Pork knuckle jelly is a classic. Recipes of braised pork knuckle: with vegetables, chicken, turkey and beef

Pork knuckle jelly is a classic. Recipes of braised pork knuckle: with vegetables, chicken, turkey and beef

Chicken is considered quite a difficult dish, so most often it is served only for holidays.

The difficulty is that this dish is cooked for at least seven hours.

Of course, there are recipes for quick-cooking jelly, but experienced hostesses know that a truly delicious jelly will be only if cook it according to all the rules and add pork legs to it.

This dish will harden without any additives and it will turn out incredibly appetizing and tasty.

Those who make this dish for the first time, you just need to adhere to all principles of cooking and observe each step of cooking. Below for you are the most common recipes of jelly from the shank with a step by step description.

Pork knuckle jelly - general cooking principles

• To make the jelly transparent, drain the first water after boiling.

• Cook the meat in the first water for five minutes, then rinse it.

• Boil meat over low heat.

• Immediately pour the right amount of water, top up it during cooking is undesirable.

• Add the unpeeled onion to the broth - it will make the broth slightly golden.

• Put salt in the dish only at the end of cooking.

• In order not to spoil the taste of jelly, chop the prepared meat with your hands.

• Remove the layer of fat from the prepared jelly.

• After cooking, first cool the jelly at room temperature, and then put it in the fridge.

Pork knuckle jelly - a classic recipe


• 750 g pork knuckle;

• Bay leaf;

• 2.4 liters of water;

• salt;

• nutmeg.


1. Wash the knob thoroughly with a brush and remove the skin.

2. Put it in a saucepan and add water.

3. Salt the water and bring the broth to a boil. Then remove the foam and continue cooking for another four hours on low heat, adding bay leaf and nutmeg.

4. After the elapsed time, remove the shank and remove the meat from the bone. Broth strain.

5. Finely chop the meat and skeet.

6. Angry meat with broth and cool.

7. After remove the plates in a cold place.

8. Serve jelly, cut it into pieces with bread.

Pork jelly and shredded jelly


• 900 g fresh pork knuckle;

• salt;

• 600 g pork pulp;

• two bay leaves;

• five peppercorns;

• four spoons of canned corn;

• 2.5 liters of purified water;

• three cloves of garlic;

• one bow.


1. Rinse the knuckle under water, place in a bowl and fill with plain water. Leave it for two hours.

2. When the time is up, remove the shank from the water and scrub all its hardened areas with a knife.

3. Rinse the pork pulp, put it on a cutting board and remove the foil.

4. Place the garlic on a clean cutting board and press down with the knife handle. Remove the husks and rinse the garlic. Then chop it on the same board.

5. Clean the onions from the husks with a sharp knife and rinse them.

6. Put the peeled knuckle and pork pulp into the pan. Fill all with water and put on medium heat. As soon as the water boils, remove the formed foam from its surface.

7. Reduce heat to low, cover the pot with the lid and continue cooking for another five minutes.

8. Then add the onion, salt, pepper and laurea in the broth. Stir and cook for another hour.

9. After the elapsed time, transfer, using a skimmer, the pork into a colander placed on a bowl.

10. Then pour the broth from the bowl into the pan and chop the cooled meat into fibers.

11. Broth from the pan strain.

12. Cut the pork knuckle into small pieces and pull the bone marrow out of the bone.

13. Take molds for jelly. Put pork in the bottom, then bone marrow with knuckle, sprinkle with garlic and pour over all the broth. Pour canned corn on top.

14. Remove the jelly to cool to room temperature, and then stick it in the fridge for two hours.

15. Serve the dish by transferring it from the molds to the plate along with the horseradish.

Pork knuckle jelly with onions, celery and carrots


• 1.9 kg of pork shank;

• five cloves of garlic;

• two celery stalks;

• greenery;

• bow;

• carrot;

• salt;

• six peppercorns;

• three lavrushki.


1. Rudder wash and fill with water, leave to soak for three hours. Water change twice. 2. Scrape the entire upper layer of the knuckle with a sharp knife.

3. Chop the shank into several pieces and place in a pan. Fill all with water, it should be five centimeters higher.

4. Bring the broth to a boil and remove the foam. Then continue cooking on low heat for another three hours.

5. Then add to the broth the washed onions with husks, celery and peeled carrots. Boil for four hours.

6. Half an hour before the readiness add laurel, salt and peppercorns to the jelly. Then add the crushed garlic and turn off the stove.

7. Remove shreds from broth and let them cool. Remove the meat from the bones and chop it together with the fat.

8. Put the sliced ​​meat in the molds. On top lay a boiled carrot, cut into flowers and chopped greens. Pour all strained broth.

9. Remove the dish until it is completely frozen.

10. Serve aspic with mustard sauce.

Pork knuckle jelly in a cooker


• two pork knuckles;

• two bulbs;

• pepper-peas;

• garlic;

• half chicken breast;

• salt;

• carrot;

• bay leaf.


1. Rinse the chicken breast and breast. Cut the meat into several pieces so that everything fits in the pressure cooker bowl.

2. Put the chicken and pork in the bowl, add the peeled onions and carrots.

3. Salt everything, add a leaf of laurel and peppercorns. Fill the bowl to the maximum mark with water.

4. Close the lid on the pressure cooker. Leave the vapor valve in the closed position. Set the “Pilau” mode and cook for 45 minutes.

5. After the elapsed time, turn off the pressure cooker and open the valve.

6. Pull the meat out and spread it out, sliced, into plates, and strain the broth.

7. Spread garlic evenly over the meat.

8. Pour the meat with garlic broth and put the plates in the refrigerator.

9. Serve the dish with sour cream sauce, greens and mustard.

Chicken shredded pork, beef, parsley and peas


• four pork knuckles;

• 1.4 kg of beef;

• one onion;

• Lavrushka;

• half a can of canned peas;

• salt;

• garlic head;

• black pepper peas;

• one parsley root.

Preparation: 1. Pork shank thoroughly wash and scald with boiling water. Beef vypojte and cut into large pieces.

2. Put the beef and pork in a large saucepan, cover with water. Boil the broth and remove the froth.

3. Peel the onion and carrot and coarsely chop it.

4. Heat the pan and fry the vegetables on it along with the parsley root for a minute.

5. Add the frying to the stock and reduce the heat.

6. Cover the pan lightly with a lid and cook the jelly for five hours.

7. Under the horses cooking add salt, laurel and pepper.

8. After that, lay out the pan and meat from the pan. Strain the broth through a sieve and, covered with a lid, leave in a warm place.

9. Remove the bones from the shank and cut it. Beef divided into fibers.

10. Peel the garlic and chop it.

11. Mix the meat with garlic and spread it in forms. Top with canned peas and cover with broth.

12. Cover the aspic with a plastic wrap and clean it in the cold.

13. Before serving, turn the dish into a flat plate. Jelly cut into portions.

Transparent jelly from pork shank and homemade chicken


• peeled pork knuckle;

• whole domestic chicken (gutted);

• two carrots;

• 45 g garlic;

• one root parsley;

• Seven peas of allspice;

• piece of calf tenderloin;

• salt;

• three leaves of laurel;

• one bow;

• a bunch of parsley and dill.


1. Wash tenderloin, pork knuckle and chicken thoroughly.

2. Cut the chicken and tenderloin into pieces.

3. Fill all meat with water and clean overnight to infuse.

4. After drain the water and fill with new. Set to simmer on medium heat.

5. As soon as the water boils, drain it and rinse the meat.

6. Fold the meat back into the pan and cover with fresh water. Boil, periodically removing the foam, for five hours.

7. At the end of the time, add to the broth the peeled carrots, bay leaves, onions with husks, allspice, parsley root, salt and washed greens.

8. Cover the pot with the lid and stew for an hour.

9. After removing the meat and vegetables from the broth and otudite them.

10. Separate the meat from the bones and divide into fibers. Then spread the pork, veal and chicken on the dishes, which will freeze the jelly. 11. Add the sliced ​​carrots, parsley leaves and chopped garlic.

12. Pour everything strained through cheesecloth with broth and put in the refrigerator.

13. Serve the dish after three hours with bread cakes and mustard.

Pork knuckle and turkey braised


• two pork knuckles;

• salt;

• onion;

• one leg of turkey;

• carrot;

• pepper;

• garlic.


1. Pork roll fill with some water and leave it in it for the night. Then scrape off the skin with a knife and rinse everything.

2. Put the knuckle in the pan and add water to it.

3. Rinse the turkey leg and place it over the pork.

4. Simmer for three hours.

5. Then add the onion, salt and peeled carrots. Cook for another three hours.

6. Remove the meat from the pan, cut it off the bones and chop.

7. Then spread the meat in molds, pour the broth (filtered). Add squeezed garlic and pepper.

8. Clean in cold to set.

9. Serve, cut into portions with a side dish of potatoes or cereals.

10. Add horseradish and ketchup sauce.

Pork knuckle jelly - tricks and tips

• To make the jelly taste richer, add other meat to the pork.

• For the preparation of jelly, be sure to use the articular bones.

• Do not use gelatin to prepare jelly.

• To make the broth clear, boil it on the beef bone.

• In the jelly add any seasoning to taste.

• So that the brawn has not turned out tasteless, it is better to over-salt the broth.

• To check if the jelly is ready, pour a few spoons of broth into a saucer and let it cool.

• For taste and beauty, add neatly sliced ​​vegetables, greens, egg, peas, or corn to another liquid jelly.

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