How to store cashews

How to store cashews

Cashew nuts help to diversify the diet and replenish the body with a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Their fruits are not only tasty, but also useful: they improve metabolism, reduce cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.

Cashews are not cheap products, so they should be properly stored so as not to spend additional amounts.

How to choose the right cashew for storage

Nuts are sold raw and salted. Often they are already fried, combined with honey and chocolate icing. These nuts are better to buy in small quantities to eat immediately. If they are in packaging, then the shelf life is indicated on it. However, after tearing the bag cashews need to be eaten during the day, even if put in the refrigerator.

Cashews spilled with salt should not be stale too long. Keep them for more than a few days can not. If the nuts are not eaten, they should be covered and put in a cooler place.

Raw nuts are suitable for long-term storage. When choosing fruits, one should pay attention to their integrity. It is worth buying only the nuts intact, not dried up, not wrinkled and without traces of a mold. Fruits should not be oily, stains, indicating infection by fungi.

How and how long the cashew is stored

To successfully save cashews for a long time, there are three main things to keep in mind:

  • Nuts like dark and cool rooms. The optimal temperature for storing cashews is between 16 and 18 degrees with a plus sign. You can not keep cashews in lighted areas. Excessive light reduces their useful life. Under the influence of sunlight, nuts turn into a bitter product, which is impossible.
  • It is desirable that the air humidity does not exceed 85%.
  • For storage of cashews, choose a container with a lid that protects from intake of fresh air. It can be plastic or glass. Keep nuts in the open form is not worth it, because they quickly begin to taste bitter, become oily and inedible.

Fulfilling such conditions will help to preserve the fruits for at least a month.

You can put cashews in the fridge. They will not lose freshness for 2-3 months. If the nuts are provided with vacuum packing, they will remain for at least six months.

Useful tips for storing cashews

Successfully save the nuts will help the following rules:

  • When stored in the refrigerator, cashews should be isolated from other food products, especially smoked and ready-made meals.
  • No other nuts should be added to the cashew container. Different types of their storage periods. Therefore, those nuts that deteriorate faster, will accelerate the development of decay processes in the totality of the rest.
  • If moisture has got into the container with cashews, it is necessary to pour out fruits and to dry. Only then can they be poured back into the container.
  • When insects are bred in cashews or a patina has appeared on the surface, it is no longer necessary to eat them. Washing does not return the quality of the nuts. Therefore, the right decision - send the fruit in the trash.

Before each use, especially after prolonged storage, the nuts will not interfere with a thorough examination and smell. If outwardly they have not changed, but an unusual smell has appeared, an uncharacteristic taste, such cashews cannot be regretted. We'll have to throw them away.

The main thing in the storage of cashews is to protect them from exposure to high temperatures. Nuts can not be kept not only near artificial heat sources, but also indoors, where it is above 18o. At high temperatures, cashews deteriorate very quickly.

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