How to dilute alcohol to 40 degrees

How to dilute alcohol to 40 degrees

You can cook anything at home (within reasonable limits, of course), even vodka. To do this, simply dilute the alcohol with water. It is about how to dilute alcohol, to get a drink of a certain strength, today I want to talk.

In order to understand how much alcohol you need to pour into the water to get a drink of one degree or another, you should know that the strength of alcohol - 96%. Depending on the degree of purification, it may be higher or lower by a few tenths.

Before you dilute alcohol, you must prepare the appropriate quality water. Plumbing is considered the worst option, for such a procedure is better to take distilled or well-filtered water.

So, now go to the main thing - to the proportions.

How to dilute a liter of 96% alcohol

If you want to get 40-degree vodka by diluting the alcohol, then you should mix a liter of alcohol with 1440 ml of water.

Not so strong drinks are often required, for example, 30% or 35%. To obtain them, a liter of alcohol will need to be combined with 2240 and 1785 ml, respectively. If you pour 1175 ml of water into a liter of 96% alcohol, you end up with an alcoholic drink with a strength of 45%.

To achieve strength 50% you can mix a liter of alcohol and 960 grams of water.

When 780 ml of water is added to a liter of alcohol, an alcoholic beverage with a strength of 55% is obtained.

To get a drink strength of 60 degrees, you need to combine 1000 ml of pure alcohol with 630 ml of water.

What do you think, what kind of fortress will get a drink, as a result of mixing a liter of alcohol with half a liter of water? That's right, 65%.

Diluting a liter of pure alcohol with 390 ml of water, we get a drink with a strength of 70%.

Stronger concentrations, namely 75%, 80%, 85% and 90% are obtained by mixing a liter of alcohol with 295 ml , 209 ml, 135 ml and 65 ml of water, respectively.

Obviously, as a result of the above manipulations, it is often possible to obtain a fairly large amount of alcoholic beverage, which may be superfluous. We believe that in this case it will be appropriate for you to tell you in what proportions you should combine water and alcohol to get a liter of drink (plus / minus 50 ml).

How to dilute 96% alcohol to get a liter of vodka

A liter of this 40-degree vodka can be obtained by mixing 421 ml of alcohol and 607 ml of water.

If you connect 632 ml of alcohol and 397 ml of water, you will get a little more than a liter of 60% drink.

By mixing 474 ml of alcohol and 556 ml of water, 1030 ml 45% of the drink can be obtained.

And now, in order ...

Dilution of 316 ml of alcohol with 707 ml of water will make it possible to prepare a low-alcohol beverage (30%).

A drink strength of 35% is obtained by mixing 368 ml of alcohol with 658 ml of water.

Drinks with 50% and 55% strengths can be made by combining 526 ml and 579 ml of alcohol with 504 and 451 ml of water, respectively.

Diluting 684 ml of 96% alcohol with 343 ml of water, you can get an alcoholic beverage with a strength of 65%.

A liter, or more precisely a little more, 70% of a drink is easy to get by mixing 737 ml of alcohol and 288 ml of water.

The strongest concentrations (75%, 80%, 85% and 90%) are obtained by mixing 789 ml of alcohol with 233 ml of water, 852 ml of alcohol with 176 ml of water, 895 ml of alcohol with 119 ml of water and 947 ml of alcohol with 61 ml of water, respectively.

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