How to cook peas

How to cook peas

What could be more delicious than pea soup with smoked ribs or pea porridge with meat sauce!

But not all housewives love to cook dishes from peas, as it is cooked for a long time and does not always become soft.

However, it turns out that you can easily cook any dish from peas. The main thing is to know how to cook these beans.

How to prepare peas for cooking

  • First, the peas are sorted, they remove dark, green peas and other impurities.
  • Then it is washed several times in cold water.
  • Peeled young peas can not soak, as it is boiled quickly. Or it is soaked for a short time.
  • But if the peas have been stored for a long time, and this is most often the case with the purchased product, it must be soaked before cooking. To do this, washed peas pour in cold water in a ratio of 1: 2. The beans are kept in water until they are fully swollen and almost double in volume. The process of soaking lasts from 3 to 8-10 hours.

To speed up the swelling of peas, some housewives pour it with warm or hot water. But this can not be done. After all, a pea, which is long in the water, can sour.

A slight deterioration is usually not noticeable, but when cooked, the taste of peas does not change for the better, and the beans themselves are badly boiled soft. Therefore, the temperature of the water for soaking should be no higher than 15 °.

How to Cook Peas in a Pot

  • The water in which the peas were soaked is drained.
  • The beans are transferred to the cooking utensils and fresh cold water is added (2.5 liters of water are taken for 1 kg of peas).
  • Put on the stove and bring to a boil.
  • The fire is reduced, the pan is closed with a lid, and when the boil is barely perceptible boiled, peas are cooked until soft.
  • If the pea is not shelled, a skin will periodically appear on the surface of the water, which is removed.
  • To improve the taste, sometimes roots (carrots, onions, celery) and aromatic herbs are added during cooking. The roots are cut into small cubes, and the twigs of greens are tied in a bunch and boiled together with peas. At the end of cooking, the stems are removed.
  • Cooking peas lasts 1-2 hours. If the water is boiling strongly, add boiling water. You can not add cold water, because then the boiling temporarily stops, which affects the grains. They do not boil soft for a long time, but at the same time they crack.
  • Many housewives add soda to the peas to speed up the process. Indeed, it significantly reduces the cooking time. But at the same time, vitamin B1 is destroyed in peas, and its taste deteriorates.
  • When the peas are cooked, it is salted and left in water for 20 minutes.
  • Broth is drained and beans are used as required by the recipe.

How to Cook Peas in the Microwave

  • The peas are washed and soaked for 5-10 hours.
  • Water is drained and the beans are washed.
  • Pour them with cold water so that it covers 5-6 cm of peas. Salt is not put.
  • The dishes are covered with a lid, put into the oven and cooked at full power for 15 minutes.
  • Then the power is reduced to medium and cooking is continued for another 15-20 minutes. Or until the peas are soft.
  • If necessary, only boiling water is added during cooking.
  • When the peas are cooked, the water is drained.

How to cook peas in a slow cooker

  • Peas are picked and soaked for several hours.
  • Well washed in cold water.
  • Fall asleep in a slow cooker and pour hot water. The amount of water depends on what they want to get in the end - soup or porridge. But the liquid should be 2-3 times more than peas.
  • Close the lid and boil it by setting the “Quenching” mode. Periodically remove the foam.
  • Salt at the end of cooking.

Mistress to note

  • To prevent the water from heating to room temperature during the soaking of peas, it should be changed to cold one or two times.
  • Peas salt at the end of cooking. If you add salt at the beginning, the beans will not cook for a long time.
  • Cooking time depends on the quality of the peas. Crushed or young peas boil much faster than whole or old.
  • If the peas are not soaked, it boils longer and many peas lose their shape and boil soft.
  • To cook pea puree, freshly cooked peas are ground using a meat grinder, blender, or regular tolkushka.
  • For cooking soup, pre-cooked peas are most often used. This method improves the appearance of the first dish.
  • If you need to add tomato paste or tomatoes to pea dishes during cooking, they are put when the beans are soft. Otherwise, the acid will not allow them to boil.
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