Cooking pea soup without meat: eating without extra calories. Mushroom, cabbage and creamy pea soups without meat

Cooking pea soup without meat: eating without extra calories. Mushroom, cabbage and creamy pea soups without meat

Soups from legumes are often recommended, if it is required to stabilize the work of the digestive organs, to gain or reduce weight, to regulate the metabolism.

Usually such soups try to cook without meat and meat broths.

Nevertheless, even in the “lean” version of the pea soups can be cooked very tasty.

Do not stop to read the list of products, cook this dish is much easier than it seems at first glance, and the benefits are much more than it seems from the description.

If the child refuses to eat pea dishes, then in most cases he can be seduced by soup with smoked sausage.

Pea Soup without Meat - General Cooking Principles

• Pea soup without meat is not only healthy, but also very tasty. And to cook such a soup does not take much trouble. All we need is dishes and necessary products.

• From the dishes you need any enameled pan of a suitable volume (displacement) in which the soup and frying pan will actually cook. It is used for frying, and for certain types of pea soup some components are fried, for example, mushrooms or sausage. The pan is best to take with a fairly thick bottom or non-stick.

• In addition, a blender may be required to mash the finished dish.

• Pea soup without meat is prepared on purified drinking water or vegetable broth prepared in advance. It should be noted that the quality of water plays an important role for cooking.

• Beans can be taken both whole and split or crushed, this will affect only the cooking time and will not affect the taste.

• To speed up the cooking process, dried peas are soaked and only then put into a hot broth or poured with cold water initially and set to boil.

• To enhance the taste and nutritional value, mushrooms (mushrooms), ripe tomatoes, vegetables, cream, sausage and even melted cheese can be added to pea soup cooked without meat.

• Season the dish with spices specified in the recipe, or select to your taste.

Mushroom pea soup without meat


• 200 grams of peeled peas;

• potatoes - 2 small tubers;

• one carrot;

• head of salad onions;

• 300 grams of champignons, fresh;

• 75 ml of vegetable oil;

• one leaf of laurel;

• salt, evaporated.

Cooking Method:

1. After moving the peas, rinse well under the tap and soak in a large volume of cool water for 9-12 hours. Liquid volume should be about three times more than beans. In warm times, the water should be changed several times so that the peas are not soured.

2. Rinse the soaked peas well in several waters and, filling with two liters of filtered water, put to a boil. Peas may boil to the bottom of the pan before boiling, so you need to stir it periodically, trying to get the spoon to the bottom of the pan.

3. From the boiling pea broth gently remove all the foam with a skimmer and put the onion in it, cleaned from the husk. Reduce heat, and occasionally stirring, boil the peas for half an hour, preventing the broth from boiling vigorously.

4. Add the potatoes, cut into half-cubic meters, and bring to a boil over a high heat. After that, reduce the heat again and continue cooking.

5. On a large grater, rub the carrot and put it in the pan, ten minutes after the potatoes.

6. Cut the champignons washed with water in small plates along the mushrooms. Heat a table and a half in a thick-walled pan. spoons of oil and dip the mushrooms in it and soak on medium heat until light ruddy.

7. Take out the onion from the soup, salt the soup itself and put the fried mushrooms. Continue cooking, focusing on the softness of the potato.

Tomato pea soup without meat with prunes and apples


• a glass of peas, best crushed;

• four ripe tomatoes;

• two small sour apples;

• two bulbs;

• 100 gr. prunes (pitted);

• 50 ml of olive or frozen sunflower oil;

• Cinnamon to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Shredded, washed peas, pour cold drinking water on it and leave it for forty minutes, pour out the water, and rinse the beans well.

2. Put a two-liter pot filled to one-third with cold water on high heat. When the water is well heated, but still not boil, put the washed peas into it, mix, bring to a boil. Next, reduce the heat almost to a minimum so that the water does not boil intensively, and boil it until it is cooked. 3. In a small amount of vegetable oil (a tablespoon), save the onion, chopped up in small pieces, until golden brown and set aside for a while.

4. Cut the prunes into thin straws, apples with the peel, but without a core - centimeter cubes. At the tomato, cut the stem and chop into cubes, as well as apples.

5. Shred apples, tomatoes and prunes shift to the soup cooked on the stove. Add fried onions. Bring the soup quickly to a boil and continue to boil for minimum 10 minutes more.

6. Salt, remove the sample, add cinnamon and remove the pan from the heat.

Pea soup without meat with potatoes and cauliflower buds


• a glass of split peas;

• average carrot;

• two potato tubers;

• 200 gr. cauliflower;

• butter 60 grams;

• black, hand-pounded, pepper, turmeric.

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-soaked and thoroughly washed peas, put on the fire to boil until softened. Pour water into a saucepan with peas so that it covers only 3.5 cm.

2. To prevent the peas from sticking to the bottom of the pan at the beginning, boil quickly, trying to stir it as often as possible, reduce the heat and continue cooking until ready.

3. Ensure that there is always enough water in the pot. If in the process of cooking peas it boils away, do not be afraid to add boiled water.

4. When the peas have melted enough, pour a half liter of hot boiled water to it and wait until everything boils again.

5. In a boiling pea broth, place small carrot cubes with potatoes, divided into small cauliflower inflorescences. Before laying cabbage, soak it in lightly salted water for a quarter of an hour.

6. Replace the slightly thawed butter, turmeric - literally on the knife edge, black, freshly prepared pepper.

7. Cook pea soup on a small heat until cooked vegetables. Salt should be no sooner than vegetables cooked half.

Meatless Pea Soup without Meat


• 600 grams of peas;

• large white onion head;

• a bunch of dill with parsley; • ground coriander;

• three small cloves of garlic;

• to taste - pepper, adjika.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the washed peas with filtered water in a ratio of one to three. It will take about 1.8 liters. water can be a little more, up to two liters.

2. Put the pan with peas on a strong fire and let boil. In a boiling broth, lower the onion, chopped into small slices (you can and the whole onion), lower the heat and continue cooking until the beans are mashed.

3. In the process of cooking constantly stir the contents of the pan, making sure that the peas are not only not sticking to the bottom at the very beginning, but also not burnt in the future.

4. If necessary, add boiled, only hot, water.

5. When the peas are mashed, add chopped (crushed or chopped) garlic, spices and adjika to your liking. Salt, season with chopped greens and protome on low heat (the lowest heat) for less than a minute.

Creamy Pea Creamy Meat Soup


• green peas - 300 grams (can be frozen);

• 22% natural cream - 200 ml;

• 90 grams (3 tbsp.) Of white flour;

• lard - 20 grams;

• salt, curry.

Cooking Method:

1. Put green peas in boiling water and boil it after boiling the liquid over low heat until ready. Frozen peas before laying, do not need to thaw.

2. In a pan, melt lard and fry the flour on it to a soft cream color.

3. Add cream to flour, stir well and heat well, no more than two minutes. Mixing flour with cream, try to keep it from lumpy. If this does happen, grind the mixture through a sieve.

4. Enter the cooked cream mixture into the broth to the cooked peas, salt the soup and add curry to your taste.

5. Blend the contents of the pan in a puree with a blender and heat slightly.

Creamy pea soup without meat with green peas


• 1 cup of peas (crushed);

• green peas - 200 grams;

• potatoes - 4 pcs .;

• two small carrots;

• medium onion;

• garlic clove;

• 15% cream - 150 ml; • 100 grams of processed cheese;

• 50 ml of light soy sauce;

• paprika, hops-suneli, curry, pepper - all to taste;

• common salt;

• a teaspoon of creamy 72% oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the crushed peas, transfer them to the saucepan to boil the soup, and pour two liters of liquid (vegetable broth, filtered water), and boil over high heat.

2. When the liquid in the pan begins to boil, remove all the foam and continue cooking at low heat.

3. Boil frozen green peas in a separate container until soft.

4. Slice carrots (1 pc.) Into rings, or half rings, and potatoes into cubes of arbitrary size. As soon as the peas begin to soften, but do not have time to completely boil down, put a carrot and potatoes to it.

5. Pour two tables into a small skillet. spoons of butter (you can mix the lean with cream) and, warm up well, browse and dry the onion in it. Report to the onions a second, finely grated carrot, and, while constantly stirring, fry for another four minutes.

6. When the potatoes and carrots are softened, put the vegetable frying in the soup. Enter the grated smaller processed cheese and a well-heated cream. If you pour the cream cold, they can curl up.

7. Add soy sauce, put all the spices, butter and salt to your taste.

8. Kill the soup with a blender into a smooth mash. Put boiled green peas in it, add dill and boil.

9. Remove from heat and allow the pea soup to stand for ten minutes.

Lean meatless pea soup with sausage


• split peas - one and a half glasses;

• two ripe tomatoes;

• two onions;

• carrots - 2 pcs .;

• sweet pepper - 2 pcs .;

• 350 grams of smoked sausage, “Cervelat”;

• to taste spices, pepper (black).

Cooking Method:

1. From one carrot, an onion and tomatoes cook vegetable broth. On the specified number of vegetables, take 1.8 liters. drinking purified water. Cooking time broth 20-30 minutes.

2. When the decoction is ready, remove the vegetables, put the soaked peas in advance and cook on low heat until the beans are boiled soft.

3. In vegetable oil lightly fry chopped finely onions (one head), then add to it finely grated carrots and smoked sausage cut into strips. After three minutes, add the peppers and chop the sweet peppers into a roast and stew, covering with a lid, for 10 minutes. 4. During the fire, do not forget to mix the roast, otherwise it will burn.

5. To the boiled down peas, shift the vegetable roasting, add spices and mix well. Before adding the salt, remove the sample, as the sausage will give the soup its salt.

6. Turn off the heat and let the dish stand for a quarter of an hour.

Pea Soup without Meat - Tricks and Tips

• Cooking time for dried peas does not depend only on its type. To make a pea boil out faster, it is advisable to soak it in advance in cold water. Optimally to do this in the evening.

• It happens that it seems that the peas were soaked well and picked up correctly, and, no matter how much you cook, it still does not soften. Poor water, this is the cause of this problem. Water for both soaking and cooking should be taken only filtered, and preferably purchased bottled.

• Many experienced housewives brew pea soup without meat in sparkling table water. Peas boiled soft almost instantly.

• Mushrooms and sausages added to pea soup must be fried. The taste of the dish will be more intense.

• At the end of cooking or when serving, put in a shredded dill dish. This is not only useful, dill will help the intestines to easily assimilate the soup and there will be no problems for which many of us are wary of pea soup.

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