Frezier Cake is a divine dessert! Recipes amazing cake "Frezier" with strawberries, kiwi, cottage cheese, mascarpone, chocolate

Frezier Cake is a divine dessert! Recipes amazing cake

The Frezier Cake is an unusually tender and tasty delicacy that you need to make at least once. Despite the apparent complexity and a large number of ingredients, everything is done very simply. In addition, there are many different options, you can always choose the content to your taste.

Frezier Cake - General Cooking Principles

At the heart of the cake are two thin cakes and an impressive layer of cream. Cakes are usually used biscuit, they are cooked on eggs. You can bake one and cut along into two plates. Or bake two very thin cakes, smearing the dough on parchment around the desired diameter. Before assembling the cake the biscuit is cooled, you can make it in advance. There are recipes with purchased shortcakes, lazy options, below you can find one of them.

Cream for “Frezier” is prepared with gelatin, thanks to this very ingredient, the mass hardens, retains its shape, it turns out an impressive layer of filling. You need to collect the cake in a split form. With other dishes to achieve an even cake is difficult.

What is preparing the cream:

· Milk;

· butter;

· Gelatin;

· Sugar;

· Starch or flour;

· Vanilla;

· Eggs.

The exact composition will depend on the recipe. Stuffing in the classic version of strawberries, but you can also make a “Frezier” cake with kiwi, bananas, any other berries and fruits. Do not forget that filling with gelatin, therefore, the cake takes time to solidify. Next, it is removed from the form and decorated.

Frezier Cake with Strawberries

One of the classic versions of the cake “Frezier”. It is with strawberries that it is cooked most often, and it turns out just a magical dessert. Berries certainly need fresh, because after freezing, they give a lot of juice, spoils the look and taste. Sponge cake for the easiest on the eggs.


· Six eggs;

· 0.2 kg of white sugar;

· 0.15 kg of cane sugar;

· 0.5 liters of milk;

· 600 grams of strawberries;

· 0.2 kg of oil;

· 50 grams of flour;

· 10 tablespoons of starch (corn);

· 50 grams of honey;

· 5 grams of ripper; · 50 grams of chocolate;

· 35 grams of condensed milk;

· 25 grams of water;

· 10 grams of gelatin;

· 1 bag of vanilla.

Method of preparation

1. Separate 3 proteins and whip into a cool foam with 50 grams of cane sugar. Separately, beat three yolks and 50 grams of cane sugar. Mix the flour with three tablespoons of starch and ripper, sift into the yolk mass, stir, introduce proteins.

2. We spread on the parchment two circles of dough, with a diameter slightly larger than a detachable form, in which we will collect the cake. The thickness is about half a centimeter. We bake at 200 degrees until golden brown. Since the thickness is small, a biscuit is prepared for 7-8 minutes. Cool and cut out two even circles with the form, remove the parchment.

3. Start cooking cream. To do this, beat the eggs and 100 grams of sugar, enter the starch, mix thoroughly.

4. Combine milk and 100 g of white sugar, boil and, stirring constantly, add egg mass. Make an ordinary custard, season with vanilla. Cook over low heat until it thickens. Remove from heat, add half of the prescription oil, stir until dissolved. Cool the cream, beat and add the remaining oil.

5. Dissolve gelatin in water, allow it to swell, melt in a water bath and put into cream, whip again.

6. Place one cut biscuit on the bottom of the form. Cut along the strawberries, lay out in a circle shape, "sticking" the cuts to the sides. Fill the central part of the cream should leave 2/3 of the total. Put in the filling the remaining berries.

7. Cover with the remaining crust, put the rest of the cream, put the cake in the fridge for 8 hours. It is advisable to cover with cling film or just a package.

8. Mix honey with condensed milk, cane sugar, put in a water bath, melt the glaze, add chocolate, stir until dissolved.

9. Remove the cake from the fridge, icing, and leave for 25 minutes. After hardening, remove the form, decorate the dessert with fresh berries and mint leaves.

Frezier Cake with Kiwi

This dessert is perfect for the winter season, when there is a shortage of fresh strawberries, and the berries sold in the store are too expensive. Moreover, they are not so tasty. For the cake will need kiwi. It is necessary to choose ripe, but not soft fruits. They should keep their shape perfectly when cutting, not sour. Ingredients

· 5 eggs;

· 100 g of sugar;

· 150 grams of flour.

For cream:

· 0.6 liters of milk;

· 5 yolks;

· 300 g of sugar;

· 300 g of oil;

· 20 g of gelatin;

· 90 grams of starch;

· 45 grams of water.

For filling, you will also need 700 g of kiwi, for the glaze 70 g of chocolate and 30 g of butter.

Method of preparation

1. For a sponge cake, whip proteins with 120 grams of sugar. The rest of the sand is whipped with the yolks until complete dissolution, to them and drive the flour, and then the protein mass. If suddenly the eggs are not very well whipped, then add a bag of ripper. Pour the dough into a mold, bake the cake at 180 degrees to a dry stick, send to cool, then cut into two equal plates.

2. Gelatin mix with water, leave to swell and immediately proceed to the preparation of the cream. Whisk whip yolks and sugar with starch, add milk, set on fire and brew, vanilla if desired. Stir the cream, remove from heat and inject 80 grams of oil. Cool the cream, add the remaining butter and melted gelatin.

3. Kiwi cut into circles, pre-scrape the skin. The thickness of the slices is arbitrary.

4. Put one cake in the form, put kiwi slices on the edges, pour the cream, but not all, leave a little. Leaves the kiwi in the middle, cover with the second biscuit.

5. Fill the top cake with the remnants of the cream. We remove the cake for five hours to harden.

6. Melt the chocolate and butter, cover the cream layer with the glaze on top. Leave the cake for another half an hour to freeze the top, then it can be removed from the mold.

Lazy Frezier Cake with Cottage Cheese and Ready Cakes

Buy biscuit in the store. Usually in a pack of 3 Korzh, we need two. For the cream is used cottage cheese, that is, cooking does not need anything at all.


· 2 cake layers;

700 g of cottage cheese;

· 150 g of sugar;

· 30 g of gelatin;

· A bag of vanilla;

· 70 ml of milk;

· 300 g sour cream;

· 600 g strawberries.

Method of preparation

1. Mix gelatin with milk, leave to swell. Then melt in the bath.

2. Whip curd and sour cream with sugar, it is better to use a blender. In the resulting mass we introduce vanillin, and then gelatin, thoroughly stir. 3. Cut the strawberries. Put the cake in the form, surround it with berries, pour curd cream in the center, a little more than half, add strawberries.

4. Completing the new cake and cream. On top of the cream lay out the pieces of berries, which will be the decor. We remove for seven hours to cool.

Frezier Cake with Mascarpone

Another mousse cake option. We will not dwell on the biscuit. Cakes are cooked according to any recipe or purchased in the store.


· 4 yolks;

· 380 g of mascarpone;

· 600 g strawberries;

· 400 ml of cream;

· 15 g of gelatin;

· 120 g of sugar;

· 35 g of water.

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin with water to connect, leave to swell.

2. Mix the yolks with sugar, put in a water bath and warm up, without stopping to beat. Combine with mascarpone, add to them melted gelatin, vanillin to taste.

3. Cream whipped into a foam, combine both masses.

4. Cut the strawberries in beautiful pieces.

5. Biscuit put in the form, spread the berries in the center pour the cream. Add the rest of the berries, cover with biscuit.

6. Top can be covered with a layer of cream or melted chocolate, decorate with whipped cream. Remove for five hours to set.

Frezier Chocolate Cake

Recipe based on chocolate sponge cake. You can cook such a cake not only with strawberries, but also with cherries. It should be added to the central part of the cake, that is, not used for the sides.


· 3 eggs;

· 60 g of flour;

· 5 g ripper;

· 20 grams of cocoa;

· 120 g sugar.

For cream:

· 100 g chocolate;

· 250 g of oil;

· 500 ml of milk;

· 1 tbsp. Sahara;

· 20 g of gelatin;

· 3 tablespoons of starch;

· 3 yolks;

· 500 g strawberries;

· 2 spoons of cocoa.

Method of preparation

1. Beat the eggs on a biscuit with sugar to a good foam, add flour with cocoa and ripper, stir, bake the cake, cool and cut along into two parts.

2. Put off 20 g of butter and 50 g of chocolate for icing. Gelatin combine with 50 ml of water, let it brew.

3. Mix the yolks with cocoa, sugar, starch and add milk, put the cream on the stove, cook until thick. Remove from the heat, add the remaining chocolate, give to dissolve, cool slightly and add the butter, then melted gelatin. Whisk. 4. Put the biscuit in the form, lay berries, pour cream, leave a little, cover with a second chocolate biscuit and cover with cream again. Cool for 4 hours.

5. We melt chocolate and butter, decorate the cake.

Frezier Cake with Bananas and Custard

Another simplified recipe for a Frezier cake made from a small amount of ingredients. Biscuit take ready or do on any of the recipes above.


· 600 g of milk;

· 200 g of oil;

· 3 yolks;

· 200 g of sugar;

· 2 tablespoons of starch;

· 25 g of gelatin;

· 600 g of bananas;

· 2 biscuits;

· 50 ml of water.

Method of preparation

1. Pour gelatin with water, leave to swell.

2. Mix sugar, starch, yolks and milk, prepare custard, cool. Enter the softened butter, whisk, add the melted gelatin.

3. We clean and cut bananas, collect the cake, as in the recipes above, send to freeze. We decorate with banana slices or icing.

Frezier Cake - Tips and Tricks

· Biscuit cakes will taste better if soaked. You can use compote, juice, any syrup, or just sweet tea, coffee.

· If the cream is not enough, then you can add and “drown” more fruits in the central part. It is not necessary to use strawberries if there is none. Bananas are perfectly combined with all fruits and berries, you can cut and add 1-2 pieces.

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