Pea soup with meat is very fond of children. Cooking pea soup with meat is a simple and accessible process for everyone: recipes

Pea soup with meat is very fond of children. Cooking pea soup with meat is a simple and accessible process for everyone: recipes

They say that spoiling pea soup is difficult.

To still do this, you need to really try.

Everyone can cook pea soup with meat.

And for this you will not need any additional knowledge or special skills.

Pea Soup with Meat - General Cooking Principles

The main component dishes are peas and meat. Therefore, it is their choice that must be taken very responsibly. The meat should be fresh and the peas in half. You can, of course, use both whole and crushed, but then the soup will lose a little in taste.

Peas should be soaked in cold water for six or eight hours.

To speed up the cooking, you can replace the cold water with hot. Add also a little soda. Then the soaking time of peas will be reduced to two hours, and it will completely soften.

Before the bean component is poured into the pan with broth, it should be washed.

The meat is also washed and dried with a paper napkin.

At first, the meat broth is boiled, and then peas and the rest are added.

Ingredients for pea soup with meat are potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, pumpkin. Various spices decorate the taste and aroma of the dish.

Ready pea soup is ideal with crackers and herbs.

1. Pea soup with meat “Original”

Rich and appetizing soup will feed your fill and tasty.


• 200 grams of peas.

• At 0.200 kg raw pork ribs and smoked.

• Two onions.

• Carrot.

• Three potatoes.

• One parsley root.

• 50 grams of fresh parsley.

• Two lavrushki.

• Three grams of baking soda.

• 10 grams of salt.

• 1/4 teaspoon black ground pepper.

• Refined vegetable oil.

• Two pinches of sugar.

Cooking Method:

Soak the peas in hot water, adding baking soda and Lavrushka.

Prepare raw meat.

In a saucepan with cold water to throw the raw ribs. After boiling, reduce the heat, remove the foam and simmer the broth for about an hour.

Remove the ribs and shift to a plate, remove the meat.

Add peas to broth and add sugar. Continue cooking for another hour. Onions cut into small pieces, cubes. Carrot and parschkin root coarsely grate. Fry vegetables until half cooked in a skillet with a small amount of refined vegetable oil.

Cut the potatoes into medium pieces and send them to the soup.

Add salt and pepper. Continue the cooking process until the potatoes are ready.

Pour fried vegetables, boiled meat, chopped smoked ribs and greens. The soup stews for about five minutes and is ready to eat.

2. Pea soup with meat like a man

Having prepared such soup, you can invite your friends for a weekend lunch. Women are not allowed: criticize.


• 0.350 kg cooked smoked pork knuckle.

• A glass of peas.

• Average carrot.

• Four potatoes.

• Onion.

• 100 grams of celery.

• Salt.

• Five black peppercorns.

• Two lavrushki.

Cooking Method:

Stick in the saucepan put the whole, pour water and cook. After boiling, pour peas, soaked in advance.

Peel the vegetables. Cut into medium sticks.

Put potatoes in the soup.

Fry three filling vegetables in vegetable oil. First put onions in the pan, then carrots and celery. Fry until half ready and send to the soup.

Salt dish, add Lavrushka and pepper.

Remove the knuckle, cut off the flesh. Divide it into small pieces. Fall asleep in the soup. Boil a few minutes.

3. Pea soup with meat “Complicated”

The dish is full of spices. It is thick and rich. Preparing for a long time and a little intricate. But the labor and time spent pays off with the original and savory taste of pea soup with meat.


• 0.350 kg pork beef.

• 200 g of peas.

• Two carrots.

• Four potatoes.

• Onion.

• Salt.

• Three peas allspice.

• Four studs.

• 1/2 teaspoon mustard seed.

• Three lavrushki.

• Two cloves of garlic.

• 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.

• Art. spoon of pasta from tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

Cook until ready a piece of meat. Remove it from the broth and separate it from the bone. Cut into small pieces.

Pour the prepared peas into the meat broth. Boil for about an hour.

Chop the potatoes and onions into medium cubes. Carrot grate large.

Pieces of meat sent back to the saucepan. Cover the potatoes.

Put a pepper and a clove on a cast-iron dry skillet. Warm up a little bit. Pour the mustard. Fry spices, stirring them constantly. When the mustard seeds begin to pop gently, pour in some vegetable oil and add onions.

Meanwhile, pour carrots into the soup and mix. Salted.

When the onions in the skillet are slightly browned, add turmeric. Mix. Pour tomato paste, fry for a couple of minutes. Pour soup ladle, mix and pour the contents of the pan into a saucepan.

Cook for five minutes, then add Lavrushka and finely chopped garlic.

Leave for a short time under the lid and eat it with pleasure.

4. Pea soup with meat “Simple”

The dish is cooked easily and simply. Cooking pea soup with meat does not take much time and does not need special efforts. The lack of potatoes does not spoil the taste of the soup. Pumpkin in abundance replaces it and gives the dish an interesting and appetizing flavor.


• A glass of peas.

• 0,300 kg of chicken.

• Onion.

• Average carrot.

• 0.200 kg pumpkin.

• Mix pepper and salt to taste.

• 30 grams of greenery.

Cooking Method:

Send the prepared meat to a saucepan with water and boil for about ten minutes.

Add peas, soaked in advance. Continue cooking until half cooked.

Shred onions. Fry it until transparent. Add carrot and pumpkin, cut into medium pieces.

Fry vegetables until soft and send to the pan. Salt and pepper.

Cook soup until cooked peas.

Remove the meat, cut into small slices, put back into the pan.

One minute before the end of cooking add chopped greens.

5. Pea soup with meat “Army”

Cooking is not accompanied by significant labor costs, although the process lasts more than an hour. The recipe is simplified, but despite this, the soup is tasty and satisfying.


• 0,600 kg of peas.

• 0,300 kg of beef.

• One carrot and onion.

• Three potatoes.

• Salt and pepper.

Cooking method:

Pour a piece of beef with water and cook for about ten minutes.

We clean the carrots and onions, completely send in a saucepan. Then pour the prepared peas. Stir.

Potatoes cut into medium random pieces, pour water. After about an hour, load it into the soup. Salt and add pepper.

We take out carrots and meat from a saucepan. Cut into pieces and pour back into the soup.

Remove the bulb and discard.

Leave the soup to prepare for another half an hour.

6. Pea soup with Hutsul meat

The soup is fat, but the feast is guaranteed stomach. Dish thanks to smoked meat acquires a light aroma of smoke. It creates the illusion that the soup was cooked on the fire.


• A glass of peas.

• 0,300 kg of meat.

• One carrot and one onion.

• Three potatoes.

• 50 grams of smoked sausage and bacon.

• Salt kitchen.

• A few sprigs of parsley and dill.

• Four cloves of garlic.

• Pinch of dry dill.

• 1/2 teaspoonful of coriander and black pepper.

• Two pinches of spicy paprika.

• Two lavrushki.

Cooking Method:

Prepare lightly salted broth. Remove the meat, cut into pieces and return to the saucepan.

Pour the washed peas.

Vegetables cut arbitrarily. Pieces of potatoes pour water.

Cut bacon and sausage into cubes. Send to the griddle.

Drain the water from the potato and pour it over to the bacon and sausage. After roasting until golden brown, pour the contents of the pan into the soup. Salted.

Fry onions and carrots a little. Squeeze garlic into the vegetable mixture. Sprinkle with dill, coriander, pepper and paprika. Stir the vegetables and fry for two minutes, then pour into the soup.

In the pan put Lavrushka and shredded greens.

After five to seven minutes, the soup can be turned off.

7. Pea soup with meat in Finnish

Rich soup with creamy taste, moderately spicy and salty - the perfect dish for a family dinner.


• Incomplete glass of peas.

• 0,300 kg of beef meat.

• One carrot and one onion head.

• Three potatoes.

• 1/2 teaspoon cumin and mustard beans.

• Salt kitchen.

• A tomato.

• Coriander and turmeric - one teaspoon.

• Clove of garlic.

• Two lavrushki.

• 20 grams of Vologda butter.

Cooking Method:

Place the prepared piece of beef meat in a saucepan. Add Lavrushka and salt. Boil until meat is tender. Remove the beef, cut into slices.

Strain the broth, throw in it the chopped meat. Pour peas and continue cooking, not forgetting to remove the foam, which creates peas. Boil for about forty minutes.

Cut potatoes randomly and send to soup.

Grate the carrot, chop the onion rings and divide it into feathers. Cut the garlic into thin slices. Tomato dip into boiling water, peel and push through a strainer.

Pour the mustard on a dry frying pan, fry a little. Then add cumin and sunflower oil. Pour coriander and turmeric.

Put the onions in the pan, then the carrot. Fry until half ready. Add chopped garlic. At the end of frying put the tomato flesh.

Pour the vegetables into the soup. Add butter and laurel. The soup continues to boil for another ten minutes.

Pea Soup with Meat - Tricks and Tips

  • It is very important to respect the proportions of water and peas when soaking. In order for the bean ingredient to soften completely, this ratio should be: 1: 4.
  • For better flavor, peas are soaked with bay leaf.
  • Salt the dish preferably at the very end of cooking. Then the cooked peas will not be dry.
  • Meat should be with a layer of fat and preferably on the bone. Ideal for pea soup with meat - pork ribs.
  • To prevent the bean ingredient from boiling over, a couple of pinches of sugar are added to the soup.
  • Stir up the soup from the bottom up with a skimmer. This will save the possible burning of peas.
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