What to drink for the New Year: cold, hot and strong drinks. And what do you drink for the New Year: is it necessary to have champagne?

What to drink for the New Year: cold, hot and strong drinks. And what do you drink for the New Year: is it necessary to have champagne?

The New Year's table is set. There was the last touch - to serve drinks.

What to drink on the New Year? The choice is so varied that to any dish you can submit a special alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

What to drink on New Year: light alcohol

The main drink of the New Year's Eve is, of course, champagne. Sparkling wine is from the province of Champagne in France, but by tradition we call any sparkling wine champagne. It can be dry (it is brut), semi-dry, semi-sweet. The color of champagne varies from light and golden to pink. In the Year of the Fiery Rooster, you can serve just such pink champagne.

It is served in narrow elegant glasses on a high thin leg. The ideal temperature of the drink is from 6 ° to 8 °. Champagne should not be either too cold or too warm, so it is better to mix the cooled open bottle in a bucket filled with crushed ice and cold water.

Sweet fruits, fresh strawberries or pineapple slices, cheese slices, white meat, canapes with red caviar are ideal for champagne.


Wine - the second most popular drink for the holiday table. For the New Year's Eve 2017, red light or sweet wines are ideal. This may be a homemade wine made from cherries, currants, raspberries, and purchased grape or fruit wine. Cabernet, merlot, shiraz, as well as blended wines, such as claret, are especially valuable. Although lovers of white wines should not deny themselves a pleasant aftertaste of Chardonnay, Riesling or sherry.

A wine glass should be voluminous, not too narrow and have a high foot. It is better to cool white varieties to about 10 °, and red varieties are warmer, at room temperature. For white wine as a snack offer seafood, cheese, grilled vegetables, poultry. Red goes well with hot meats, fruits, mushrooms, game and cheese.


A stronger version of the wine, which is liked mainly by girls, is vermouth. The composition of the drink includes wormwood, which is why the characteristic taste appears. Vermouth, like any wine, can be dry white, semi-sweet pink or sweet red.

You can drink it as a standalone drink by adding ice or a slice of lemon. In this case, it is recommended to cool the drink to 8-11 ° and serve either in a regular glass or in a whiskey glass. On the basis of vermouth, you can prepare alcoholic cocktails.

It is good to apply olives, fruits, poultry, nuts, cheese to vermouth.


A type of vermouth - martini - a more expensive alcoholic drink. It also has a characteristic wormwood aroma, but it has a more delicate flavor. Serve martini in a special wide glass with olives, a slice of lemon, ice. If there is no special glass, you can get a whiskey glass.

Martini can be diluted with fresh juice or mixed with stronger alcohol.

ATTENTION! Sometimes carbonated sweet water is added to martinis, but this is fraught with a morning headache.

What to drink on New Year's Eve: strong alcohol

For men on the New Year's table need to submit strong alcohol. What to drink on the New Year, depends only on preferences.


Traditional Russian vodka is a great option for a feast. But only if the drink is made on Lux quality alcohol and is sufficiently cooled.

To prevent morning hangover, you need to eat vodka fatty hot dishes, preferably meat. Marinated mushrooms, herring, aspic, red caviar are good for vodka.

A rich meal will reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol.


Fragrant cognac is the second most popular strong alcoholic drink for a festive feast. It has a specific pleasant taste and beautiful amber color. Served in wide glasses with a short leg. It is accepted to warm up a little cognac in the palms, so that it fully opens the main flavor bouquet. Biting brandy - moveton. It is necessary to drink it in small sips, enjoying the sensations.

However, the snack is still possible. It can be cheese, meat, sweet fruits, oysters, mini sandwiches.

Whiskey, Bourbon

Whiskey and its type of bourbon resemble cognac in strength, but differ in flavor and taste. They are also not taken snack, although if you want you can take the same snack that for brandy.

Ice is often added to whiskey, but melted water makes the drink specific. Therefore, instead of ice you can put a cooling stone in a glass. Glasses for whiskey are different, the thick-walled glass with a massive bottom is the most popular narrowing downwards.

It is not customary to bite whiskey, but in some cases it can be diluted with cola or other soda.


The characteristic taste of rum - an amateur. If there are such people in the family or you just want something original on New Year's Eve, you can buy a bottle of rum. It is of three types: black, amber and white. They differ from each other by aging and a touch of taste.

White rum is usually used to make cocktails, amber and black are served as separate drinks with ice and ripe fruit. A glass for rum is like a whiskey glass: it has thick walls and a massive bottom.


Strong gin has, nevertheless, a mild flavor and is considered the most feminine alcoholic drink of the existing high-grade. The composition of gin includes juniper berries, which gives it a characteristic aroma.

You can drink gin just like that or add to cocktails. The drink is served in a straight, thick-bottomed glass with smoked meat and fish, sweet fruit, cheese, lemon or oranges.


The drink is distinguished by a bright grape note and served in brandy glasses, narrowed upwards. Like brandy, brandy is heated in the palms to feel the full aromatic bouquet. Brandy can be diluted with tonic, ice or other alcohol in a cocktail. Serve with meat snacks and dishes.


The popularity of sweet and thick fortified wines, which include a variety of liqueurs, remains very high. So if you do not know what to drink on New Year's Eve, buy a bottle of liqueur - cream, chocolate, fruit. It looks very nice in a glass, has a wonderful sweet taste and goes with almost any snack depending on the type.

What to drink for the New Year: festive cocktails

If you wish, be sure to try alcoholic cocktail on New Year's Eve. It can be easily prepared by yourself. But it is important to understand: one glass of cocktail is enough to get pleasure. Two can affect health, and three glasses - this is an obvious search. Blame it all - mixing alcoholic beverages of different strength.

Pomegranate Cocktail

• 75 ml of Bacardi rum;

• 150 ml of natural pomegranate juice;

• 2-3 ice cubes;

• several pomegranate seeds.

Put pomegranate seeds and ice cubes on the bottom of the glass, pour the rum, and pour the juice gently on top. Rum and juice should be cold, so you need to keep the bottle before mixing in the refrigerator.

Cocktail with vodka

• 25 ml of schnapps (pear or peach will do);

• 75 ml of pineapple juice;

• 75 ml of cranberry or black currant juice;

• 25 ml of vodka;

• crushed ice.

Fill the glass to the top with ice cubes, pour in all the ingredients, mix gently and serve, garnish with an orange slice.

Cocktail with champagne

• 300 ml chilled champagne;

• 40 ml of any liquor;

• 25 ml of orange juice;

• 4-5 ice cubes.

Put ice in a large glass, pour in liqueur and juice, mix. Pour the champagne.

Cocktail with rum

• 100 ml of amber rum;

• 40 ml of pineapple juice;

• 10 ml of coconut milk;

• 4 pineapple slices; • ice (5-6 cubes).

All ingredients except pineapple, mix in a blender, pour into glasses, decorate with pineapple slice.

Cocktail with liqueur

• 40 ml of coffee liqueur (for example, Kahlua);

• 40 ml of a creamy shake (for example, Baileys);

• 40 ml of Grand Marnier's liqueur (can be replaced with another strong 40-degree liquor or brandy).

Pour into the glass every kind of liquor in this sequence. Pour using three tablespoons chilled in the freezer, turning them upside down. That is, for each liquor to take a separate clean spoon.

Whiskey Cocktail

• 160 ml of whiskey;

• bank of condensed milk;

• 100 ml of heavy cream;

• 2 tbsp. l chocolate syrup;

• tea boat black instant coffee.

All components are well mixed and poured into glasses.

What to drink on New Year's Eve: soft drinks

If for some reason you cannot have any champagne or any other alcoholic drink, or simply do not want to fog your head with alcohol, be sure to prepare a tasty and beautiful non-alcoholic drink for the New Year's party.

The symbol of 2017 - the Fiery Rooster - just loves everything bright and unusual.

Therefore, it is better to give preference to drinks with bright color and taste.

Strawberry Cocktail

• 600 ml of apricot nectar;

• a glass of frozen or fresh strawberries;

• 2 cups canned apricots;

• a quarter cup of honey;

• two glasses of ice cubes.

Combine ice, apricots with nectar, honey in a blender. Beat until smooth. Add strawberries and whip again so that pieces of berries and fruit are preserved in the drink.

Original Champagne

You need to make this drink in advance, two weeks before the New Year's feast.

• litere of water;

• 150 grams of honey;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• Bay leaf;

• half a spoon of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom.

Bring water to a boil, put all the ingredients, boil for 15 minutes and cool. Strain, pour into bottle and send for two weeks in the fridge. New Year's Punch

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 4 bags of black tea;

• lemon;

• an Apple;

• orange;

• half a spoon of ginger and favorite spices (mint, cinnamon, etc.);

• 600 ml of water;

• 150 grams of fresh or frozen strawberries.

Cut apples from apples, cut them into slices. Citrus slices cut with peel. Apples and citrus folded in a large bowl, add strawberries, cover with sugar, mix and let stand for 40 minutes.

Boil water, make tea bags by adding ginger. In the fruit and berry juice pour spices. Brewed tea pour fruit and insist all together for 1.5 hours. Strain, cool in the refrigerator and pour into glasses.

Cinnamon Cocktail

• 25 ml of any syrup;

• pinch of cinnamon;

• three green apples;

• two lime wedges.

Squeeze juice from apples, add syrup, lime and cinnamon. Warm everything up to prevent boiling. Strain and serve in a glass, garnished with a mint leaf or a slice of apple.


• two lime wedges;

• a sprig of fresh mint;

• 30 ml of strawberry puree;

• 20 ml of mint syrup;

• 170 ml of water.

Mint mash with lime. Connect all the components, heat well, but do not allow boiling. Strain and serve in a glass for a cocktail, decorating it with a mint leaf.

We wish you a happy New Year!

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