How to store fresh champignons

How to store fresh champignons

Mushrooms are among the safest mushrooms - they can even be eaten raw. In addition, they are very useful and tasty, so they can often be found on store shelves. When stocking up with this product, it is important to know how to properly store it so that it does not lose its appearance, taste and useful properties for as long as possible.

Storage methods for fresh champignons

Mushrooms must be prepared before being stored. First you need to cut the leg of mushrooms. After that, you should gently clean the caps of debris - the knife should barely touch them. If the mushrooms have tainted spots, be sure to remove them. At the last stage of preparation, those champignons that are smeared with soil, wipe with a soft, certainly dry, cloth. Mushrooms should never be washed before storage. Because of any contact with water, champignons will quickly darken and deteriorate.

Cold storage

In the refrigerator, fresh champignons are recommended to be stored in the lower tray, which is intended for vegetables. Mushrooms do not tolerate excessive pressure, so they need to lay out in one layer. It is advisable to put cotton cloth or paper napkins over the mushrooms. Cover the mushrooms with a cloth or napkin is not necessary if you store them in a tray in a paper bag or a linen bag.

Also, mushrooms retain their freshness and taste, if stored in plastic bags or plastic containers. Only in this case, the mushrooms need to provide access to oxygen, otherwise condensate will form, which will accelerate the rotting of champignons. To do this, place the mushrooms in a suitable dish, cover them with cling film on top and make holes in it with a knife or toothpick. Through the holes to the mushrooms will receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Whatever champignons are kept in the refrigerator, they should be checked every few days. Captured instances that have begun to deteriorate must be removed.

Storing in the Freezer

If you bought mushrooms more than you can eat in a week, you can freeze them. Before that, they should be prepared using the described methods. You can even wash the mushrooms, but before freezing, they must necessarily lie on a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the glass. Excess moisture is detrimental to champignons in that it destroys their structure and degrades taste. Then the mushrooms should be packaged in plastic bags or special containers. It is advisable to pack the mushrooms in size. Small champignons can be stored in the freezer as a whole, and large ones can be chopped.

Mushrooms are recommended to be stored in the freezer in portions that will be consumed at one time, because they cannot be re-frozen.

Storage indoors

It is recommended to store mushrooms outside the refrigerator or freezer in the most extreme cases. For example, if you have too many mushrooms, and you do not physically have time to process them all. In this case, you can do this: put the champignons in a large bowl - an enamel bowl or a plastic bucket - and put it in a cool place. For this perfect basement, cellar, storage room. The apartment mushrooms put in the bathroom.

Shelf life of champignons

How much fresh champignons will remain depends on which storage method you choose. If you store mushrooms on the middle shelf of the refrigerator without special packaging and in the open form, they will remain suitable for food for 3 days. In the compartment for vegetables and in special packaging mushrooms will not spoil from 5 to 7 days. Mushrooms are best stored at a temperature of +1 to +3 degrees.

In the freezer the shelf life of champignons is greatly increased. At -18 degrees mushrooms do not lose their taste for 3-4 months.

At room temperature, unprocessed champignons will begin to deteriorate within 2-3 hours. You can keep them in a cool room for no more than 12 hours.

When storing champignons, one should not forget about such an indicator as humidity. It is best to store these mushrooms at a humidity of 80-85%.

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