How to store sea kale

How to store sea kale

Seaweed seaweed, uncomplicated in appearance, is a real treasure trove of substances that bring tremendous benefits to the body. This valuable product should be in the diet constantly.

Seaweed (kelp) - the main beneficial properties

Vitamins, amino acids, iron, sodium and phosphorus in the laminaria are many times more than in the cabbage we used for us.

People suffering from iodine deficiency cannot do without this algae. The content of iodine in it is almost more than in any other plant on the planet. Moreover, the daily rate of matter is contained in some 30 grams of seafood.

Also, cabbage is replete with sterol: they burn cholesterol well, help to lose weight. Alginate is another important substance for which kelp is rich. It removes radionuclides, frees the body from harmful metals.

Laminaria of the White and Barents seas is considered to be the most useful.

Features of storing seaweed

Kelp is stored in these types:

  • dry;
  • ready to eat.

When buying dry seaweed, it is necessary to check whether the product is not crumbling, whether it is moldy, even, smooth, does not stick. All these are signs of poor quality and staleness.

There are several ways to store dry kelp. Here are the main ones:

First dried, then finished. Dried kelp need a day or two to hold in the refrigerator and then freeze. When cooking in seafood can not add anything. Dried:

  • We pour cabbage from a plastic bag into a glass jar, and best of all into a fabric bag - it will not spoil the sea product for the longest time (in polyethylene, kelping can also be stored, but it's better not to risk).
  • We place in a cool place without access to sunlight. This is very important: the light takes away all the beneficial properties of the algae, dries it, making it tasteless.
  • It is best to keep dry cabbage at a temperature of 2 to 9 degrees above zero. Then the alga will not spoil for 1-3 months.

After thawing, dry kelp should be immediately prepared and eaten, because the “thawed” alga is quickly made harmful to the body. Cooking seafood is a snap. It is necessary to soak kelp in water overnight. The next morning, boil for 10-15 minutes, and the product is ready. Heat treatment can not be abused! If the cabbage is of high quality, then boiled will turn out elastic and smooth, but not tough. It is not necessary to re-freeze the thawed algae once again - it will deteriorate.

Laminaria, poured marinade or in the form of a salad, in open form is stored in a refrigerator at a temperature not higher than +9 degrees. It is best to eat it immediately after it was opened, since it can spoil the very next day!

Laminaria shelf life depending on the type of treatment

These terms are:

  • Seafood with the addition of various ingredients, which are sold in marinade or as a salad, will remain beneficial for the body for one month. But this is only while it is packed. In the open form, the storage period is “compressed” to several days.
  • Dried cabbage will be quite nutritious and edible for about three years (always closed).
  • In the fridge, dried seaweed, after being removed from the store packaging, does not deteriorate for up to three months.
  • If you cook dried seafood, you can keep it edible for one month, but only at low temperatures.

Valuable tips and notes on the storage and consumption of seafood

The storage of useful algae has many nuances. Here are the most important:

  • Dried kelp should be stored as far as possible from any heat sources (gas stoves, batteries) - they will spoil it.
  • Unnatural sea kale smells are a sure sign of spoilage.
  • Seafood cannot absorb salt. So during storage, it is easy to remove all the “white death” used for conservation.
  • Brown color of kelp is a sign of very young algae. About immaturity says the extreme subtlety of the plant. Such seafood is of little use to humans, since iodine and other healing components have not yet accumulated in it. Mature algae should have a rich green color, and the thickness should be at least 1, 5 mm.

Seaweed is a luxurious treasury of useful substances. She will give health and longevity.

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