Fish in a slow cooker and a double boiler - the best recipes. How to cook fish in a slow cooker and a double boiler.

Fish in a slow cooker and a double boiler - the best recipes. How to cook fish in a slow cooker and a double boiler.

The slow cooker is a very versatile device that allows the hostess to cook almost any dish. At the same time cook in a slow cooker rather quickly and simply. And its main advantage is that it is possible to cook fish in a slow cooker without using fat, that is, you get a dietary and healthy dish. If there is a desire to make the fish more tender and satisfying, then you should use sour cream or mayonnaise.

Preparing Products

Multicooker greatly facilitates the process of cooking fish. Actually, the fish itself must be cleaned, washed and cut into pieces. It is also advisable to remove the skin from the fish (this will allow the dish to prepare faster) and remove the bones. If frozen fillet of fish bought in a store is used, then it is worth getting rid of frozen ice. For cooking in a slow cooker or a double boiler, you can use all parts of the fish, including the tail and head. It should only choose the right cooking program. For fish dishes most often the program “Multipovar”.

Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Steamed Fish Cakes

Trout cutlets cooked in a slow cooker are very tender and tasty. And therefore ideally suited to potatoes, cereal cereals or vegetable stew.


2-3 steak raw trout,

one egg,

one onion,

1 slice of white loaf,

50-70 milliliters of milk,

black pepper and salt.

Method of preparation:

1. The fish must be cleaned, skinned and removed from the bones. Onions cut into 4 parts - so it is more convenient to scroll through a meat grinder.

2. White bread should be soaked in milk. In the meantime, the bread will be soaked through a meat grinder, you should skip the onions and fish. Then combine bread with minced meat, pepper, salt and season to taste. 3. From prepared minced meat it is necessary to make cutlets of a favorite size — for example, round or oval.

4. In a multi-cooker pot, pour water and set the grid for steaming. Put the patties on the grill. And, setting the cooking mode for a couple, hold them for 25-35 minutes.

5. If desired, you can additionally put vegetables or potatoes in water, that is, immediately prepare a side dish.

6. Ready cutlets to the table should be served, seasoned with sour cream, and sprinkled with herbs.

Recipe 2: Fish in a sauce cooked in a slow cooker

Cooking such a fish in a slow cooker is quite easy and fast - it will take about half an hour. A delicate taste of fish and spicy sauce allows you to serve this dish even on the festive table - the guests will be satisfied.


500-600 grams of fish (for example, coho)

one onion,

seasoning for fish, black pepper and salt,

dried parsley and dill.

To make the sauce, you will need 100 grams of sour cream and mayonnaise, as well as 100 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation:

1. Fish should be cleaned and cut into portions. Onions must be cut into half rings.

2. In the bowl of the multicooker lay out the fish and sprinkle the pieces on top with fish seasoning, pepper and salt. Spread onion rings on top, which must be sprinkled with dried dill and parsley.

3. Then the sauce is prepared, for which cheese is rubbed on a fine grater, mixed with mayonnaise and sour cream. Some water is added to this mass so that the consistency of the sauce is semi-fluid.

4. Next, the fish in the slow cooker should be poured over with cooked sauce. After that, the multicooker is closed, set the program “Multipovar”, set the temperature to 90 degrees and the cooking time to 20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Fish under an egg-cream sauce cooked in a slow cooker

This recipe for cooking fish allows you to make a dish that you can eat without garnish if desired. And thanks to the use of cheese and cream, the fish is very tender and satisfying. For the same reason, it is not necessary to include such fish in the menu for those who adhere to dietary nutrition. Ingredients:

500 grams of white fish fillet (preferably cod, perch or hake fillets),

2 onions,

2 eggs,

50-100 grams of Parmesan cheese,

half a glass of multicooker cream or milk,

Method of preparation:

1. Washed fish must be cut into small pieces. Onions should be cleaned and cut into non-thick half rings.

2. Take a bowl of the slow cooker and put onions on its bottom, then lay out the fish.

3. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with milk, season them with salt, seasonings for fish and pepper. After that, the resulting sauce and should be poured fish.

4. On top of the fish sprinkled with grated cheese.

5. Cooking such fish follows the “Multipovar” program, setting the cooking time to 15 minutes.

Fish in a slow cooker and a double boiler - useful tips from experienced chefs

Cooking fish in a double boiler or a slow cooker allows you to make diet meals without the use of fat. If it is impossible to completely reject fat, then it is worth replacing butter with, for example, sunflower or olive oil, which should be rubbed with fish before putting it in a double boiler. It is also good to use a variety of herbs - dill, parsley, fennel, and so on. Greens are not only beneficial, but also give the fish a special flavor.

More tender, you can make the fish in the crock-pot, if you use sour cream or creamy sauces, which should be richly lubricate pieces of fish. Also, each taste can add vegetables to the crock-pot cut into small pieces (carrots, potatoes, eggplants, etc.) - along with fish, a healthy side dish will be prepared.

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