Strawberry compote - recipes for the table and for the winter. With mint and vanilla, with cherry and orange: the best strawberry compotes

Strawberry compote - recipes for the table and for the winter. With mint and vanilla, with cherry and orange: the best strawberry compotes

Strawberry compotes, both in season and especially in cold, snowy winter, are invariably honorable table decorations both on weekdays and, of course, on holidays. The drink made from fresh berries is wonderfully tasty, and it is unnecessary to talk about the benefits.

In areas with short or rainy summer, where the strawberries barely have time to ripen and are often spoiled, compotes make it possible not to regret the time spent in the country. Carefully sorting out the berries and removing all the spoiled patches, make fragrant drinks without adding anything other than sugar.

Strawberries are just as supple in combination with other berries, as is chicken in soups or main dishes. Berry takes third-party tastes and enriches compotes with strawberry notes. It perfectly complements raspberry and cherry, apple, apricot and peach compositions. If you are cooking a very concentrated fruit compote, try combining strawberries with a ripe sweet pear. For winter, these fruits are best preserved separately in very sweet syrups, and mixed, already preparing the compote.

Strawberry Compote - General Cooking Principles

• Berries for compote can be taken both frozen and fresh. In both cases, the drink always turns out tasty, fragrant and sufficiently enriched with vitamins.

• Fresh berries must be carefully washed in running water and remove all leaves. In order not to damage too ripe, it is best to do this in a colander, gently shaking the berries so that each falls under a stream of water. Frozen berries do not thaw, but immediately dipped into syrup.

• There are a lot of ways to make strawberry compote. For the daily use of such a drink, you can cook it in a saucepan on an open fire or use the easiest way of cooking - in a thermos. In the season, strawberry compote is sealed in glass jars for the winter, hermetically rolled up the metal lids with a sealer key.

• To enrich the taste, aroma and color of the drink it is often prepared with the addition of various fruits and berries. Together with strawberries, you can put apples, currants, cherries, cherries, etc. • To get a more intense flavor, add mint leaves, vanillin or pour orange juice into strawberry compote.

• Sugar is put according to the recipe or to taste. Acidify the drink with lemon or its juice.

Strawberry Compote: Recipe from Fresh Berries


• a pound of fresh strawberries;

• 600 ml of purified water;

• 180 gr. sugar sand.

Cooking Method:

1. Pick the berries, rinse with a weak stream of cold water and remove the stalk. In order not to knead too ripe berries, rinse the strawberries, putting them in a colander, periodically shaking gently.

2. Put the cleaned strawberries in a saucepan and add half of the sugar. Mix well and let the juice run, in which the sugar should completely disperse.

3. Pour the remaining sugar into cold water and boil it at maximum fire. Put the sugar-strewn strawberries into the boiling syrup and boil again quickly.

4. When the compote begins to boil, reduce the heat to medium and boil for 2 minutes.

Strawberry Compote: Strawberry Mojito Recipe


• two full glasses of strawberries;

• two slices of small lemon;

• sugar - 1 cup;

• a small sprig of mint (lemon balm).

Cooking Method:

1. After going through the well-washed strawberries without leaves, place them in a large saucepan with a wide bottom.

2. Add mint leaves that have been washed and lightly dried with a towel, and lemon divided by slices.

3. Place the pan on the lowest heat and stir for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and let stand for a quarter of an hour. In this way, sprinkle strawberries with mint and lemon three times.

4. Separately boil three liters of filtered drinking water. After boiling, add a glass to the sugar and boil for two minutes with intensive boiling.

5. Then pour the syrup into the pan with the strawberries and bring the compote to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and cook for another 3 minutes.

Strawberry Compote: Recipe with Apples and Orange Juice


• three large fragrant apples; • 500 ml of orange clarified juice;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

• about 200 gr. ripe strawberries (fresh or frozen).

Cooking Method:

1. From apples thinly peel and cut them into small slices.

2. Put the apple slices in a saucepan, cover with citrus juice and pour the granulated sugar. Slightly heat on moderate heat for 3-4 minutes.

3. Cut the washed strawberries in two. Dip in the syrup to the apples and boil after boiling no more than three minutes.

The simplest strawberry compote: recipe from frozen berries


• frozen strawberry berries - 600 gr .;

• three liters of water;

• five table. spoons of white sugar.

Cooking method:

1. Pour three liters of cold, preferably filtered water into a large (4 l) enameled pan. Pour the granulated sugar and set the container to intense heat.

2. As soon as the sugar is completely dissolved, and the syrup boils, put the frozen strawberries in it. Berries do not need to thaw.

3. As soon as the compote boils, stir well and continue cooking with intensive boiling for five minutes. Remove from heating, and compote well studite.

Strawberry Compote: Vanilla Drink Recipe


• a small bag of vanilla;

• half a large lemon;

• one kilogram of ripe strawberries.

Cooking Method:

1. In a colander under a stream of lightly warm water, rinse the strawberries thoroughly, remove the stalks and sort the berries by size. Small leave entirely, and medium and large berries - cut into pieces.

2. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon and mix it with water (2 liters). Add vanilla powder and boil over low heat for about three minutes.

3. Then remove the pan from the heat and pour boiling vanilla syrup over the strawberries. Cover with a lid, put a thick cloth on top, or a towel and let the strawberry compote stand for at least half an hour.

Strawberry Compote: Strawberry Cherry Drink Recipe


• red sweet cherry - 400 gr .; • A pound of ripe fresh strawberries;

• 200 gr. refined sugar, white.

Cooking Method:

1. Whole berries are well washed and cleaned from damage and the stem of strawberries, pour sugar.

2. Approximately a quarter of an hour later, when the berries make juice, in which granulated sugar goes well, add washed cherry with no tails. Pour in 200 ml of water and put to boil on a small fire.

3. As soon as the compote boils, boil up to 5 minutes without reducing the heat and remove from the heat.

Fragrant strawberry compote: recipe with black currant


• black currant - 200 gr .;

• 250 grams of fresh strawberries;

• six tablespoons of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Pick black currant from excess garbage. Separate the berries from the twigs and pinch off the “noses”.

2. Fill the currant berries with two and a half liters of filtered water and boil on low heat for 5-6 minutes.

3. Then, mash the currants well in a tolkushka pot and hold the compote under the lid for 15 minutes.

4. Filter through a sieve, add the washed (without the stalks) strawberries and put on the fire again.

5. After boiling, boil for another 4-5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Thick strawberry compote: recipe with cherry


• ripe cherry - 300 grams;

• 250 gr. strawberries;

• a pound of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. At the cherries, tear off the tails, remove the leaves from the strawberries and wash the berries separately in a colander.

2. Remove the bones from the cherries and put the berries in a four-liter enameled pan.

3. Add strawberries, add granulated sugar, pour in water, without filling it to the brim, for three centimeters and put the pan on maximum heat.

4. After boiling, reduce the heat and continue cooking for five minutes.

5. Then strain the hot compote through a sieve or colander and smash the berries well with a kitchen processor (blender).

6. Lower the berry puree back into the compote and quickly boil it. Remove from heat and leave the beverage to cool.

Instant strawberry compote: cooking recipe in a thermos


• half a cup of strawberries;

• sugar - 4 tbsp. spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Take a 3-liter thermos for hot products and rinse it well with warm water (not boiling water).

2. Then put into the container a little more than half a glass of carefully washed strawberries, add sugar and fill with boiling water up to half the volume.

3. Close the thermos and gently shake it gently several times or turn it so that the sugar is well dissolved.

4. Then open again, add more boiling water and close tightly.

5. After no more than 10-15 minutes, strawberry compote is ready. Pour it out of the thermos and cool it well.

Mint strawberry compote: recipe preparation for the winter


• two kilograms of fresh ripe strawberries;

• white granulated sugar - three glasses;

• six mint leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, you need to prepare jars and lids in advance. Rinse the glass containers well under a tap of baking soda or laundry soap. Well wipe from all sides with a linen towel and place on a baking sheet in a cold oven. Then heat the air in the oven to 100 degrees and calcine the jars for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and, without opening the door, cool the jars well.

2. Cover the lid with boiling water and boil for an additional ten minutes. Drain the water and place them on the spread clean towel with the inside upwards.

3. Fully cooled jars fill with washed, dried berries to half.

4. Boil water in a large container. Pour the prepared jars of berries with boiling water and cover with dried lids.

5. After half an hour, pour the liquid out of the cans back into the pan. Try to keep all the berries and mint in the banks.

6. Add sugar and, constantly stirring, boil over medium heat syrup to achieve the complete disappearance of sugar crystals.

7. Pour boiling syrup into the berries and close the lids with the sealer key.

8. Turn containers with compote down the neck and wrap well with a warm blanket. 9. After complete cooling, remove the mint strawberry compote in a dark place for storage.

Strawberry Compote - Tricks and Tips

• Be sure to pick berries well. Broken rot will not just spoil the taste. The compote of such berries, preserved for the winter, “will explode”.

• Gently remove the stalks and bones from the cherries. Try to collect the juice that is emitted at the same time and add to the compote during cooking.

• From cherries with pits compote with strawberries will not turn out so rich and fragrant as without them.

• If you are brewing a drink for daily use, leave for a few hours after turning it off. Berries for this time will give the drink all their flavors and juice.

• Compote to the festive table must be strained. “Forged” while cooking the berries spoil its appearance.

• The added black currant can be slightly kneaded. Strawberry drink will be more dark and fragrant. Be sure to filter it before serving.

• If you put the pot with compote in a basin or bath with cold water, it will cool much faster.

• Do not digest the compote, otherwise the vitamins will be destroyed. It is enough to boil the berries in the syrup for no more than five minutes.

• For long-term storage, when preparing for the winter, pour the drink only into clean, preferably sterile jars.

• Boil metal caps for seaming and dry them with water.

• Do not ignore the wrapping of cans rolled for the winter. This helps prevent them from bloating during storage.

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