How to freeze pepper for the winter

How to freeze pepper for the winter

Thanks to improvements in refrigerators and the emergence of large freezers, housewives are increasingly choosing to freeze vegetables.

Pepper is probably the most convenient vegetable to freeze. After all, pepper tolerates freezing well and even after defrosting does not lose its color, taste and rich aroma.

Freezing peppers is so simple that even a novice hostess can handle it.

How to prepare pepper for freezing

Strong dense and fleshy peppers of both green, and red or yellow color suit for a freezing.

Fruits must be whole, smooth, undeformed, free from damage and damaged areas.

Peppers before freezing well washed in running water, and then dried, laid out on a towel. You can additionally wipe each fruit with a paper towel.

Then, the peppers are cut off the stem and gently cut off the cap. Hats can be used in the form of a cap stuffed with minced peppers. But if the peppers are harvested without caps, then the caps are still not thrown away, as they will then come in handy anyway.

Seeds are carefully removed from the peppers, taking care not to damage the walls. Therefore, it is better to do it manually without using a knife.

How to freeze stuffing peppers

Peppers can be frozen both fresh and pre-blanched.

Method 1:

  • Prepared peppers — washed and dried — are pyramid-folded into one another, starting with the largest. In one pyramid is usually 5-6 peppers.
  • Pyramids are placed in freezer bags or in ordinary thick plastic bags, well tied and put into the freezer.

The disadvantage of this method is that fresh peppers, when pressed, may burst, which is unacceptable for further use for stuffing. Yes, and places such peppers occupy more than those that will be discussed below.

Method 2:

  • Prepared peppers are dipped in boiling water and blanched for one or two minutes.
  • Then they are spread on a towel, placing the column with the hole down, and completely cooled. You can prewash them with cold water. Thanks to this method, the peppers do not lose their shape and color, but at the same time they become more pliable for further use.
  • Peppers put one into the other in several pieces and pack them in special bags. Well knotted and cleaned in the freezer for freezing.

Method 3. Peppers can be frozen immediately with minced meat. For this, the peppers are prepared using the first or second method.

  • Prepare minced meat - with meat or vegetable.
  • Stuffing stuffed peppers.
  • Put peppers in bags of several pieces. As much as needed for one cooking. Well tie the bag or pack it in a special freezer bag and put it in the freezer.

How to freeze pepper in halves

  • Pepper is washed, the fruit stem is cut from it. Spread peppers on a towel and dry well from moisture.
  • Then the peppers are cut off the peppers, and the fruits themselves are cut in half along the way and freed from seeds.
  • Halves of peppers are put in several pieces together and placed in small bags with a zip-fastener or simply tied. The number of halves must be taken so much so that they can be used at one time. Packages cleaned in the freezer.

How to freeze chopped peppers: harvesting with photos

For this type of freezing pepper is suitable, which is not suitable for stuffing, that is, small or deformed. As well as those caps that were cut from whole peppers.


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1. Wash and dry a couple of ripe, fleshy bell peppers. You can take a few multi-colored Perchin - red, orange, green and yellow. Then any dish prepared with such a blank will look more bright and appetizing.

How to freeze pepper for the winter

2. Cut each pepper in two halves. Remove the seeds, cut the stem.

How to freeze pepper for the winter

3. Now chop the vegetables arbitrarily - it can be diced, and you can strip it. If you are purposefully freezing peppers for pizza, then you can stripes. And if for soup or for stews, then it can be diced.

How to freeze pepper for the winter

4. Chopped peppers can be spread out on a cutting board and blot off excess moisture (vegetable juice) with napkins. Otherwise, the pieces of pepper can freeze each other. Put the vegetables in a plastic bag or container. If the dimensions of the freezer are modest, it is better to use packages for freezing - they take up less space.

How to freeze pepper for the winter

5. Wrap the pepper in cellophane, releasing the air. Send to the freezer and use as needed. Thawing a vegetable before use is optional.

How to freeze pepper for the winter

How Peppers Are Packed

Pepper is a very fragrant vegetable. And if it is not sealed to pack it, then everything that is next to it will smell of pepper.

Therefore, the pepper is packed in two or even three bags, which are well tied. If the pepper is laid out in disposable bags, then these bags should be sure to put a few pieces in one tight plastic bag. Peppers are stored separately from other vegetables, especially berries.

The shelf life of pepper is 8-10 months.

How to defrost frozen peppers

Pepper, frozen in whole or in halves, is only slightly defrosted. To do this, it is enough to rinse with cool water, and the fruits (halves) are easily separated from each other. Whole peppers immediately stuffed with minced meat and subjected to heat treatment - most often stewed. Frozen halves of peppers are cut into slices and immediately used as required by the recipe.

Pepper cannot be completely thawed, as it becomes very soft and watery.

Sliced ​​frozen peppers, without defrosting, put in broth, used for zazharki or gravy. Also, pepper can be added to the salad, for example, with fresh cabbage. It is put in the salad without defrosting (he thaws himself there). But add a little bit, just for the flavor, as the pepper after thawing loses its shape.

Reapply the peppers do not freeze.

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