How to store green onions

How to store green onions

Why keep it, many will think, because now it is not a problem to buy green onions, even in winter. But it was at this time that the cold does not allow to go to the market every day. And then the housewives buy a large batch of greens, including onions, and by all available means try to keep it as long as possible.

And this is where the first difficulties arise, because green onions are capricious greens. In plastic bags, which are so fond of modern mistresses, he suffocates and begins to deteriorate quickly. In the open form, the bright feathers the very next day turn out to be withered and lost their juiciness.

But it turns out there are several ways in which this product stays fresh for a week, or even longer.

Cold storage

Green onion feels great in the fridge - in the vegetable compartment.

But not every bow is suitable for storage. If he has already begun to wither, and his feathers are cracked, then it’s pointless to keep such a bow, as it will disappear in two or three days. Therefore, it is better to use it in food as soon as possible.

If there is a lot of onion, then it needs to be washed, dried from excess moisture, finely chopped and put into a jar, sprinkled with salt. In this form, onions retain their green color and fresh flavor.

In a plastic bag

In order to preserve the green onions as they were picked from the garden, proceed as follows:

  • Clean the roots of the ground.
  • Remove yellowed feathers.
  • Onions gently wipe with a soft cloth. It is not washed before storage, as it is kept worse in the wet state.
  • Put it in a plastic bag and close it. In several places do punctures for air ventilation. Store in the lower compartment of the refrigerator.

Important! Feathers should not be cracked and dented, because it is on the folds that they will start to deteriorate.

If the onions were dirty and they nevertheless washed, then act differently.

  • The washed onions are laid out on a towel and dried for 15 minutes.
  • Then, wrap it in a well-absorbed paper or thick paper tissue that does not creep away from moisture.
  • This bundle is placed in a plastic bag that is not tightly closed. Store in the refrigerator.

The following method is good in the case if the green onions have intact roots and feathers.

  • Onions are carefully washed and yellowing feathers removed.
  • Gather the onions in a bundle and wrap its bottom with the roots with a damp cloth and then paper so that the cloth does not dry out.
  • Put the bundle in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge.

In a bank or container

If onions have short feathers, then it can be stored in a glass jar or plastic container.

Method 1. To do this, put a paper napkin on the bottom of the container, lay onions in even rows on it, making sure that the feathers do not wrinkle. Close the lid and clean in the fridge.

Method 2. Pure and dried onion feathers are placed in a glass jar. To prevent condensation on the walls, the open jar of onions is cooled in the refrigerator. Due to such an action it will be possible to avoid condensate. After that, the jar is closed with a lid and cleaned in the refrigerator.

How to store green onions in the cellar

Freshly dug green onions, which have whole onions and strong feathers, are kept in the cellar or storage.

That onions did not wilt, it is packed into a film.

Method 1. Onions are cleaned from the ground and put in trellised boxes, covered with 40-60 micron film.

Method 2. Green onions are put in plastic bags, which are tightly installed in a vertical position in tall wooden boxes. Packages can be kept both open and closed. In such a package at a temperature of 0-1 ° C onions can be stored up to one month.

Method 3. Green onions are separated from the bulbs, placed in plastic bags with a capacity of half a kilogram and stored for 3-4 weeks in open form.

If the bags with onions are closed, small holes are made in the lower part of them for air circulation. Or use closed packages of thick polyethylene (100 microns), in the walls of which there is a gas-permeable membrane. In such a package, the excess carbon dioxide goes out through this window, and inside creates a favorable environment for storing onions. In such a package greens can be stored up to 3 months.

So that the stocks are not lost, the onions are periodically picked, using the feathers that have begun to fade.

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