Buckwheat with meat in a pot - crumbly porridge without hassle. 6 best recipes for cooking buckwheat with meat in a pot

Buckwheat with meat in a pot - crumbly porridge without hassle. 6 best recipes for cooking buckwheat with meat in a pot

Buckwheat is a universal croup, which in popularity can be compared only with rice and hercules, and in terms of the content of useful substances it is out of competition.

You can, of course, simply cook the buckwheat on the stove, but the porridge will be much tastier if you cook it in pots, where it will slowly stew.

Buckwheat with meat in pots - the basic principles of cooking

Buckwheat with meat, cooked in pots, tastes like porridge, which is cooked in a Russian oven. In addition, the pots retain heat for quite some time.

The main thing is to choose the right meat. Buckwheat is cooked with poultry, pork or beef. To do this, take the fillet, wash it, dry it and cut into small pieces. The meat is transferred to a suitable dish, seasoned with spices, salted, mixed and left for some time. Meat can be marinated in soy or any other sauce.

Vegetables are peeled and ground. They can be used raw, or pre-lightly fry.

Spread the well-washed buckwheat into the pots and fill it with boiled water at the rate of 1x4. Vegetables and marinated meat are laid out on top. The pots are covered with lids and put them in the oven for 45 minutes.

A few minutes before cooking, you can sprinkle the dish with grated cheese.

Instead of water, buckwheat can pour sauce based on sour cream, milk or mayonnaise. For a change, mushrooms, vegetables or dried fruits are added to the dish.

Recipe 1. Buckwheat with meat in pots


a glass of buckwheat;

a bunch of fresh greens;

300 grams of pork or chicken;

5 g of spices;

70 g carrots;

5 g of salt;

30 ml of tomato paste;

60 g onions.

Method of preparation

1. We rinse buckwheat well under running water.

2. Wash my meat, dry it with a towel and cut into small pieces. Pour oil into a frying pan and heat it well. Put meat into it and fry, stirring constantly, until cooked. 3. Peel and chop the onion. Peeled carrots are chopped into bars. In a frying pan, where the meat was fried, we spread the vegetables and pass them until golden. Add tomato paste, pour in water, stir and simmer all together for about ten minutes.

4. Put four spoons of buckwheat groats in a clay pot, overlaid with fried vegetables and meat. Add to each pot a bay leaf and a couple of peas of pepper. Fill the contents with boiled water to the coat hanger, cover with lids, lightly salt and put the pots for half an hour in preheated to 180C. We take out pots with buckwheat, mix the contents and serve to the table.

Recipe 2. Buckwheat with meat and vegetables in pots


kg of meat;


buckwheat - 300 g;



ground pepper;

two tomatoes;

vegetable oil;

30 g of mustard;

bunch of greens;

400 ml of drinking water.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the meat into slices and fry it in vegetable oil until golden brown.

2. Peel and chop the onion into rings. Fry the onions in the oil, which is left from the cooking of meat, until golden brown. Add the carrot to the onions and continue to fry for another minute.

3. Wash tomatoes and cut into small pieces. Put the tomatoes in the vegetable fry, stir and fry all together for several minutes.

4. Now put all the ingredients in the pot. To go over the buckwheat and rinse thoroughly under running water. Half of the cereal put on the bottom of the pot. Spread half the fried meat on top. Cover it with half of the fried vegetable. Repeat layers in the same order again. Season with spices and salt. Pour the contents of boiling water so that the liquid level was a centimeter below the edge of the pot.

5. Sprinkle all finely chopped greens. Cover the pot with a lid and place for 45 minutes in a preheated 200 oven. Arrange buckwheat with meat in plates and serve with fresh vegetables.

Recipe 3. Buckwheat with meat and mushrooms in pots


600 g pork shoulder;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

500 g of any mushrooms;


half a cup of buckwheat;

ground pepper;

large carrot;

40 g butter;

60 g onions;

a bunch of green dill.

Method of preparation

1. The number of ingredients is designed for four pots. Wash the meat, dry it with paper towels and cut into fairly large portions, the size of a matchbox.

2. Pour oil into a cauldron and heat it over high heat. Put the meat in hot oil and fry it, stirring with a wooden spatula, until golden brown. Lightly season with pepper and salt. Remove from the heat and spread the meat in pots.

3. Vegetables peel. Onion finely crumble. Carrot cut into circles. Send vegetables to the cauldron and fry until golden in oil, which is left from roasting meat. Fried vegetables spread out over the meat in pots.

4. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into large pieces. Put in a dry frying pan and heat until they put the juice. Drain the liquid, and shift the mushrooms to the cauldron and fry for seven minutes. Salt and spread the fried mushrooms in a pot.

5. Wash buckwheat under running cold water and arrange in equal portions in pots. In each put a bay leaf, salt and pour drinking water. Put the pots in a preheated 200 oven. Cook, covered with a lid, forty minutes. Season the cooked buckwheat with meat in pots with chopped dill.

Recipe 4. Buckwheat with meat and parmesan in pots


200 g buckwheat;

3 g black pepper;

400 ml of boiled water;

5 g of salt;

250 grams of pork;

30 grams of parmesan;

80 g onions;

45 ml of sunflower oil;

90 g carrots.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and dry the pork with a paper towel. Cut the meat in small pieces. Pepper and salt. Peel the onion and cut it into thin half rings. Heat the oil in a pan over moderate heat. Put in it pork and onions. Fry everything together until tender. 2. To sort out buckwheat groats, wash them under running water and boil until ready in lightly salted water. Put the buckwheat in a bowl and mix with roasted meat. Season with spices and place in pots.

3. Top with buckwheat with meat sprinkle with fine chips of Parmesan. Cover and place in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 20 minutes. Before serving, you can lay buckwheat on plates or serve directly in the pots.

Recipe 5. Buckwheat with meat and prunes in pots


220 g pork;

10 g ground white and pink pepper;

75 g buckwheat;

half onion;

14 pcs. prunes;

5 pickled apples.

Method of preparation

1. In a small saucepan, boil water, put half of the peeled onion in it, salt and boil all together for another three minutes. Wash the meat and cut into large chunks. Put in boiling water, twist the fire to moderate, cover with lid and cook the pork until ready.

2. Wash the prunes, put it in a cup and pour boiling water. Soak the dried fruit for half an hour. Then rinse the prunes and drain in a colander.

3. Remove the pork from the broth, cool and cut into slices. Put the meat on the bottom of the pots. Boiled apples cut in half, remove the core and cut into small pieces. Spread them over pork.

4. Buckwheat to sort and wash. Arrange the rump in pots, sprinkle all with pepper and lay the steamed prunes. Tightly close the lids and put in the oven, heating it to 75C. Cook buckwheat with meat in pots just over an hour. Serve with fresh or marinated vegetables.

Recipe 6. Buckwheat with meat in pots in sour cream


80 grams of buckwheat;

5 g of salt;

500 g pork tenderloin;

3 g black pepper;

2 onions;

250 ml of chicken broth;

2 carrots;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

3 cloves of garlic;

300 ml sour cream;

200 g of champignons.

Method of preparation 1. Pork rinse, dip with a towel and cut into small pieces. Put in a bowl, pepper, salt and sprinkle with vegetable oil. Stir and leave to marinate for half an hour

2. Peel and dry vegetables and mushrooms. Shred carrots and onions in small cubes. Mushrooms cut into strips. Garlic cloves finely crumble.

3. Put the meat in a pan with hot oil and fry it slightly. Add carrots and onions to meat, continue frying, stirring for three minutes. Then add mushrooms, pepper, salt and cook for another five minutes. Mix the vegetables with meat in pots.

4. Put three spoons of pre-washed buckwheat into each pot. Dissolve sour cream in the broth and pour the sauce "over the shoulders" sauce. Cover with lids and send to the oven. Set the oven temperature to 180C and cook for half an hour. Serve directly in the pots with vegetable salad.

Buckwheat with meat in pots - tips and tricks

  • To make the buckwheat even tastier, fry the washed cereal until golden brown.
  • After the cereal soaks up all the liquid, reduce the temperature in the oven and continue cooking for just five more minutes.
  • Buckwheat will turn out crumbly, if you soak it in cold water before cooking, and leave it for an hour.
  • During the cooking process, do not open the lids of the pots so as not to let off steam.
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