Fish cutlets in a slow cooker - extremely simple! Recipes for steam and fried fish cutlets in a slow cooker made of different types of fish

Fish cutlets in a slow cooker - extremely simple! Recipes for steam and fried fish cutlets in a slow cooker made of different types of fish

Recently, the multicooker has become an almost obligatory companion of many housewives. Almost any dish is cooked with it - from soups to baking. Even in the preparation of prose cutlets, it has clear advantages over the usual frying in the pan. Non-stick coating does not burn, and high walls do not allow splashing of fat.

Fishcakes roasted in a slow cooker are guaranteed to be ruddy and juicy, and steamed - tender and dense.

Complicating the process is only fish fillets, but this can be avoided. You can search the stores for frozen fish fillets, for sale and ready minced fish. If you take a deliberately quality semi-finished product, it will not differ in quality from home minced fish.

Fish cutlets in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

• Cooking meatballs in a slow cooker, or, more precisely, roasting, is almost the same, and even simpler than the usual way - frying in a pan. Steaming is also an uncomplicated process and does not imply special skills.

• The following programs are suitable for frying fish cakes in a multicooker: “Frying”, “Baking”, “Multipovar”, “Stewing”. To make steam cutlets, it must have the mode “Steam” or “Steaming”.

• Minced fish cutlets can be prepared from almost any kind of fish, the best is to get ready-made fillets for this purpose. Otherwise, the carcass will have to be chopped by yourself, and this is not such a simple procedure, especially if the fish is bony. It will be necessary to extract all the bones so that they do not fall into the cutlets. You can also use ready-made minced meat, but in this case you need to take a semi-finished product of proven brands.

• The quality of fish cakes directly depends on properly cooked minced meat. It is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of the products, given the type of fish from which it is prepared. Dry fish requires the addition of lard, bread and more onions.

• Minced fish thoroughly and knead for a long time to get tender burgers. For steaming, it is better to interrupt fish with a blender. From such fish mass, steam products are obtained not only more magnificently, but they also keep their shape noticeably better. • Before frying, fish patties must be breaded and lowered for roasting only in well-heated vegetable oil in the cooking bowl. Because of this, they quickly become golden brown, and from the inside they remain juicy.

• Steam patties should not be paned. The breading will soften under the influence of steam, and will resemble a raw dough.

• Fishcakes are not capricious to the side dish, can be served with almost anyone. Mashed potatoes and boiled rice are the most popular.

Fried fish cutlets in a white sea fish multicooker


• white flesh of sea fish - 600 gr .;

• one egg;

• onion head;

• 100 gr. fresh lard;

• a spoonful of flour;

• spices “For cooking fish dishes”;

• refined oil;

• a small bunch of dill;

• white crackers, breading, preferably homemade.


1. Coarsely chop the bacon and well-thawed fish fillets. We clean the onion, cut it into pieces. We twist all the prepared components in the meat grinder twice, passing through the fine cell grid. Onions, it is desirable to grind in the last turn.

2. Add in the minced fish a little ready-made spices, ground pepper. Finely chop the dill and add to the stuffing. Add to your own taste, add an egg, knead well. Then, adding flour, mix thoroughly again.

3. Pour some oil into the multicooker switched on in the frying mode. While it is warming up, we form small, oblong-shaped patties with moistened hands.

4. We make the formed semi-finished products in breadcrumbs and put them in hot fat. Fry on both sides until light browning. Cooking time for one batch can be from 20 minutes to half an hour.

Juicy fish cakes in a cod multicooker


• cod fillets - half a kilo;

• large onion;

• 100 ml fat, 22% cream;

• 1 egg;

• refined oil;

• flour for breading;

• 100 grams of semolina.


1. We thaw cod in advance in the refrigerator, rinse well and cut into pieces. We clear onions, we cut a head into four parts. Grind onions and fish in mincemeat with a blender or meat grinder. 2. Add semolina, cream to the fish mass, break the egg here. Sprinkle about half of a spoonful of evaporated (fine) salt, lightly seasoned, mixing it very carefully.

3. We squeeze the bowl with minced meat film and place in the cold for an hour.

4. From the cooled minced meat sculpt small, arbitrary shapes, semi-finished products and roll them well in flour.

5. In the frying mode, warm up some oil and fry cod patties until tender - delicate golden dye on both sides.

Fish patties in a multicooker with cottage cheese - “Double”


• elastic 9% cottage cheese - 500 gr .;

• a pound of large sea or river fish;

• two raw eggs;

• fresh greens (dill);

• non-aromatic oil;

• semolina or crackers for breading.


1. Twist the fish fillet in a meat grinder twice. In a separate bowl grind through a sieve curd.

2. Smashing eggs, we pour the proteins into fish, and add the yolks to the curd. Lightly add both masses, add a little ground pepper into each and mix them thoroughly.

3. Having moistened our hands with water, we form of curd mass and minced fish according to a small, equal-sized cutlet. Then we connect them, putting them on each other, and press them a little with our palms in order to “stick together” better.

4. We roll fish and cottage cheese cutlets in crackers and dip them in hot oil. Fry until tender, watching the blush on both sides.

Fish cutlets in a multicooker with cheese


• fillet of any large sea fish - 500 gr .;

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• large onion;

• 100 grams of “Russian” cheese;

• white unsweetened long loaf - 200 gr .;

• finely ground white crackers;

• 25 gr. manna cereal.


1. Wash the fillet, chop and twist in a meat grinder, chop the onion and add to the mince.

2. Cut off all crusts from a loaf, pour crumb with milk. In a separate bowl, break the eggs and carefully rub them with a dry semolina.

3. Squeeze the crumb, knead and mix it with the egg mass. Cover the bowl, set aside for 20 minutes.

4. Then we shift the crumb to the minced fish, season it and add some salt to taste. Knead well repulsed. 5. Cutting the cheese into thin cubes, put them in the middle of the cutlets during their formation. Well panirovani semi-finished products and fry in a slow cooker, dipping in a well-heated oil.

Steamed fish cutlets in a slow cooker with spicy cream sauce


• thawed fish fillets - 600 gr .;

• a small bunch of dill;

• garlic;

• three tablespoons of butter;

• one chicken egg;

• a tablespoon of flour or starch.

For the sauce:

• small pickled cucumber;

• garlic;

• 20% sour cream 150 ml;

• two branches of dill;

• three onion pisca.


1. Melenko we cut garlic clove and dill. Sort fillets into mincemeat with a blender or twist in a meat grinder at least two times.

2. Pour egg into minced fish, add dill and garlic. We prisalivaem, we pour flour and we knead especially carefully. In a small bowl melt the butter.

3. Use wet hands to scoop a small-sized patty. Well dipped in melted butter from all sides, place them in a steam container and place it over hot water.

4. Close the lid and start the multicooker by installing the “Steam” program on the panel. Cooking fish patties for a quarter hour for a couple.

5. While the patties are steamed, prepare the sauce. Melenko cut salted cucumber. Grind the dill, finely chop or skip a large clove of garlic through a press.

6. Spread sour cream in a small bowl, add cucumber, dill and garlic squeezed from pickle to it. Add some sauce and mix the sauce well.

7. We get ready-made fish cutlets from the slow cooker and serve hot with sauce and fresh vegetables. You can add a side dish of mashed potatoes.

Delicious and quick fish patties in a slow cooker in tomato and sour cream


• white sea fish (fillet) - half a kilo;

• 150 gr. old, not moldy long loaf;

• egg;

• small onion;

• white crackers;

• vegetable oil.

Tomato Sauce:

• two spoons of unsalted tomato paste;

• four large spoons of sour cream;

• 30 gr. flour;

• 350 ml of fish broth.


1. Blender or in a meat grinder with a fine mesh, chop the fish fillet and onion. 2. Well-kneading hands, add pre-soaked in milk and pressed lump loaf. Introduce an egg into the mince and, lightly seasoned, and adding salt, mix well.

3. Sculpt oblong patties and, roll in breadcrumbs, fry in a slow cooker with vegetable oil. Use the frying mode and drop it only in well-heated fat, so that they quickly become covered with a crust.

4. We get the ready-made fish cakes, rinse the bowl with water and wipe dry. Put the oil, melt it on the same mode. Add flour and, stirring, fry until a characteristic cream shade appears.

5. Dissolve the tomato and sour cream in the broth (water), lightly salt the mixture and pour into the bowl of the fried flour, mix. Lumps should not remain.

6. Dip the fried patties into the sauce and cook in it for at least five minutes, until the sauce begins to thicken noticeably.

Technological tips for cooking fish cutlets in a slow cooker

• Instead of cheese, you can hide a little butter in the middle of fish cutlets. It will make them juicier and more tender.

• Self-separated fillet, after scrolling in a meat grinder or immediately, whisk in a blender. If there is no such device, grind it again with a meat grinder using a fine mesh.

• Try to use white breadcrumbs for breading and, preferably, not finely ground. Roll the patties, making sure the breading is laid evenly and completely covers them. This will prevent leakage of juice from the inside and increase their juiciness.

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