Juicy minced meat patties: simple and complex recipes. How to make tasty and juicy meatballs from minced meat: beef, pork, chicken, fish

Juicy minced meat patties: simple and complex recipes. How to make tasty and juicy meatballs from minced meat: beef, pork, chicken, fish

Juicy minced meat patties are a popular and well-loved delicacy.

The recipe of this dish has many varieties.

Most often, delicious burgers are made from beef, pork, fish and chicken mince.

General principles of cooking juicy minced meat patties

Each of the options of meat delicacy has the necessary composite ingredients. The main product is minced. Egg whites must also be added to the patties. It helps the meatballs to keep their form when frying and does not allow the minced meat to spread over the pan.

Thanks to the stale crust of bread soaked in milk or water, the finished juicy burgers have an original taste. If you make a dish of fish or chicken mince, you should add more bread, because these types of mince have a liquid consistency.

Salt and pepper are seasonings that are necessary for any kind of minced meat. You can also use different herbs, additives to vegetables, chicken, meat, fish. Onions are suitable for meat patties. Garlic will improve the taste of chicken meat. In fish dishes it is better to put a lot of greens.

For breading use wheat, rye flour. You can replace the ingredient with breadcrumbs. In the breading, you can add different seasonings as desired.

Fry juicy minced meat patties must be in vegetable oil. You can apply fat and fat.

Cooking cutlets should be on high heat to form a crust, and then gradually reduce the flame. Then the minced meat patties are juicy.

Juicy minced meat patties


cooking oil

dry white bread - 180 g

pork pulp - 830 g

chicken breast - 220 g

bulbs - 85 g

parsley - 40 g

garlic cloves - 15 g

frozen butter - 66 g

pepper mill - 14 g

salt - 8 g

nutmeg - 2 g

bread crumbs - 120 g

Method of preparation

1. Turn pork and chicken fillet into minced meat three times. 2. Soak the bread in water. Rid of a crust. Do not wring lay out to mince.

3. Remove the top layer from the onion and garlic. Grate. Put the mixture in a bowl with minced meat.

4. Add some water while mixing the ingredients.

5. Put the pieces of butter frozen.

6. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

7. Send the mixture to the fridge for 40 minutes.

8. Form round patties.

9. Breaded in bread crumbs.

10. Fry in hot oil to form a crust.

11. Cool.

12. Serve juicy minced meat patties with mashed potatoes and salad.

Juicy minced meat patties with seafood


mustard - 12 g

crab meat - 210 g

boiled shrimp - 140 g

minced chicken - 215 g

canned corn - 115 g

onion - 70 g

flour - 65 g

potatoes - 350 g

paprika and salt

Method of preparation

1. Wash the potatoes under running water, get rid of the skin. Boil and turn into a puree.

2. Sprinkle paprika.

3. Add small onion slices.

4. Put the mustard.

5. Pour out the corn.

6. Put stuffing.

7. Add sliced ​​medium-sized seafood.

8. Stir the mixture.

9. Make medium sized patties from small pieces of minced meat.

10. Roll each of them several times in flour.

11. Fry on medium heat.

12. You can treat unexpected guests to juicy minced meat patties with seafood, because the delicacy takes a little time.

Juicy minced meat patties with bacon


egg - 1 pc.

pike fillet - 485 gr.

white bread - 335 gr.

spices - optional

lard not old - 155 gr.

Onion - 30 gr.

milk - 20 gr.

bread crumbs - 135 gr.

sunflower oil - 60 ml

garlic - 18 gr.

Method of preparation

1. Divide the fish: remove the head and tail, rid the meat of the bones and peel.

2. Grind the fillet using a meat grinder, adding pieces of lard, peeled garlic and onion.

3. Put the bread in a deep container.

4. Pour milk.

5. Add minced meat with eggs and spices.

6. Blind the cutlets. 7. Fry in a pan in sunflower oil on all sides until cooked.

8. Serve hot minced meatballs hot with a young boiled potato.

Juicy minced chicken meatballs and cabbage


chopped parsley - 65 g

minced chicken - 440 g

onion - 80 g

cabbage - 210 g

vegetable oil - 110 ml

sour cream - 46 g

garlic - 8 g

mustard - 36 g

ground black pepper - to taste

salt - 14 g

Method of preparation

1. Put minced meat into the container.

2. Cabbage chop. Add to mincemeat.

3. Peel the onion. Cut into small cubes.

4. Chop the parsley.

5. Peel the garlic. Skip through the garlic.

6. Put the prepared ingredients in a bowl with meat. Mix.

7. Add half of the mustard.

8. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

9. Grind the resulting mass with a blender until smooth.

10. Blind cutlets, giving them a flat and round shape.

11. Fry in butter until crisp.

12. Whip sour cream, pepper, salt and mustard residue in a bowl.

13. Drain 95 ml of water. Stir the mixture.

14. Put the patties in utyatnitsa. Pour over the sauce. Simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

15. Juicy minced meat patties with cabbage are ready to eat.

Juicy minced meat patties with olives


hops suneli - 16 g

oregano - 8 g

dried parsley - 26 g

salt - 14

pepper - 9 g

loaf - 180 g

minced meat - 1100 g

onion - 55 g

garlic - 22 g

cabbage - 1 small forks

olives - 140 g

Method of preparation

1. Peel and chop the onions.

2. Cut the loaf. To fill with water.

3. Press lightly liquid.

4. Put the pieces of onion and long loaf into the container. Grind using a blender.

5. Put garlic cloves. Grind again.

6. Chop small cabbage.

7. Salt. Squeeze hands to let the vegetable juice.

8. Sprinkle minced salt.

9. Add seasonings. Put the minced meat in a container with onions and rolls. Stir the mixture.

10. Minced meat divided into small portions. Make cakes. In the center of each of them put olives. 11. Blind cutlets. Roll in breading.

12. Fry on both sides in oil until blush.

13. Juicy minced meat patties served for dinner with vegetable salad.

Juicy minced meat patties with cheese filling


minced chicken - 550 g

garlic - 4 cloves

a piece of loaf - 145 g

spices and salt

onion - 35 g

egg -1 pc.

milk - 64 ml

hard cheese - 120 g

dill, parsley - on a bunch

boiled eggs - 2 pcs.

vegetable oil - 30 ml

Method of preparation

1. Cool hard-boiled eggs. Rid of the shell. Grate.

2. Chop a piece of cheese into thin strips.

3. Wash the greens. Drain. Finely chopped.

4. Combine the ingredients in a deep container. Mix.

5. Put the pieces of loaf in a plate filled with milk. Set aside so that the loaf softens.

6. Mash the bread until smooth, using a fork.

7. Remove garlic from garlic. Skip through the press.

8. Onions rid of the top layer. Finely chopped. Turn into mush with a chopper.

9. In a deep pot put the bread mass, minced meat, egg, onion.

10. Pour in the spices and the required amount of salt.

11. Knead the mixture thoroughly.

12. To form thick cakes. Put the stuffing of eggs, herbs and cheese in the middle.

13. Wrap in minced meat.

14. In the skillet pour oil.

15. Put the container on fire.

16. Put the burgers stuffed. Fry over medium heat.

17. Lush and juicy minced meat patties served with any side dish.

Juicy minced meat patties fried in batter


570 g low-fat minced meat

75 g onion bulb

2 raw eggs

110 g of mayonnaise

2 g of baking soda

190 g flour

18 grams of salt

4 g garlic cloves

80 g canned pineapples

125 g of hard cheese

105 g butter

70 g fat for frying

Method of preparation

1. Add minced onions to mince.

2. Turn the chives into gruel with the help of garlic pods.

3. Pour salt and pepper.

4. Knead the stuffing well.

5. Pour water there.

6. Grate cheese on a medium grater.

7. Chop slices of pineapple. 8. Stir cheese with pineapple.

9. Forcemeat divided into equal parts.

10. Roll up tight buns. From each piece to make a cake.

11. Put a tablespoon of filling.

12. Top with a piece of butter.

13. To bake a cake in the form of a pie.

14. Roll up tightly each piece of minced meat.

15. Future meatballs send in the fridge.

16. Raw eggs to drive into a deep dish.

17. Put mayonnaise, soda and salt.

18. Beat the mixture.

19. Gradually add flour to make the dough like pancakes.

20. Heat fat over medium heat.

21. Future cutlets put into batter.

22. Put in a frying pan, leaving gaps.

23. After browning, turn the cutlets. Fry until they are browned from all sides.

24. Remove the juicy minced meat patties from the pan.

25. Put on paper towels for a few minutes to remove excess fat.

26. Serve with vegetables.

Juicy minced meat patties and chicken liver with vegetables


big carrot - 55 gr.

chicken liver - 320 gr.

large onion - 135 gr.

minced pork - 420 gr.

squash without seeds - 220 gr.

black bread - 245 gr.

quail eggs - 5 pcs.

potato - 90 gr.

olive oil - 50 ml

flour - 75 gr.

oatmeal - 65 gr.

Method of preparation

1. Turn meat and chicken livers into minced meat.

2. With carrots cut off the peel.

3. Remove the potatoes from the top layer.

4. With zucchini remove the thick skin.

5. Soak bread in a small amount of water.

6. Remove husk from onion.

7. Products cut into pieces. Turn into a homogeneous mass using a meat grinder.

8. Add soaked and pressed bread.

9. Beat the eggs.

10. Sprinkle the mixture with salt. Knead thoroughly.

11. Pour out dry flakes. Set aside stuffing for 25 minutes.

12. Pour oil into the pan.

13. Heat up.

14. Formed from minced meat patties roll in flour.

15. Send to the pan. Fry on all sides until crusted.

16. Fragrant and juicy minced meat patties are ready for use.

Tips and tips juicy minced meat patties

  • In order to give the cutlets a regular shape, hands must be wetted in cool water. With one hand you need to beat the cutlet on the palm of another hand a couple of times so that the stuffing compacted.
  • The softness of the finished juicy minced meat patties depends on the amount of bread.
  • It is better to change the oil after each portion cooked in a pan.
  • Butter will help preserve the splendor of the meatballs.
  • For juiciness, lard or fat can be added to the mince.
  • For cutlets, it is better to choose the fillet portion of the carcass. Meat of the ham is dense and dry. It is recommended to mix several types of meat.
  • To make the cutlets juicy, you need to add the onions, chopped with a grater, to the mince.
  • It is not necessary to soak the bread in milk, when frying the mince because of the interaction of proteins, the cutlets will get rid of juiciness.
  • Juicy minced meat patties should not be small. The more burgers, the juicier they are.
  • Oatmeal is able to absorb excess liquid that is in the stuffing.
  • For juicy minced meat patties, it is better to use fresh products, and minced meat should be cooked by yourself.
  • In some cases, eggs can be discarded. These ingredients will make the finished burgers tough.
  • For spicy taste, you can put coriander or cinnamon in mince.
  • Sour cream will add tenderness in the taste of the dish. The product can be put in the mince or in the sauce, which will be cooked meatballs.
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