Mashed potatoes for winter

Mashed potatoes for winter

Small “paradise apples” are prepared for winter by many hostesses. Most often, they make jam or compote, closing the fruit entirely. However, there are other options for procurement of these fruits. These include puree rastenok, which is particularly recommended for the winter for those who have small children in the family. Given the small size of the fruit, it will be tricky to tinker with the preparation of this delicacy, but it will turn out to be unique in taste and very useful: the shells contain more valuable substances than many other apple varieties.

Cooking Features

Preparing mashed potatoes for seasoning does not require great culinary skills, but the hostess will have to be patient. To obtain the best result, it will not be superfluous to know some things.

  • For making mashed potatoes, you can select fruits of any degree of maturity except green ones. It is important that they have no damage: broken barrels, traces of damage by worms, rotten areas. It will be easier to work with large-scale internets than with very small ones.
  • The technology for preparing mashed potatoes can vary. One way is to peel the apples and the cores right away, put them out in this form, chop them up with a blender, cook a little with the addition of sugar and close them in jars. Another option is to bake the whole apples, then rub them through a sieve, boil them, put them in the jars, sterilize them and roll them up. For the preparation of mashed potatoes for baby food usually use the second option, which allows you to save more nutrients contained in fruits.
  • Mashed potatoes are well stored in a cool room, even if it was closed without sugar, but to improve its safety and taste, sugar is often added to it, sometimes it is replaced or supplemented with condensed milk. You can add a little vanilla or cinnamon to make the delicacy even more appetizing flavor. Puree with all the listed additives should not be offered to babies, but children over the age of 1, 5-2 years will surely like this dessert. Adults also will not remain indifferent to him.
  • Banks under mashed potatoes must not only be washed with soda, but also sterilized, especially if it is prepared without adding sugar. You can choose any method of sterilization: over steam, in the oven, microwave. The lids are also sterilized, subjecting them to boiling for this purpose. Only metal covers can be used to ensure tightness. Their configuration does not matter much: both screw and roll with a special key will do.
  • After closing the jar of mashed potatoes, it is recommended to turn over and cover with a blanket. Cooling in the conditions of a steam bath, the blanks are subjected to additional conservation, which increases their resistance to adverse storage conditions.

Store applesauce, sugar-free, only in a cool room or in a refrigerator. Puree, cooked with sugar, well worth it at room temperature.

Mashed potatoes without sugar for the winter

Composition (for 0, 8-1, 2 l):

  • Ink Rests (Uncleaned) - 2 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Ranetki wash well, put them in a baking dish.
  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees, put inters.
  • Bake the apples for about 10 minutes, until they are soft.
  • Remove the apples from the oven and let them cool slightly.
  • Prepare the jars and lids suitable for them, washing them out and sterilizing them. It is better to give preference to small-sized containers, since after opening a can, applesauce, cooked without sugar, can be stored for no more than a day and only in the refrigerator.
  • Wipe the cooled ranet through a sieve.
  • Put puree on low heat, bring to a boil and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Put the mashed potatoes in prepared jars, cover them with clean lids.
  • At the bottom of a clean pan, lay a towel, put a jar of mashed potatoes on it.
  • Pour water into the pan, its level should reach the hangers of the cans.
  • Bring the water in a saucepan to a boil over low heat. Sterilize in it banks with a volume up to 0, 25 l 5 minutes. If you have larger cans, increase the sterilization time proportionally.
  • Carefully remove the jars from the pan, tighten them tightly.
  • Place the jars in the bottom up, cover with a blanket. Leave it in this form until the morning.

The next day, banks can be removed to a place of permanent storage. You can keep them only in a cool room, at a temperature not higher than 18 degrees.

Sugar puree

The composition (1, 5-1, 75 liters):

  • raenki (peeled) - 2 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 3-0, 4 kg;
  • water - 100 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Ranetki, after washing and drying, peel, cut the cores out of them.
  • Fold the apple pieces into a saucepan, add 100 ml of water to them.
  • Put on a slow fire. After boiling water in a saucepan, stew the apples for 10 minutes.
  • Crush the contents of the pan with a dip blender.
  • Pour sugar into puree, mix.
  • Boil the mashed potatoes for 5-10 minutes, boiling it down to the desired thickness.
  • Spread the mashed potatoes in the prepared (washed, sterilized) cans, cork them tightly.
  • Leave to cool upside down under a blanket.

After cooling, the jars with mashed potatoes can be stored for storage in the pantry or any other place where you have such supplies. To improve the taste of the billet and give it a more appetizing flavor, along with sugar, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a large pinch of cinnamon in mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes with condensed milk

Composition (for 3, 5 l):

  • raenki (cleared) - 4 kg;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • condensed milk - 0, 25 l;
  • water - 0, 2 liters.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash the apples, let them dry.
  • Wash and sterilize the jars, boil suitable lids.
  • Peel the apples, cut the seed boxes out of them.
  • Put the pieces of apple pulp in the pan, cover them with water.
  • Bring to a low heat until boiling. Stew until the apples are completely soft.
  • Crush apple pulp with an immersion blender.
  • Add sugar and condensed milk to puree. Mix well.
  • Bring to a boil over low heat and boil, stirring for 15 minutes.
  • Spread the dainty over the cans, roll them up, turn them over, wrap them up.
  • Leave to cool canned food in a steam bath.

It is recommended to store the dessert prepared according to this recipe in a cool place. The delicacy made from the pastries with condensed milk resembles the taste of apple puree with “Sissy” cream.

Preparation of mashed potatoes for winter requires some effort, but the result fully justifies them. The dessert turns out tasty and fragrant, it is pleasant both to children, and adults. If it is made without sugar, it can be used to feed small children.

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