Gooseberry jam: how to cook properly

Gooseberry jam: how to cook properly

Gooseberry Jam - General Description

Gooseberry is a very valuable berry. It is high in calories. But thanks to the healing effects on the metabolism and organs of the digestive tract, the gooseberry is often prescribed in the diet. It is also useful for anemia, allergic reactions, malfunction of the gallbladder and constipation. The content of pectin in the gooseberry allows this berry to remove harmful substances, in particular, toxins, from the body. It relieves gooseberries from radioactive compounds.

Gooseberries should be harvested slightly underripe - jam from such berries with the right cooking process will have a beautiful green color. But they use gooseberries not only for making jam. They also make compote, marmalade, jellies, wine, marinade, sauce, and so on.

Gooseberry jam - preparation of dishes

For making gooseberry jam, one should take enamel pots cleaned with soda - the enamel will not interact with the berries during the cooking process.

Glass jars, in which the jam will be rolled, should also be cleaned with soda and then boiled. Close this jam should be tin lids.

Gooseberry jam - preparation of fruits

For making jam, it is recommended to use unripe bottle (green) berries. In the process of preparation they are cleaned and washed. To remove the seeds, small and medium-sized berries are punctured, while large ones are incised and the seeds are removed with a hairpin through the formed incision. After that, the berries of the gooseberry should be placed for 20-30 minutes in cold water, then - fold in a colander.

Gooseberry Jam - Recipe 1

This recipe for fragrant gooseberry jam is rather troublesome. But the jam turns thick and very tasty. For its preparation you will need 1.5 kilograms of sugar for every kilogram of fresh berries.

1. Add water to the pan and add about 10 pieces of fresh cherry leaves and boil them for about 5 minutes - this will allow the gooseberry to retain its green color.

2. Then the leaves are removed, and the resulting broth is used to prepare sugar syrup 40 percent concentration. That is, a pound of sugar is added to 700 milliliters of water and the broth is boiled until it is completely dissolved. 3. In the filtered syrup, the temperature of which should be approximately 80 ° C, it is necessary to put the peeled and washed berries. In this form, they need to stand for 5 hours.

4. Directly the process of cooking the gooseberry jam occurs in four steps - after each cooking it is necessary to let the brew stand for at least 5 hours. Before each cooking the berries should be removed from the syrup and add about a quarter of a kilogram of sugar (the sugar remaining after cooking the syrup should be divided into 4 parts). After adding the sugar, the syrup should be boiled for 10 minutes, then put the berries in the syrup and kept on the fire for about 5 hours.

5. During the latest, fourth boiling, the jam should be boiled until cooked. And at the end add vanillin to gooseberry jam per kilogram of jam 50 milligrams vanillin.

6. Ready-made jam, still in a boiling state, must be packaged in dry hot cans and hermetically sealed. Then you need to turn the jars upside down and cool.

Gooseberry jam - recipe 2

You can make gooseberry jam with raspberries. This will require 700 grams of gooseberry and 300 grams of raspberry, 1.5 cups of water and 1.25 kilograms of sugar. Prepared gooseberry jam so.

1. You need to make sugar syrup, using all the sugar and a half cup of water.

2. Directly into the boiling syrup should lower the berries of gooseberry and raspberry. You need to cook them in one go.

3. Pour the jam into pre-sterilized jars and roll up the lids.

Gooseberry jam - recipe 3

You can make gooseberry jam with walnuts. This recipe is also called Moldavian. In particular, about one and a half kilograms of sugar, one and a half glasses of water and about 100 walnut kernels should be used per kilogram of gooseberry.

1. Large and hard berries of the gooseberry need to be washed, remove the seeds with a pin through a side cut. In parallel, you should cook sugar syrup.

2. Walnut kernels should be lightly fried in a pan, and then finely chopped. It is these nuts and must be carefully filled gooseberry berries. 3. The resulting berries of gooseberry filling should be poured hot sugar syrup. Then bring all this to a boil. And then, put the clock at 8-10 in a cold place.

4. Then the jam must again be set on fire and dovarit until ready.

Gooseberry jam - recipe 4

You can make gooseberry jam with oranges. To prepare for each kilogram of gooseberry will need a kilogram of sugar, as well as 1 orange.

1. Washed gooseberry and peeled orange must be minced (you can use a juicer).

2. In the resulting mass, add sugar, then heat a little, but do not allow the process to boil, just to dissolve the sugar.

3. The resulting jam can be closed - it remains only to expand into cooked jars.

Gooseberry jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

To preserve the bottle-colored berries in the jam, it is necessary to add 10 fresh cherry leaves to the cold water when preparing the sugar syrup. Boil them for 5 minutes and pull out. And then add the berries themselves. Such simple reception will allow to remain jam green.

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