Tomatoes with aspirin: an alternative to regular marinating. Traditional and original recipes for harvesting tomatoes with aspirin

Tomatoes with aspirin: an alternative to regular marinating. Traditional and original recipes for harvesting tomatoes with aspirin

Aspirin is sold at any pharmacy and costs a penny. It is usually taken for headache and toothache. When and who guessed to use it as an alternative to vinegar - is unknown.

Aspirin Tomatoes - General Cooking Principles

The use of aspirin in conservation is standard for the preparation of all vegetables and salads. Either whole tablets are used in a non-crushed form (they must be without gelatinous membranes) or acetylsalicylic acid powder, the dosage is determined depending on the volume of the jar in which vegetables are placed for seaming, and the recipe.

When canning tomatoes, aspirin is added at the very end, that is, just before rolling the lid, into the prepared brine, or into the cooked boiling brine. It is impossible to boil aspirin dissolved in water.

Tomatoes with aspirin for the winter in three-liter jars

Ingredients: ten kilograms of tomatoes, 1 kilogram of red bell pepper, one kilogram of carrots, five heads of garlic, fifty peas of pepper, bay leaf, horseradish leaves, halves of ripe dill - the amount desired. For brine: water, salt -11 Art. spoons with the top (in any case, not iodized), sugar - 5 tbsp. tablespoons, 1 tsp. seventy percent essence, acetylsalicylic acid powder - 1 tea.

Cooking Method:

Tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots, dill, horseradish, garlic, carefully washed in several waters. Sterilization of cans is obligatory.

At the bottom of the three-liter jars we place sliced ​​peppers and carrots, garlic cloves, horseradish (leaves), laurel leaves, pepper (peas), dill corolla.

Banks tightly filled with tomatoes and fill them for fifteen minutes with boiling water, cover with lids.

It should make five three-liter cans.

Then we pour the water infused in herbs and spices into a large container, add salt and sugar, the calculation is 2: 1 (two tablespoons - salt, one tablespoon - sugar) to a three-liter container. Brine bring to a boil, pour, in each jar add a teaspoon of seventy percent vinegar and aspirin, cover with sterilized lids, roll up the machine. The rolled up banks are turned upside down and wrapped up and kept wrapped up until cool. Keep jars in a cool place.

Tomatoes with aspirin in apple vinegar

Ingredients for five three-liter cans: 10 kilograms of tomatoes, four pieces of bitter red pepper, carrots, sweet bell pepper, four heads of large garlic, peas, dill corns to taste. For brine: each jar has four bay leaves, 300 grams of sugar, 200 grams of salt (in no case iodized), 100 milliliters of apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. Of 70% acetic acid, 1 tsp. Of acetylsalicylic acid powder.

Cooking Method:

All vegetables, herbs and spices are thoroughly washed in several waters. Tomatoes tightly laid in jars, between them lay laurel leaves and dill, fill them with boiling water and leave for thirty minutes, covered with lids.

While tomatoes are infused, scroll through vegetables (carrots, peppers and garlic) through a meat grinder, put chopped vegetables in a large container, and put peas in the same place.

When the required half an hour has passed, we pour the water over to the rolled vegetables, add salt, sugar and apple vinegar, mix everything thoroughly until sugar and salt dissolve, set on fire and bring to a boil.

The boiling brine is poured into cans “up to the shoulders”, we add to each jar one teaspoonful of 70% acetic acid and aspirin, we roll up the previously sterilized lids.

Put the rolled up jars under the “fur coat” with the lid down, wait until the brine has cooled completely. Keep jars in a cool place.

Tomatoes with aspirin “Quick and tasty”

Ingredients for three liter cans: tomatoes of strong elastic varieties, the amount depends on their size, 3 carrots, 3 pieces of bell pepper, 1 bitter pepper, 6 cloves of garlic, currant leaves and cherry leaves, 12 peas, 1 bunch parsley and 1 bunch dill. For the marinade: three liters of raw water, four tablespoons. spoons of sugar, two tbsp. spoons of salt, 70 grams of 6% vinegar, 1.5 tsp of aspirin powder. Cooking Method:

We put the tomatoes in pre-sterilized jars, between the tomatoes in each jar put four peas of pepper, two cloves of garlic, sheets of currants and cherries, one worn on a coarse grater, carrots.

On top of the tomatoes put finely chopped dill and parsley. Rings chopped bell pepper and a medium-sized piece of red bitter pepper.

Prepare the brine, to do this, pour three liters of water into the container, pour salt, sugar into the water, pour in vinegar (the amount is indicated in the ingredients), stir until the salt dissolves, bring the brine to a boil.

After the brine boils, wait until it cools to a warm state (up to 50 degrees), pour into jars “until the shoulders”, put on top of one acetylsalicylic acid tablet, roll up sterilized lids.

Corked cans put a lid down, cover with a “fur coat”, wait for the marinade to cool. After the tar down to the cellar or other cool place.

Tomatoes with aspirin “Marinated in Russian”

Ingredients for one three-liter bottle: tomatoes, the amount depends on their size, one carrot, one Bulgarian pepper. one onion, a bunch of parsley, 5 five garlic cloves, five aspirin tablets.

How to cook:

Garlic, carrots, large cubes, onion rings, pieces of paprika, finely chopped parsley and tomatoes are placed in a sterilized jar.

Pour boiling water into a jar, leave to infuse for 15 minutes, then pour the marinade into a container, add one tablespoon of salt and sugar, five tablets of acetylsalicylic acid, bring water to the boil, pour it into the jar and close the jar with a machine.

Roll up the bank close, turn over and in this form we keep the day.

Pickled Tomatoes with Aspirin

Ingredients for one container with a volume of three liters: tomatoes, horseradish - leaves and chopped roots, one head of garlic, peppercorns, three fennel corolla, three leaves of laurel. For brine: raw water from the tap, three tablespoons. spoons of salt, three powdered aspirin tablets. Cooking Method:

Put all the spices and tomatoes in unsterilized containers, crush 3 tablets of aspirin, add 3 tablespoons of salt, pour ordinary tap water. Close the plastic cover and leave for a day. The brine will darken, a characteristic sour smell and foam will appear, do not be alarmed.

A day later, pour the brine into a container, boil and pour into a jar, roll up. Fill need. Leaving 5 centimeters from the edge, so when you are putting the tomatoes in, keep this moment in mind.

Closed jar concealed upside down and leave for a day. The advantage of this recipe is that the jar can not be corked, but put in the fridge and consumed tomatoes, after pouring with water they are ready in a day or two.

Tomatoes with aspirin that do not require rolling “Like a barrel”

Ingredients for one three-liter capacity: one and a half kilograms of tomatoes, garlic -3 cloves, several corns of dill, 5 black peppercorns, 1 bitter chili pepper, 1 Bulgarian pepper, dry mustard - one teaspoon, 90 milliliters of six-percent vinegar, four st. spoons of sugar, two tbsp. spoons of salt, three aspirin tablets.

Cooking Method:

Put the whole pod of bitter chili pepper, garlic, dill, and tomatoes in the bottom of the sterilized pot tightly to each other, put slices of bell pepper (preferably red) between the tomatoes. Pounded tablets of acetylsalicylic acid, mustard, salt, sugar, pepper and peas pour from above, pour water from the tap into the jar, close the container with boiled plastic lids, put into the cellar for two weeks, after which time tomatoes can be eaten.

Green tomatoes “Non-traditional” with aspirin

Ingredients per 1 three-liter jar: greenish tomatoes of approximately the same size two kilograms, three leaves of laurel, seven peas of peas, one head of garlic, dill - three corolla. Marinade: one liter of water, two tablespoons. spoons of salt, four tbsp. spoons of sugar, three aspirin tablets, one tbsp. spoon of thirty percent vinegar (to get the vinegar of this percentage, mix one item of spoon of seventy percent vinegar and two and a half tablespoon of plain water). How to cook:

Washed three-liter jars sterilized for a couple of about fifteen minutes, put dry dill and chives on the bottom of the jar. In carefully washed green tomatoes, make an incision in half, stuff each tomato with peppercorns and bay leaf leaves, push a jar of tomatoes. Pour boiling brine, add crushed aspirin, roll up. For brine, mix salt, sugar, vinegar in a container, pour water and boil. Cover the jars, turned upside down, cover with a “fur coat” and allow to cool completely. After cooling, take out the jars in a cool place.

Green “Stuffed Tomatoes” with Aspirin

Ingredients per 1 three-liter capacity: two kilograms of greenish, undersized tomatoes, all herbs marinated (garlic, leaves and horseradish root, cherry leaves and currants, dried dill seeds, a bunch of parsley), taste and desire. For the marinade: one liter of water, half a cup of nine percent vinegar, one cup of sugar, one tbsp. spoon with tops of salt, five aspirin tablets.

Cooking Method:

On each tomato, make deep cuts crosswise, put a clove of garlic in the middle of the cut. At the bottom of the sterilized jars put rhizome and sheets of horseradish, currant leaves and cherry leaves, fennel seeds.

Tightly put the tomatoes in a jar, pour chopped parsley. Pour the boil over the pot, pour the tomatoes with it, put the tablets, screw on with sterile caps. Corked inverted jars wrap to cool. Banks move in a cool place. Aspirin can not paint, all the work for you will perform vinegar.

“Drunk” green tomatoes in vodka with aspirin

Ingredients for seven containers of 3 liters: ten kilograms of green tomatoes, seventy peas, fifteen liters of water, fourteen tables. tablespoons of salt, twenty eight table. spoons of sugar, twenty-one leaves of laurel, thirty-five buds of seasoning cloves, fourteen tables. spoons of vodka and nine percent vinegar, seven small pinches of red pepper powder, twenty-one tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. Cooking Method:

Washed tomatoes put in jars.

Boil the water and cool it to a slightly warm state. To make the fill, mix all the ingredients listed above, except aspirin.

Pour brine into jars, sterilize in a water bath for forty minutes, then add three tablets of aspirin to each jar, roll with boiled jars. Banks clean in a cool place.

Because of the large amount of aspirin, the pill is better to the ceiling.

“Delicious” green tomatoes with aspirin

Ingredients: green, brown tomatoes - three kilograms, two hundred grams of various greens: parsley, cherry leaves, currants, dried dill, one garlic head, half of onion. Marinade: three liters of water, nine table. spoons of sugar, two tables. spoons of salt, laurel leaf - three pieces, five to seven peas of pepper, one glass of nine percent vinegar, in each jar we put one table. spoon of vegetable oil, one teg. spoon of aspirin powder on each jar.

Cooking Method:

Green and slightly browned tomatoes arranged in washed sterile jars, sprinkled with greens, put garlic, onion, cut into pieces.

In a container, mix sugar, salt, put several five peas of black peppercorns, a couple of bay leaves, pour vinegar, pour water and mix well. Boil brine, pour into jars, add aspirin tablet and one tablespoon of sunflower oil to each container.

Banks clog sterilized lids. Closed jars, set upside down, wrapped in a “fur coat”, wait until cool. Keep jars in a cool place.

“Wonderful” green tomatoes in gelatin and with aspirin

Ingredients for 1 container of three liters: one and a half kilograms of unripe tomatoes. For filling: 1 liter of water, 20 grams of gelatin, 3 tables. spoons of sugar and salt, 8 bay leaves, cinnamon to put to taste, half a cup of 6% vinegar, 20 peas black peppercorns, 10 clove buds, 5 aspirin tablets.

Cooking Method:

Gelatin pour a little warm water and leave for 30-40 minutes to swell. While the gelatin swells, prepare the marinade: mix all the ingredients except vinegar, give a little boil over medium heat. When the gelatin swells, put on a very slow fire and begin to heat, not allowing it to boil. When the gelatin is ready, add it and vinegar, let it boil again, stir continuously.

Fill the canisters filled with green tomatoes with the resulting mass, add five tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and roll the cans with a machine using sterilized lids.

Ready banks put upside down and wrap, wait for complete cooling. Store jars in a cool place.

Aspirin Tomatoes - Tricks and Tips

When canning any vegetables (not necessarily tomatoes) with aspirin, you should follow certain rules:

1. Tablets are best crushed so that the bacteria do not have time to multiply during the time when aspirin will dissolve.

2. If you add raw water as a fill, then aspirin is best mixed in a liquid before pouring it, then aspirin will not float on the surface with white flakes.

3. Usually, sterilization of tare when using aspirin in canning is not required, but when pickling green tomatoes it is necessary, as the unripe fruit is more susceptible to the fermentation process.

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