Apple jam

Apple jam

Apples are the most affordable fruits in our country. They are happy to eat fresh, but zealous hostesses do not miss the opportunity to make apple blanks for the winter. One of the most popular sweets is apple jam. Its thick texture allows you to serve it as a separate dessert and to use as a filling for buns and pies. The cooking process takes a lot of time, but is not complicated. The long shelf life of this delicacy allows you to procure it in large quantities.

Cooking Features

Even an inexperienced hostess can cope with the preparation of apple jam at home, if she knows a few subtleties.

  • Apples contain a lot of pectin to make jam from them without using thickeners. However, it is necessary to boil down the apple mass for a long time, most often it takes from 1 to 2 hours. If you want to speed up the process, add pectin in powder form (such products are now sold in many stores). Apply pectin should be based on the recommendations placed on the packaging.
  • There are two main technologies for making apple jam. According to the classical technology, apples are cut into cubes or slices, covered with sugar. When they let the juice and sugar dissolve, heat over low heat and boil until soft. To obtain a more delicate texture, the apple mass is processed with a blender or rubbed through a sieve, then continue to boil down to the desired thickness. Another option is to grind apple pulp using a meat grinder or blender to a puree state, mix with sugar and cook until ready.
  • To clean the apples from the peel, each housewife decides for herself. Jam from peeled apples brews longer, since most of the pectin is contained in the peel, but it turns out to be more tender and smooth in texture. Of the unpeeled apples dessert comes out a little more.
  • Apple jam will turn out more fragrant if you add cinnamon in it.

To make the jam stand well at room temperature, it should be laid out on previously sterilized cans, sealed with metal lids. Lids should also be sterilized before use, they are usually boiled for 5-10 minutes to do this.

With the observance of the technology of preparation and the use of a sufficient amount of sugar, the apple jam does not deteriorate for two years and can be stored at room temperature.

The classic recipe for apple jam

Composition (for 0, 75 l):

  • apples - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 6 kg;
  • water - 0, 2 liters.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the apples, peel them, cut the seed boxes out of them.
  • Cut apple pulp into small cubes or slices.
  • Fold in the bowl, add sugar. Leave for 2 hours in a cool place.
  • Add water, stir, put on slow fire.
  • Cook over low heat, stirring and removing the froth protruding on the surface.
  • When apples begin to stick strongly to the bottom and walls of the pelvis (or pots), they need to be ground with a blender or tolkushkoy.
  • Return the apple mass to the fire, then 10 minutes.
  • Sterilize the jars, boil suitable lids.
  • Spread the jam over the cans, seal them tightly.

When the banks are cool, they can be moved to the pantry or to another place where supplies are usually kept in the house for the winter. Jam for this recipe turns out a little, but its taste will not disappoint you.

Simple recipe for apple jam (without water)

Composition (for 0, 85 l):

  • apples - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 6 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash apples, pat dry with a napkin. Cut out the fruit cores.
  • Slice the apple pulp into large slices, turn through the meat grinder. A blender can be used instead of a meat grinder.
  • Mix applesauce with sugar. Clean in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours, you can overnight. During this time, the sugar is completely dissolved in apple juice. Apple mass will acquire a liquid consistency.
  • Place the container on low heat and boil the apple mass to the desired consistency, stirring and removing the foam from time to time.
  • Spread the jam on sterilized jars, roll them up.

Jam will be even tastier if you add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder 15-20 minutes before it is ready.

Jam from apples and pears

The composition (1, 5 l):

  • apples (peeled) - 1 kg;
  • pears (peeled) - 0, 5 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash fruits, dry with napkins.
  • Peel the apples, cut the seed boxes out of them.
  • Cut the apple pulp into thin slices, add sugar and leave for a few hours (or overnight) in a cool place.
  • Put the apple mass on the fire and cook until the apple slices are softened.
  • Chop apples with a potato masher.
  • Peel the pears, cut them into 4 pieces, cut out the areas with seeds.
  • Rub the pear flesh and add to the apple mass. Stir.
  • Continue to boil the fruit mass for 30-40 minutes until it becomes thick enough.
  • Spread the jam on sterilized jars, close tightly, after cooling, remove to a place of permanent storage.

Apple-pear jam has a harmonious taste and a pleasant aroma. Many like it more than made from apples alone.

Jam for the winter can be prepared from some apples with sugar or with the addition of other fruits. Apples go well with pears, melons, plums and apricots. Apple jam is stored well even at room temperature.

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