How to store tequila

How to store tequila

Recently, not only traditional vodka and brandy have become available to our people from strong alcoholic drinks, but also various overseas wonders. One of these exotic drinks, which is now easily available in many supermarkets, has become tequila for Russians.

This unusual name for the Russian ear hides only alcohol obtained by distilling the blue agave juice. The strength of this tequila must be at least 51%. Authentic drink is made exclusively in Mexico and got its name in honor of the eponymous city.

The history of the emergence of tequila begins in the 16th century, when the Spanish conquerors came to the land of the Aztecs and learned to distill a drink called “pulka” from ancient times in their culture. The resulting alcohol in those days was called “mescal”, and it acquired its real name only a century later.

To use tequila in pure form or as a part of cocktails, our people learned quickly. Russians travel around the world, including in Mexico, bring as souvenirs and, as they say, in store for several bottles of an exotic drink. Naturally, some of them immediately upon return and are used in the company of friends and relatives. But some specimens manage to survive until better times, for example, until the upcoming family celebration or the next “red day” in the calendar. But how to properly store this product, they know not all. In fact, the rules for storing this exotic drink are simple.

  • Temperature condition. Like many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tequila does not like extreme heat. Best of all, she will feel in a cool room, but do not freeze this southern product. Too high temperatures are detrimental to the taste of the drink and contribute to a decrease in its strength due to the more intense evaporation of alcohol.
  • Light Mode. Do not leave bottles of tequila in the bright sun or under electric lighting. Under such conditions of storage, irreversible changes will occur in the composition of the drink that can significantly distort its characteristics. Therefore, do not purchase drinks standing in the store on the open shelves and windows. After all, you do not know how long they are already there.
  • Storage duration. Many people mistakenly think that with prolonged storage of tequila over time acquires additional exposure. Unfortunately, this is a common myth that has nothing to do with reality. A real extract of this alcohol gets only stored in barrels. Glass containers, if they are properly sealed, simply retain the previously acquired properties of the drink for as long as desired, provided it is properly stored.
  • How to store tequila in an opened container. An open bottle is not recommended to be stored for more than three months, otherwise tequila will lose some of its taste due to the beginning of the process of oxidation of the drink with oxygen from the air. Hence the conclusion: the better the bottle is closed and the less air it contains, the longer alcohol will not lose its original properties. To achieve a tight package, you can fill the neck of the dishes with wax or wax; you can pack the container in a special sealed bag.


Some tequila lovers say that during short storage in an open container with alcohol, miraculous transformations occur, improving its organoleptic qualities: the taste becomes softer, and the drink itself is more pleasant to drink.

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