Proven recipes for delicious marinated watermelons for the winter. How to pickle watermelons in banks for the winter

Proven recipes for delicious marinated watermelons for the winter. How to pickle watermelons in banks for the winter

Marinated watermelon flesh, slightly salty, spicy, but still with a delicate, truly watermelon flavor - a great appetizer to the “little white”, and just like that - to the potato puree, under the braised rabbit.

Preparing this dressing is relatively easy, the products - at least, so it's worth a try.

Pickled watermelons in cans for the winter - general principles of cooking

• Before marinating watermelons in cans for the winter, you need to properly prepare the glass container for preservation. Banks are thoroughly washed using warm water, washing contaminated places with baking soda, the remnants of which are carefully washed off. Washed dishes for sterilization set for a quarter of an hour over steam or calcined at 150 degrees in the oven for 10 minutes. Banks must be cooled directly in the oven, with the door tightly closed.

• For marinating use well-ripened watermelons, overripe will not work, because the pulp will spread. The berry is marinated with or without peel, the bones are left or carefully selected. The flesh is cut into slices or pieces so that they easily pass into the jar, and fill them loosely, trying not to damage the watermelon pulp.

• The taste of pickled watermelons is influenced by the marinade itself and the spices and spices added during the preservation. Very often for pickling with watermelons in the banks for the winter using seasonal berries and vegetables: tomatoes or grapes. Vinegar, edible citric acid (or its solution) or aspirin are used as a food preservative.

Delicious pickled watermelons in cans: how to pickle watermelons with honey and garlic


• 5 kg of mature watermelon;

• 315 gr. any flower honey;

• large non-iodized salt - 180 gr .;

• three small garlic heads;

• five liters of filtered drinking water.

• 9% table vinegar - 6 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Especially carefully inspect and wash the watermelon under the tap in warm water, then wipe dry with a towel. Cut on both sides of the edge to the flesh, cut into circles of 2 cm thickness. Each such circle cut into segments so that the pieces pass through the neck without effort. 2. Disassemble the garlic into slices and peel them.

3. In prepared sterile jars, three-liter container, lay a third of the watermelon slices and about the same garlic, whole cloves.

4. Fill all with boiling water, cover with sterile metal lids prepared for seaming and leave.

5. After a quarter of an hour, pour the tincture from the cans into a large saucepan, dissolve the honey in it. Add salt, set to maximum heat. With boiling water, pour the marinade into jars and add two tablespoons of vinegar to each, cover with seals.

6. Install, without touching the walls, banks in the pan, suitable for the volume. The bottom of her beforehand vyshle thick, terry towel. Pour the jars on the hanger with hot, non-boiling water and boil. By boiling water in a saucepan, slightly reduce heat, close the lid and leave to be sterilized.

7. After sterilizing for 20 minutes, remove the jars and carefully roll them up with the tin can.

Delicious pickled watermelons in cans: how to pickle watermelons with aspirin


• large watermelon, weighing about 12 kg;

• three teaspoons of “lemon”;

• 270 gr. salt, iodized;

• 150 gr. Sahara;

• 9 tablets of ordinary aspirin.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean, be sure to dry, steaming the banks over the steam, neck down for a quarter of an hour. After that, turn them over and put on the table.

2. Slice the watermelon into slices, cut off the peel from them, but be sure to leave some white flesh, do not choose seeds.

3. Loosely, in order not to deform the pulp, place the pieces in a prepared glass container, they should not reach the neck by 2 cm, and fill them with fresh boiling water.

4. After fifteen minutes, pour the infusion into a large saucepan and boil for an intense heat.

5. In cans, for each three-liter container, pour two tablespoons of sugar, one such spoon of salt and three teaspoons of “lemon”.

6. Put three pharmacy aspirin tablets on top, pour boiling broth over all of them and cork hermetically with sterile caps, carefully rolling them with a special key.

7. For additional sterilization, turn the preservation upside down and put on a blanket, wrap them tightly. Reveal only after the cans are completely cooled.

Delicious pickled watermelons in jars: how to pickle watermelons with spices, spices and vinegar


• well ripened watermelon - 2 kg;

• one liter of filtered water;

• 50 ml of food, 9% vinegar;

• sugar - 3 large spoons;

• fresh horseradish leaves - 2 pcs .;

• three stud umbrella;

• two tablespoons of fine salt;

• Lavrushka - 2 leaves;

• a small bunch of celery, dill and parsley;

• allspice - 6 peas.

Cooking Method:

1. Greens and leaves of horseradish wash well with water, shake off its remnants and wipe dry with a cotton towel or lay it on it to dry.

2. Slice the watermelon in small slices and cut off the peel from the pieces, select the seeds.

3. At the bottom of carefully steamed cans, lower the leaves of horseradish, and on them gently, so as not to crush, put the pieces of pulp, shifting with a sprig of fresh greens.

4. Put lavrushka and peas on top and fill all with boiling drinking water.

5. After six minutes, gently, using a plastic cap with holes, drain the cans out of the cans. Again boil it and pour it into the jars.

6. After about three minutes, sieve, and simmer, adding sugar and salt.

7. As soon as you boil, pour in the vinegar, immediately pour the boiling marinade into the jar of watermelons and roll the lid well with the key.

8. For a day, leave the preservation under the blanket, turning it upside down.

Delicious pickled watermelons in cans: how to pickle watermelons with mustard powder and citric acid


• watermelons of any degree of maturity;

Per liter jar:

• a spoon of mustard (dry) powder;

• “lemon” - a teaspoon.

Per liter of filtered water:

• 100 gr. sugar;

• large, necessarily neodirovanny, salt - 60 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the washed watermelon from the thick peel, cut into medium-sized slices. You can remove bones.

2. Spread the pieces into sterile jars of a liter volume, and pour boiling water over the neck itself.

3. After 20 minutes, pour the broth into one pan and boil it out, with added sugar and salt, brine. To correctly calculate the required amount of bulk components, decanting the decoction, measure its volume. 4. In a container with watermelon, pour the mustard powder, add the "lemon", pour all the boiling brine and roll up immediately.

5. For additional sterilization, place the preservation for a couple of days under a warm blanket, placing the containers on the covers.

Delicious pickled watermelons in cans: how to pickle watermelons with grapes

Ingredients for 3-liter bottle:

• two kilos of ripe watermelon;

• a pound of light grapes;

• five cherry leaves;

• ten black pepper peas;

• three boxes of cardamom;

• fresh mint - 3 leaflets;

• spoon of vinegar essence;

• Spoon of stone iodized salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the washed watermelon into small pieces or slices. Remove the seeds with the tip of the knife, cut off the peel.

2. Rinse the grapes and tear berries off the branches, discarding rotten and cracked ones.

3. Under running water, wash the leaves of cherries and mint well, wipe them dry with a cloth and place them on the bottom of a sterile three-liter bottle.

4. Lead the watermelon chunks into the tank with loose grapes, interlacing them with grapes, and fill everything for 10 minutes with boiling water.

5. After that, pour the decoction out of the cans, dissolve the sugar and salt in it and place on an intense fire.

6. Pour vinegar into the boiling marinade and immediately pour it over the filled cans. Seal them with a key, hermetically sealed the covers, and cool them under a blanket.

Delicious pickled watermelons in cans: how to pickle watermelons

Ingredients for the 3-liter bottle:

• one and a half kilograms of red tomatoes;

• large sweet pod, preferably red pepper;

• two sprigs of fresh celery;

• five large cloves of garlic;

• four large pieces of watermelon without a crust;

• head of salad onions;

• spoon of garden salt;

• teaspoon of crystalline citric acid;

• granulated sugar - 2.3 large spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Choose seeds from the watermelon pulp, peel the garlic with onions and wash them, dry them.

2. Also rinse the celery stalks and tomatoes. Peel the seeds out of the pepper and, after washing their remnants well, cut the peppercorn in half.

3. At the bottom of the steaming cans, place a sprig of celery and a pair of garlic cloves. Top carefully lay out the tomatoes, complementing them with slices of watermelon, sliced ​​onions and sweet peppers. On tomatoes, put a second sprig of celery and garlic, pour boiling water. 4. Approximately after 20 minutes the water is drained, boil again, and again pour into jars, soak for 10 minutes.

5. On the basis of the tinned infusion, boil the brine, adding sugar and salt to it. Add the “lemon” and, as soon as it boils, transfer the marinade to the filled jars.

6. Roll the glass containers with metal cans and put them to cool on the covers and, preferably, under the blanket.

Pickled watermelons in cans for the winter - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Vinegar used as a preservative cannot be poured into boiling marinade and boiled in it. It is better to add when remove the marinade from the plate or directly into the jars. If the recipe unambiguously insists on violating this rule, it is possible that the boiling water is immediately poured into the banks. Such an exception is permissible.

• It is better to put citric acid one minute before removing it from the fire so that it dissolves well, and put aspirin directly in filled containers before pouring.

• A lot of nitrates accumulate in the peel of a berry, therefore it is better to cut off, but not completely, a little white pulp should be left.

• Experienced chefs recommend when marinating watermelons in jars for the winter using vinegar or citric acid, sterilize filled containers before rolling. Aspirin-preserved preforms are stored for a long time without sterilization.

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