Squash: quick and tasty recipes for the winter. The best quick recipes for tasty patissons for the winter

Squash: quick and tasty recipes for the winter. The best quick recipes for tasty patissons for the winter

Squash - healthy and tasty vegetables. Preparations for the winter of them are a real culinary masterpiece. There are many quick and easy preservation recipes. Squash is salted and pickled, they make magnificent winter salads, stews and caviar. They are perfectly combined with other vegetables. By sticking to the carefully selected recipes below, you will make the perfect winter blanks of the squash.

Quick and tasty recipes for the winter of squash - general principles

• Choose slightly unripe fruits for pickling and pickling, they will remain firm and crispy in any brine.

• A small trick will make them crunchy: Pour the scallops for a couple of minutes with boiling water before salting, then lower them into cold water.

• For salads and caviar suitable and ripe fruit.

• To taste, you can add other vegetables to any of the preserves: onions, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes.

• Small squash can be salted whole, large cut better.

• Before cooking, the scallops are thoroughly washed, carefully cutting off the stem. There is no need to peel vegetables - their skin is thin.

1. Squashes preserved in pieces, delicious and quick recipe for winter


• 8 medium squash;

• dill umbrellas - 10 pcs .;

• horseradish - 5 small roots;

• 2 chili peppers;

• garlic - 7 cloves;

• bay leaf - 5 pcs .;

• a pack of allspice;

• water - 4 liters;

• salt, sugar - 130 g each;

• 9% vinegar - 30 ml per one liter jar.

Cooking Method:

1. Squashes wash, cut off the stem, peel.

2. Put the scallops in a deep large container, pour boiling water, hold for a few minutes.

3. Put in a colander, rinse lightly with water, cut into medium cubes.

4. Rinse the cans with soda solution, sterilize. In each, put an umbrella of dill, two peas of pepper, a small piece of chili pepper, a peeled clove of garlic and half a horseradish root.

5. Banks to the top lay the cubes of squash. 6. Pour vinegar, shake.

7. Boil the marinade: pour sugar, salt into the water, let boil and pour the scallops.

8. Roll, turn, cool in a warm blanket.

9. Store jars in the cellar until winter.

2. Quick and delicious recipe for pickled squash for the winter without seaming


• squash - 2.5 kilograms (small size);

• garlic - 8 cloves;

• 7 bay leaves;

• Vinegar 6% - 20 ml per 1 liter jar;

• 50 grams of salt and sugar (per liter of water);

• 6 pieces of allspice and cloves;

• water - 6 liters.

Cooking method :

1. Squash wash, cut the stalk.

2. Put the squash into a deep metal container (preferably a wide basin), pour hot water on it, adjust the medium heat and boil for about five minutes, drain the water.

3. For the marinade: pour water into a large saucepan, add salt, sugar and let boil, stirring constantly, over low heat.

4. In the marinade pour vinegar, put the cloves, peppercorns.

5. Cut the garlic into slices and put in the marinade.

6. Two-liter jars to wash, sterilize, put the scallops (you can put half the horseradish root on the bottom, a sprig of green dill).

7. On top put one leaf of lavrushka and pour marinade.

8. Banks close plastic caps, cool and refrigerate until winter.

3. Pickled Squash: a quick and tasty recipe for the winter with cucumbers and carrots


• 7 medium cucumbers;

• 3 small squats;

• 3 carrots;

• 3 leaves of horseradish;

• 6 bay leaves;

• 5 allspice peppers;

• Cloves - 4 pcs .;

• 8 cloves of garlic;

• 40 grams of salt;

• granulated sugar - 20 grams;

• vinegar - 10 ml per half liter of water;

• onion head.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash cucumbers (cucumbers should be fresh, not spoiled), cover with water and leave for a few hours.

2. Wash the cleaned carrots, cut into long plates (instead of carrots, you can take sweet peppers).

3. Chop the peeled onion into thin strips.

4. Wash the leaves of horseradish, tear your hands into arbitrary pieces, peel the garlic, cut into plates. 5. In prepared glass jars put one leaf of Lavrushka, a piece of horseradish leaf, 2 peppercorns, cloves, two pieces of garlic.

6. Put mixes, cucumbers, carrots and chopped onions, pour hot water over them.

7. Top with salt, sugar, add vinegar (1 teaspoon per liter of water).

8. Roll up sterilized lids, store in the cellar until winter.

4. Quick winter squash recipe: tasty caviar


• 4 kilograms of squash;

• tomato puree - one small jar;

• 4 bulbs;

• carrot - 4 pieces;

• sugar, salt - 4 large spoons;

• garlic - 8 cloves;

• vegetable oil - 130 grams;

• black pepper - 15 grams.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash peeled onions with carrots, chop the onions with a thin straw, grated carrots with large teeth. Sauté in a frying pan on hot oil over medium heat for ten minutes.

2. Peel the garlic, squeeze the garlic through the garlic and put it in the pan to the vegetables, fry for another three minutes.

3. Cut the prepared scallops into medium-sized cubes and put them in the pan at the same time as the tomato puree, mix everything thoroughly and fry for three minutes.

4. Add sugar, salt, allspice, about four tablespoons of water and simmer under the lid a little more than half an hour.

5. Cool the resulting vegetable mixture and grind in a blender to a porridge mass, put it in a deep metal container, sprinkle with black pepper, put it on the stove, adjust the moderate heat and boil.

6. Lay out on cans (pre-sterilize them), roll up the lids, wrap in a blanket to cool, and put into the cellar for storage.

5. Quick recipe for delicious patissons for the winter


• 5 large squash;

• 3 bunches of parsley and dill;

• one pack of allspice;

• 7 cloves of garlic;

• 4 dill umbrellas;

• sugar - 20 grams;

• salt - 3 large spoons;

• water - 12 glasses;

• 3 bay leaves;

• ketchup - 3 large spoons;

• Vinegar with medium acidity.

The recipe does not indicate the exact amount of vinegar, guided by the number of cans (the ratio per liter of water a tablespoon). Cooking Method:

1. Banks wash, sterilize.

2. Parsley, wash dill, disassemble the twigs.

3. Peel and chop the garlic.

4. Put three peas in a jar, dill umbrellas, three sprigs of greens, and two pieces of garlic.

5. Squash wash, free from the stalk, cut in half (if small, you can lay the whole).

6. For the marinade, pour water, acetic acid into a deep saucepan, add sugar, salt, tomato ketchup (if you need a sharp marinade, you can use chili ketchup or add additional red pepper), stir everything well and boil.

7. Marinade poured into banks with prepared spices and squash.

8. Cover the jars with metal lids, place in a wide metal basin and sterilize for ten minutes.

9. Banks roll up, cool in an inverted form under a warm blanket and clean in the cellar until winter.

6. Squash marinated with cauliflower, quick and tasty recipe for the winter


• 8 small squash;

• cauliflower - 1 head;

• 7 cherry tomatoes;

• hot peppers;

• salt - 45 grams;

• sugar - 2 large spoons;

• 25 ml of vinegar;

• 7 pieces of cloves;

• 5 umbrellas of dill;

• garlic - one head.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the cabbage, separate the inflorescences, pour with hot water and leave for ten minutes, drain the water.

2. Wash the glass jars thoroughly. In each jar put an umbrella of dill, three cloves.

3. Squash wash, cut in half.

4. Wash cherry tomatoes, cut the stalk, make several punctures on their surface with a fork so that they do not burst.

5. Wash the chili peppers, free from seeds and stalks, cut into strips.

6. Put the patissons in the jars, then the cabbage blossoms, whole cherry tomatoes (if there are no cherry tomatoes, then you can use large tomatoes, only they need to be cut into slices) and a little hot pepper.

7. For the marinade: pour water into a deep saucepan, add sugar, salt, stir well until dissolved completely, boil over moderate heat for a few minutes. 8. Pour vinegar into the marinade, stir.

9. On top of the banks put on a clove of garlic and a few strips of hot pepper, pour the marinade all.

10. Put the jars in a wide dish and sterilize for about half an hour.

11. Roll covers.

12. Turn the lid down, wrap in a warm blanket and leave overnight.

13. Store jars in the cellar until winter.

7. Delicious lecho from the squash for the winter: a quick recipe


• 1.5 kg squash;

• 1.5 kg of ripe tomatoes;

• 7 bulbs;

• 40 ml of vinegar;

• 7-8 pcs. Bulgarian pepper;

• a glass of vegetable oil;

• garlic;

• salt;

• peppercorns;

• half a cup of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash and clean all vegetables.

2. Divide garlic into cloves, chop. Onion and pepper cut into straws, squash - diced.

3. Tomatoes put into the bowl blender and mash.

4. In a large cauldron pour oil, heat.

5. Put onion, stirring occasionally, fry for 2-3 minutes.

6. Add pepper, after 5-7 minutes, put the scallops. Fry for 10 minutes.

7. Pour tomato puree, add salt and sugar, throw peppercorns.

8. Stir for half an hour, stirring.

9. For a few minutes, put the garlic, pour vinegar.

10. Pour into a sterile container, roll up.

Squash: quick and tasty recipes for winter - advice

Put spices in preservation to taste: use bay leaves, black and allspice peas, dill umbrellas, dill leaves and parsley, horseradish root, chili pepper, garlic. Adjust the amount of ingredients used based on your preferences. Enjoy your meal.

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