranges, pineapple, kiwi. All of them are in perfect harmony with strawberries and solve the issue of shortage.

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