Souffle “Bird's Milk” is a delicate dessert for family tea drinking. Souffle “Bird's milk” with gelatin, cottage cheese, chocolate, semolina

Souffle “Bird's Milk” is a delicate dessert for family tea drinking. Souffle “Bird's milk” with gelatin, cottage cheese, chocolate, semolina

Souffles were first prepared by French pastry chefs. It can act as an independent dessert, or become the basis for sweets or cake.

Bird's Milk Soufflé - Basic Cooking Principles

The basis for making souffles can be eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream or cream. Traditional souffle is cooked on whipped proteins. This recipe allows you to cook the most tender and airy soufflé.

Proteins are separated from the yolks and beat them with a mixer until a dense foam is obtained, then, without stopping the beating, they gradually inject sugar. To keep the souffle shape, add gelatin to it. It is pre-soaked and, when it swells, is injected into the protein foam. Stir and pour into the prepared form. When the souffle hardens, pour it with melted chocolate.

By the same principle cooked souffle on cream, cottage cheese and sour cream.

To flavor it add vanilla, citrus zest or cinnamon.

To diversify the soufflé, add jelly pieces or fruit to it. A soufflé will look more effective if made in several layers of different colors. As natural dyes, use fruit or vegetable juices.

Recipe 1. Bird's Milk Souffle with Gelatin


eight egg whites;

a glass of cold water;

two glasses of granulated sugar;

20 g of gelatin;

20 g of lemon juice.

Method of preparation

1. Pour gelatin into a deep bowl, cover it with water and let it swell for 20 minutes.

2. Place the cooled egg whites in a bowl, add sugar to them and beat until a white foam is obtained with a dense consistency.

3. Place the dish with the swollen gelatin on low heat and heat until it is completely dissolved.

4. Add melted gelatin to the protein mass, mix gently and put it into the form. Send it in the refrigerator and leave it there until it is completely set.

Recipe 2. “Bird's Milk” Souffle with Gelatin and Condensed Milk


five chicken eggs;

15 g vanilla sugar;

can of condensed milk;

15 g of gelatin powder;

300 g of lightly salted butter;

300 grams of granulated sugar;

2 g of citric acid.

Method of preparation

1. Place gelatin in a deep bowl and cover with water. Stir and leave to swell for half an hour. After the allotted time, drain the remaining liquid, and add sugar to the swollen gelatin. Put the mixture in the water bath and warm until sugar and gelatin dissolve completely.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks and place them in a suitable dish. Beat until a thick foam forms. Continuing to beat, enter the warm gelatin mixture in proteins.

3. In a separate container, whip soft butter, gradually adding condensed milk.

4. Combine butter with whipped proteins, add citric acid. Beat with a mixer at low speed. Put the resulting mass in the form and place in the refrigerator until it solidifies. Garnish with melted chocolate or fruit before serving.

Recipe 3. Cottage cheese soufflé “Bird's milk” with gelatin


instant gelatin - bag;

unsalted curd cheese - half a kilo;

sugar - ten tbsp .;

heavy cream - a glass.

Method of preparation

1. Whip the cream into a dense foam. Without stopping to beat, enter all the sugar into the resulting foam, adding it gradually.

2. Soak gelatin, following the instructions on the package.

3. Put the curd cheese in whipped cream and continue to beat with a mixer at low speed.

4. Dissolve the gelatin in the creamy curd mass and mix gently. Put the soufflé in a shallow shape, smooth it and put it in a cold place. You can decorate the finished souffle with fruit pieces, grated chocolate or berries.

Recipe 4. Bird's Milk Creme Brulee Souffle


vanilla sugar;

fatty cream;

15 g of gelatin powder;

boiled condensed;

100 grams of sugar;

five egg whites.

Method of preparation

1. Soak the gelatin powder according to the package instructions and let it swell.

2. Beat the cooled egg whites, spoon sugar in a spoon.

3. Whip the cream with a whisk, gradually adding condensed milk.

4. Put the swollen gelatin in the microwave and melt. Pour it in a thin stream into the protein mass.

5. Combine the creamy mass with the protein, add the vanilla sugar and mix. Pour into a mold and refrigerate. Serve the frozen souffle by pouring chocolate over it.

Recipe 5. “Bird's Milk” Souffle with Decoy



3 g of baking soda;

half a pack of butter;

200 grams of sugar;


three eggs;

20 g of cocoa powder;

200 g of flour.


one ? butter packaging;


200 g of sugar;

half a liter of cow's milk;

120 g of semolina.


10 g butter;

50 ml of cow's milk;

half a cup of sugar;

50 g of cocoa powder.

Method of preparation

1. Combine sugar with vanilla and cocoa. Add soft butter, mix and put on low heat. Keep stirring constantly until smooth. Do not bring the mixture to a boil! Cool the mixture.

2. Add eggs one at a time, beating with a whisk. Mix flour with soda and gradually add it to the egg-oil mixture, stirring. Pour the dough on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees.

3. Pour the semolina into a coffee grinder and grind to a state of flour. Pour the semolina with milk and cook until thick. Cool it down. Add the butter mixture with the sugar and mix well.

4. Make a parchment bead around the cake. Put the semolina soufflé on the cake and put in the fridge. Hold until fully set.

5. Combine the sugar with cocoa. Pour in milk and mix. Put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Add oil, mix and cool slightly. Pour chocolate soufflé soufflé.

Recipe 6. Two-layer souffle “Bird's milk” on sour cream


sour cream - 900 g;

cocoa powder - 100 g;

cream - 400 g;

gelatin - two sachets;

sugar - 1? v .;

water - 30 g

Chocolate layer

gelatin - four sachets;

milk is a glass.

Method of preparation

1. Soak four bags of gelatin in a glass of milk. Stir and let it swell. Place the gelatin container in the water bath and melt it. Pour the milky gelatin mixture into the mold and wait for it to harden.

2. Mix water with cocoa and two packets of gelatin. Leave for half an hour to swell.

3. Cream whip in a dense foam. Gradually add sugar and add sour cream. Beat a few more minutes at low speed.

4. Warm the gelatin water in a water bath until dissolved. Do not boil! Enter in a creamy cream mixture and mix. Pour the mixture over the frozen layer. Decorate with chocolate chips and leave to freeze in the fridge.

Recipe 7. Portion soufflé “Bird's milk”


20% cream - a glass;

nuts - 20 g;

condensed milk - can;

chocolate - 50 g;

skim milk - half a cup;

gelatin - 15 g;

sweet curd - 150 g

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin pour warm milk, mix and leave to swell.

2. Pour the cream in a saucepan, add condensed milk and put on medium heat. Boil. Twist the fire and boil for about a minute. Remove the cream from the heat and immediately put in the gelatin. Stir and cool.

3. When the cream mixture has cooled, add cottage cheese to it and beat with a mixer for ten minutes.

4. Pour the mixture into the mold and leave it in the fridge for two hours. Frozen soufflé cut into pieces and pour with melted chocolate. Sprinkle with crushed nuts on top.

Recipe 8. Striped Soufflé “Bird's Milk”


gelatin - 30 g;

four egg whites;

sugar - 50 g; milk - two glasses;

cocoa powder - 50 g;

icing sugar - a glass;

juice of half a lemon.

Method of preparation

1. Ten grams of gelatin soak for chocolate in a bowl. Soak the remaining gelatin for the white layer in a separate container.

2. Beat the cooled egg whites into a dense foam with a mixer. Introduce powdered sugar in small portions, without stopping to beat. Type gelatin into the white mass for protein. Stir.

3. Boil ordinary cocoa from milk, sugar and cocoa powder, only boil it longer than usual to thicken slightly. Enter the swollen gelatin. Pour half of the mixture into the form and put it in the fridge. When the chocolate layer is “grabbed,” put the protein mass on it and send it back to the refrigerator. After a quarter of an hour, take the souffle out of the fridge and place the remaining chocolate mixture.

4. Remove the soufflé form from the fridge, dip it in hot water for a few seconds, and turn it over on a plate. You can decorate the dessert with pieces of fruit, chocolate chips or nuts.

Bird's Milk Soufflé - Tips and Tricks

Soufflé will be more tender if gelatin is replaced by agar-agar. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or a spice department.

Sugar is quite difficult to dissolve in the protein or cream mass, so it is recommended to replace it with powder.

Gelatin can be soaked not only in water or milk, but also in compote or fruit juice.

For the glaze is better to use natural dark chocolate.

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