How to store pistachios

How to store pistachios

Small pistachio fruits - high-calorie product. They are filled with fatty oils, vegetable proteins and amino acids. A significant content of vitamin E - a well-known natural antioxidant, beneficial mineral substances attracts those who try to maintain their body in excellent condition.

Stocking nuts so that they are always at hand is a good idea. Information on how to store them correctly will not interfere.

Features of storing pistachios in the shell

For pistachios to be beneficial, they must be fresh and fully matured. You can store nuts in the shell and without it. In mature fruits, it is slightly ajar, as if notched, and the color of the kernels is emerald. The shell serves to protect the nuts from the external environment and prolongs the period of their suitability.

You can store pistachios:

  • In a kitchen cabinet or pantry. For six months they will remain suitable for consumption.
  • In the refrigerator, at a temperature of two to six degrees. Pistachios will not lose their beneficial qualities for a full nine months.
  • In the freezer. In such a place the nuts will last well for at least one year.

In order for pistachios to remain fresh and of high quality during the indicated time, one should not forget about several rules:

  • nuts must be poured into a glass container or a dense polyethylene bag;
  • pistachios must be kept away from sunlight and heat sources (batteries, heaters);
  • if in the summer time in the room the thermometer rose above 25 degrees, the fruit from the kitchen cupboards is better to be placed in the refrigerator;
  • moisture affects the safety of nuts. Due to its excess mold and fungus appear on pistachios. Therefore, if the kitchen or pantry is too humid, nuts should also be sent to the fridge;
  • periodically pistachios need to inspect and remove those fruits that have begun to deteriorate. Signs of ignorance are dots on the shell, the appearance of dark spots and mold;
  • It is undesirable to mix freshly purchased nuts with those that have been stored in the container for some time. Most likely, such pistachios have a different shelf life. Less fresh nuts can spoil a new batch of fruit;
  • pistachios do not tolerate the neighborhood of other types of nuts. Therefore, together in the same container can not be stored.

How pistachios are stored without the shell

Pistachios without shell can not be saved for more than three months. In order for the nuts to remain not only edible, but also healthy, all this time, it is necessary:

  • Prepare a container with a tight lid.
  • It is good to wash and dry it. We must not forget that even a small drop of water will cause the development of fungi and mold, which in a few days will destroy the pistachios.
  • Fill the container no more than 2/3 and send it to the pantry or refrigerator.

Unsalted pistachios are better and longer preserved. It is wiser to eat the nuts treated with salt immediately and not to leave for future use.

Pistachios purchased in the manufacturer's packaging, you can store as much as indicated on the bag. If you open it, this period is limited to three months. Pistachios need to pour from the original packaging in a glass container and tightly close it with a lid. Storing the nuts in the clear will make them tasteless twice as fast.

You can keep pistachios up to four years. But in order to make this possible, you must comply with these requirements:

  • Pistachios should be placed in a vacuum dish.
  • Send nuts to the freezer.
  • Ensure that the temperature in it is at the level of 12-16 degrees of frost.

Violation of any of these conditions will reduce the shelf life to one year.

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