Pork stewed with mushrooms

Pork stewed with mushrooms

The human body is designed in such a way that it requires proteins of both animal and vegetable origin to maintain its health. Therefore, nutritionists recommend eating meat with vegetables.

Mushrooms also belong to plant foods. By the amount of proteins, they are in no way inferior to meat, and in some dried mushrooms there is even more protein than in meat.

But because of the large amount of fiber, similar to chitin, mushrooms are digested and absorbed by the body only 40-41%. Therefore, the connection in the dishes of mushrooms and meat is quite justified.

Mushrooms can be cooked with any meat, but it is in combination with pork that the result is great food. Lenten mushrooms and high-calorie pork complement each other well.

Pork stewed with mushrooms: the subtleties of cooking

Pork can be stewed with any mushrooms. It can be oyster mushrooms, champignons, white mushrooms, forest mushrooms.

  • Fresh champignons or oyster mushrooms practically do not require preliminary heat treatment. They can be put in a bowl with meat whole or cut into slices. But in order to enhance the flavor and taste of them, it is better to fry them first in a frying pan and then combine them with the meat.
  • Forest mushrooms should be boiled first, then drained (you do not need it), and cut the mushrooms into slices. After this procedure, they can be immediately combined with pork or first fried in butter with onions, and then put in a bowl with meat.
  • Pork can be stewed and dried mushrooms. Soak them in cold water for 2 hours before use so that they become soft. Then lay with the meat and simmer until tender. By the way, the water in which the mushrooms were located can be used for cooking soups, sauces, or pouring meat and mushrooms with it for further suppression.

Tip: if you soak dried mushrooms in milk, you will be pleasantly surprised by their similarity to fresh ones.

  • Both pork and mushrooms respond well to the addition of sour cream to them, therefore very often the pork with mushrooms is stewed with it.
  • It is recommended to add a lot of onions to this dish. When stewing, it produces a sufficient amount of juice, which makes the meat soft and tender, but does not drown out the natural flavor of mushrooms.
  • In addition to onions, carrots are also put in pork with mushrooms. But it should not be too much because of the pronounced carrot flavor.
  • But zucchini will be quite appropriate. They have a neutral taste and almost no odor. But they easily absorb the flavors of other vegetables, in particular - mushrooms and meat.
  • When stewing pork with mushrooms, you should not get carried away with spices that have a strong smell and can kill the “forest spirit” of mushrooms.
  • You can put dill, cumin, bay leaf, black pepper, in a small amount - thyme. These spices go well with pork and mushrooms.
  • Pork with mushrooms can be stewed on refined vegetable oil, lard, mixtures of vegetable and butter. Do not use margarine for this: it impairs the taste of the finished dish.

And now - recipes.

Pork stewed with mushrooms in wine


  • pork - 400 g;
  • fresh mushrooms - 300 g;
  • small carrots - 1 pc .;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • starch - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • white wine - 50 ml;
  • water - 200 ml;
  • vegetable refined oil - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • salt;
  • black pepper;
  • Dill greens.

Preparation Method

  • Wash pork pulp, pat dry with paper towels. Cut into medium sized pieces. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, put on a hot frying pan with vegetable oil. On high heat, quickly fry until golden brown. Pour half a glass of hot water, close the lid and simmer for half an hour over low heat.
  • Peel carrots and onions, wash. Onions cut into small cubes, and carrots - thin slices.
  • Wash the mushrooms, let them dry, laying out on a sieve. Cut in the same slices as the carrot.
  • Put the butter on another frying pan, put it on the stove. After the butter has melted, place the mushrooms. At first they will emit a lot of moisture, but gradually it will evaporate and the mushrooms will begin to roast.
  • Add onions at this time. Save it to softness. Put the carrot, mix. Lightly fry it with onions. Connect with meat.
  • Pour starch into the cup. Gradually add cold water (100 ml), stir until the lumps disappear.
  • While stirring, pour into the pan with meat, mushrooms and vegetables. Immediately pour and wine. Continue stewing for another 30-40 minutes. 15 minutes before the readiness, try gravy to see if there is enough salt: if it is not enough, add salt.
  • Sprinkle prepared stewed pork with mushrooms with chopped greens.

Pork stewed with mushrooms in sour cream


  • young pork - 0, 5 kg;
  • fresh mushrooms (champignons, white or oyster mushrooms) - 300 g;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • sour cream - 250 g;
  • ghee - 40 g;
  • salt;
  • bay leaf - 1-2 pcs .;
  • water - 100 ml;
  • ground black pepper.

Preparation Method

  • Cut the prepared pork into small pieces. Melt 20 g of butter in a frying pan, add the meat and fry quickly until golden brown.
  • Peel the mushrooms, wash, cut into thin slices. Wash peeled onions, chop into half rings.
  • Melt the remaining butter in another pan. Put the mushrooms and fry until all the moisture has evaporated. Add onions, mix, save until soft.
  • Transfer the mushrooms and onions to the frying pan with the meat. Pour in hot water, simmer for 30 minutes over low heat. Put sour cream, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Simmer over low heat until the meat is soft.

Pork stewed with mushrooms in the oven


  • pork - 0, 7 kg;
  • fresh mushrooms - 200 g;
  • large onion - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots - 1 pc .;
  • pork lard - 50 g;
  • refined vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp. l (depending on the fat content of the meat);
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • white wine - 100 ml.

Preparation Method

  • Prepared pork cut across the fibers into medium-sized pieces. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Divide into three parts.
  • Peel onions and carrots, wash, chop straws.
  • Wash, dry, and slice the mushrooms.
  • Cut very thin lard.
  • Pour the vegetable oil in a ceramic pot or pan, put half the fat in the pot.
  • Put a carrot on it. Cover it with a layer of meat. On the meat, put half the chopped onion, half the mushrooms.
  • Repeat in the same sequence: meat, onions, mushrooms. Top layer lay the remaining meat, which cover with chopped bacon.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pour in a glass of wine, slightly diluted with water, close the lid.
  • Place the oven in a preheated 200 °. Simmer for 30-40 minutes until the meat and mushrooms are soft.

Pork stewed with mushrooms and pickled cucumbers in sour cream


  • pork - 0, 5 kg;
  • onions - 250 g;
  • boiled wild mushrooms - 200 g;
  • fat - 250 g;
  • salted cucumbers - 250 g;
  • sour cream - 350 g;
  • lemon - 0, 5 pcs .;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper.

Preparation Method

  • Cut the prepared pork into small pieces. Put in a bowl, sprinkle with pepper and salt, sprinkle with lemon juice. Add the finely chopped onion. Mix well and refrigerate for 2-3 hours to marinate.
  • Cut the bacon into small pieces, put it on a hot frying pan. Put the marinated meat, fry 5 minutes. Add chopped boiled mushrooms. Continue frying for a few more minutes.
  • Cucumbers cut into small cubes, combine with meat and mushrooms. Pour sour cream. Stew until meat is ready for 20-25 minutes.
  • Sprinkle prepared stewed pork with mushrooms with chopped greens.

Pork stewed with mushrooms in a slow cooker


  • pork (pulp) - 0, 3 kg;
  • frozen vegetable mix (Mexican or similar) - 0, 2 kg;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • fresh champignons - 0, 25 kg;
  • lemon peel - 5 g;
  • tomato paste - 40 ml;
  • refined vegetable oil - 40 ml;
  • spices for pork, salt - to taste;
  • water - 0, 25 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash pork, dry with a napkin. Cut the meat into cubes of about 1, 5 cm. Sprinkle the pieces with spices, mix with your hands, leave for 15 minutes.
  • Wash mushrooms, dry with a napkin. Each mushroom cut into 4-6 parts depending on their size. It is enough to cut small mushrooms in half or even to leave whole.
  • Free onions from the husk, cut into small cubes.
  • Pour oil into the bowl of the multicooker, place meat in it.
  • Turn on the unit by selecting the “Frying” program. If your device does not have a frying function, use the Baking program.
  • Fry the meat for 10 minutes, then add the onions and mushrooms to it, continue cooking in the same program for another 10 minutes.
  • Mix tomato paste with lemon zest, salt and spices, dilute it with boiled water.
  • Pour the resulting sauce into the multicooker container. Change the program to “Quenching”. Set the timer for 40-50 minutes depending on the power of your unit.

Pork in this recipe turns out to be tender and fragrant. Mushrooms give it even more juiciness. For a side dish, potatoes, vegetable stews, crumbly buckwheat porridge, and rice are suitable for this dish.

Pork stewed with mushrooms in a creamy sauce


  • pork - 0, 6 kg;
  • white mushrooms (fresh or frozen) - 0, 3 kg;
  • onions - 0, 25 kg;
  • creamy or refined vegetable oil - how much will go;
  • rosemary - a large pinch;
  • dried garlic, black pepper powder - to taste;
  • drinking cream (10% fat) - 0.5 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Pork, washed and dried, cut into cubes of medium size.
  • Wash, dry, chop the mushrooms into large pieces.
  • Onions, peeled, cut into half rings.
  • In a skillet, melt the butter, put the onion in it, fry until translucent. Add the mushrooms. Fry for 10 minutes.
  • On a separate pan in vegetable oil, fry the meat until golden brown.
  • Combine meat with onions and mushrooms, cover with cream. Add salt, pepper and garlic.
  • Stew the products in cream for 30-40 minutes, until the meat is soft.

Pork with mushrooms in a creamy sauce, can be served with potatoes, pasta, vegetable salad. Delicate taste and seductive aroma make this dish worthy of a festive table. White mushrooms in the recipe can be replaced with mushrooms. Then the dish will be cheaper, but will be a little less fragrant.

Mistress of the note

In any of these dishes you can make your own adjustments. For example, replace sour cream with cream, and in addition to onions and carrots put sliced ​​zucchini.

If you are not a fan of alcohol in dishes, instead of wine, pour broth or plain water.

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