Melon and apple jam is an unusual combination of flavors! Proven recipes for delicious melon jam with apples, poppy seeds, zucchini

Melon and apple jam is an unusual combination of flavors! Proven recipes for delicious melon jam with apples, poppy seeds, zucchini

Apples and melons are one of the most fragrant fruits in the world, why not combine them in one dish! Fruit salads are prepared quickly, but what to do if you want to feast on and off-season? Apples are still stored somehow, but with melons more difficult. And let's cook the jam of apples and melons, fragrant, delicious, such that opening a jar and looking at the blizzard outside the window, immediately recalled the hot summer, and how delicious it is with tea - just can not convey!

Melon and apple jam - general cooking principles

• Melon jam with apples, like any other, should be boiled in aluminum wide bowls or the same stainless steel food containers. It is undesirable to use the enameled ware, in it the delicacy can burn.

• Not every melon is good for jam. Treats should be made from fragrant varieties with slightly immature pulp. Choosing a melon, pay attention to the peel, it should not be deep cracks and signs of damage. The sides should be elastic, without dents. Feel free to smell it, the skin should not smell like grass, it should emanate a subtle, but rich melon mat. Knock on the melon, if you hear a muffled sound, do not even hesitate, it is she who needs it.

• Melon in jam can be combined with any berries, fruits and even some vegetables. The most popular recipes with apples.

• The flesh of apples should be dense, loose, as a rule, not juicy and have no taste. Which is better to choose - it's up to you; a delicacy made from sweet fruits can be cloying, sour-sweet fruits will give a slight sourness.

• There is a mass of recipes of melon jam with apples and they are all unlike. Jam can be rare or thick, with slices of melon and apple pulp, or only with slices of apples, can be added poppy seeds, chopped citrus peel and even condensed milk.

• To enjoy fragrant melon jam and in winter, it is stored for use in glass jars. Conservation is carried out strictly following the rules. Banks must be clean and sterile, lids boil separately for at least 10 minutes. After seaming, the jam does not need to be sterilized, it is enough to stand until it cools completely under a warm blanket.

Melon and apple jam - “Amber”


• melon - one and a half kilograms;

• pound of sugar;

• small size lemon;

• 350 gr. apples with dense pulp.


1. Lemon is thoroughly washed with warm water, scalded with boiling water and wiped dry with a towel. Put on a chopping board, finely chop the zest. Only the top yellow shell is needed, do not touch the flesh. On a given amount of ingredients rub a teaspoon of zest.

2. We wash the melon, cut it in half and select the seeds. Cut off the rind and cut the flesh into comfy pieces and grind with a meat grinder. To obtain a more homogeneous mass, you can use a blender.

3. Carefully wash the apples, cut off the peel and, cutting in half, remove the core completely. Cut into cubes, up to 3 cm

4. Shredded melon shift in a spacious bowl, add sugar. Mix well, put on a moderately weak fire. Bring the mass to a boil, stirring as needed. Reduce the heat to a minimum and boil until the mass becomes transparent and viscous. It is important to constantly remove the foam that forms on the surface.

5. Put apples into the hot mass, add the zest, stir thoroughly. Bring to a boil, boil for another five minutes and turn it off.

6. Pour boiling jam into jars, cork with special metal lids.

Thick homogeneous melon and apple jam


• two kilograms of melon;

• 600 gr. sweet and sour apples;

• kilogram of sugar;

• half a large lemon.


1. We wash the melon, cut it, select the seeds together with the fibrous pulp. Cut off the peel, cut the flesh into small cubes.

2. We clean the apples, remove the peel and, like the melon flesh, chop finely. Squeeze lemon juice sieve fine sieve.

3. Mix the melon pulp with apples, sprinkle with lemon juice and mix, it will not allow the apples to darken.

4. Fill with sugar and mix again. We wait half an hour to have enough juice. 5. Put the bowl on the stove, boil the mass for half an hour. Do not forget to stir it regularly to sugar completely dissolved. Turning off the heat, leave the jam for half an hour.

6. We grind the cooled mass in a colander or weat the mash with a blender. Boil grinded jam for an hour and a half on low heat.

7. Hot, pour into jars and cork tightly.

Unusual jam from melons and apples with orange peel and condensed milk


• peeled melon - 1.2 kg;

• a pound of apples, without peel and core;

• 300 gr. sugar;

• spoon of orange peel;

• tablespoon of condensed milk;

• ground cinnamon - one third of a spoon;

• 2 gr. vanilla sugar.


1. Twist melon pulp in a meat grinder, pour into a spacious container with a multi-layered bottom and mix with sugar.

2. Place on a “slow” fire, boil the flesh to transparency. Foam, gathering on the jam, carefully remove skimmer.

3. Cut the apples into thin sticks. The figured pieces of apple pulp look original in jam.

4. When the melon flesh becomes lingering, we put apple slices into it. We bring melon jam on boiling fire to boiling and boil it, slightly reducing the heat, about five minutes.

5. Add the zest, cinnamon, vanilla and condensed milk, stir. After half a minute, turn off and pack up in sterile jars.

Melon jam and apples with poppy seeds - “Macovei”


• dense melon pulp - 630 gr .;

• 300 gr. apples with dense pulp;

• two glasses of sugar;

• half a spoonful of lemon;

• tablespoon of poppy.


1. Cut the melon in a medium-sized, in a bowl, fill it with sugar. Mix it carefully, set aside.

2. When the sugar melts in the released juice, put on a slow fire. As we warm up, we collect foam. Boil jam in half.

3. Prepare the apples. Rinse the fruit with water and remove the seeds. Without cleansing, cut into slices.

4. Dip apples into jam and remove from heat. Shake a couple of times, then set aside so that the apple pulp is well soaked in melon syrup. 5. After an hour, add citric acid, stir the jam and put it on the fire again. After boiling, boil on low heat for a quarter of an hour, put and stir the poppy.

6. Having boiled melon jam for half an hour, hot, roll in sterile jars.

Melon and apple jam - “Assorted”, with zucchini and grapes


• kilogram of large apples, red;

• melon pulp, young squash, bright grapes - by kilogram;

• 3.5 kilograms of sugar;

• three small lemons;

• A small bag of vanilla powder.


1. Cut the flesh of apples, melons and zucchini in small cubes, pour everything into a bowl and mix. Having added two kilos of sugar, we mix again thoroughly and leave for three hours on the table.

2. Pour the boiled water from the grapes for 10 minutes and then throw them in a colander.

3. Peel the lemons and, like the grapes, pour for ten minutes with boiling water. Obsushiv citrus, disassemble into slices and cut into smaller pieces. Choose bones, otherwise the jam will be very bitter.

4. Put the bowl on medium heat, bring to a boil, slightly reduce the heat and boil for about ten minutes.

5. After removing the bowl from the plate, add lemon slices and grapes, stir, leave to cool completely.

6. Stir the remaining sugar in the cooled jam, bring it to a boil again, boil for ten minutes and cool. Repeat the process five more times to thicken it.

7. After the last boiling, we pack hot melon jam in cans and roll them up.

Melon and apple jam: a simple recipe for the multicooker


• well ripened melon - 700 gr .;

• 150 gr. sour apples;

• pound of sugar;

• half spoon “lemon”.


1. Apples are well washed, cut into slices. Remove the peel and seeds, cut into thinner slices and drop into the brew bowl.

2. Choosing seeds from a melon, cut off the peel, and cut the flesh into cubes to apples.

3. Pour sugar into the bowl, add citric acid. We start the multicooker in the “Quenching” mode, setting the timer to 30 minutes. 4. At the end of the program, let it stand so that the syrup is well absorbed into the fruit.

5. Again, we launch the slow cooker as before, this time for 10 minutes. To make a thick delicacy, you can add a spoonful of cornstarch or a special thickener for jam.

6. Fill the finished melon jam with a blender or leave as is.

Tips of making melon jam with apples - useful tips

• Jam will look more effective if the apples are cut with a figure knife. The same slicing can be applied to the melon, if the pulp is not required to be ground with a blender.

• If you need to add citrus slices in the recipe, remove the bones from them. If you accidentally forget, you risk the bitterness of the jam.

• On the surface of melons and apples there should be no marks of blows and dents, in these places the flesh has an unpleasant aroma and a specific soap taste.

• Approach with particular attention to the selection of fruits; it is easy to spoil the light melon aroma and taste without noticing the damage. Varieties are usually unimportant, much more dependent on the quality of the original products.

• If you are not going to preserve the whole batch right away, try replacing, in whole or in part, the refined sugar with dark sugar, the taste will noticeably change. Make sure that you liked the jam, and only then proceed to the blanks.

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