How to drink martini "Bianco"

How to drink martini

In the perception of many people, martini is a club drink, an attribute of a beautiful life. Not everyone associates him with vermouth, which he really is. Several varieties of vermouth are produced under the brand name Martini, but the most famous representative of this family of alcohol is Bianco. They make it from white wine, insist on extracts of flowers and herbs, which include wormwood. The drink has a delicate floral aroma with distinct notes of vanilla. It has a light straw color, not too high strength (16%). It is valued for its soft sweet taste, almost devoid of bitterness peculiar to vermouth. In order to appreciate the organoleptic qualities of this famous vermouth, you need to know how to drink the bianco martini correctly.

Basic rules for the use of martini “Bianco”

There are certain rules for the supply and use of white vermouths, which include the Bianco martini. At the same time, the requirements of etiquette do not always coincide with the club traditions.

  • Martini “Bianco” is a classic aperitif, according to the rules of etiquette it is served before dinner. The rules of etiquette do not prohibit serving it after meals. Club regulars consider it a drink that can be drunk all day long without reference to lunch or dinner. Today it is not considered the norm.
  • In clubs, martini “Bianco” is served in cone-shaped glasses on a high stem, calling them “martinkas” or “martishki”. In fact, these glasses are cocktail ones, they were not once made to serve a cocktail, which was called “Martini”. Vermouth also served in the glasses like old fashion, from which they drink whiskey. Currently, it is not a mistake to serve martini in a wide glass, as well as in rock, and in a cocktail glass. The same applies to cocktail containers, which include the Bianco martini. But to drink vermouth from the piles intended for strong alcohol will be a mauve.
  • For cocktails that include vermouth, it is permissible to serve a straw, but when serving a martini, the straw is not put into a glass in its pure form - this drink is not allowed to drink through it. If your glass is “decorated” with this accessory, just take it out and set it aside.
  • Often, a slice of citrus fruit or olives on a skewer is dipped in a martini glass. They affect the taste of the drink, which is not everyone likes. It is more reasonable to serve snacks separately, unless the guest himself expressed a desire to see her at the bottom of the glass.
  • Before serving, the Bianco martini is slightly cooled. The optimal temperature of the drink is 12-15 degrees. If you cool the drink more strongly, you will not feel its thin bouquet. In its warmer form, it has a slightly harsh taste with bitterness, which makes it less pleasant to drink it. You can cool the drink with ice, frozen berries and pieces of fruit.
  • Drinking martini "Bianco" taken slowly, in small sips. The ideal option is to stretch the glass for the whole evening. If you drink a glass for a glass, you may be considered an insufficiently cultured person.
  • Martini Bianco can be drunk neat, diluted with ice or water, fruit juices, tonic or soda. It is permissible to mix it with alcoholic beverages (vodka, gin, whiskey and others).

Martini “Bianco” is permissible to drink without a snack, as is most often the case in clubs. However, the rules of etiquette prescribe to offer guests to this drink a light snack.

What a snack martini "Bianco"

Martini Bianco serves as an aperitif and digestif based on white wine, herbal extracts, which determines the choice of appetizers suitable for this drink.

  • A good snack for the Bianco martini is cheeses. This is the drink to which you can serve cheese not only with a neutral, but also with a pronounced spicy taste.
  • Green and black olives are well combined with white vermouth. They can be with bones, pitted, stuffed.
  • Salty cracker is a simple but extremely successful appetizer to vermouth “Bianco”.
  • Slightly less successful, but highly demanded snack to a white martini are nuts.
  • If you want to have a drink with something more satisfying, you can choose cold canapés and ham sandwiches, although this snack option is more suitable for red vermouth.
  • Not too common, but at the same time harmonious appetizer to “Bianco” - shrimp.
  • A win-win is to serve fruits and berries to the martini. Strawberries, pineapples, apples, oranges and other citrus fruits make a good combination with this drink.

The lack of a nourishing snack for the martini “Bianco” does not threaten intoxication, since this vermouth is not too strong, and drinking it in large quantities is a sign of bad taste.

If the taste of vermouth seemed too harsh or sweet, try cocktails based on it. Almost certainly you will be able to find an option for the soul.

Cocktail “Light Martini”


  • Martini “Bianco” - 50 ml;
  • vodka - 20 ml;
  • grape juice - 80 ml;
  • ice cubes - 2-3 pcs .;
  • cocktail cherry - for decoration.

Preparation Method:

  • Put ice cubes on the bottom of the cocktail glass.
  • Pour martini, then vodka, add juice last. The sequence of adding drinks is not recommended to change.
  • Lightly mix drinks with a straw.
  • Decorate with cherries.

A cocktail is served with a straw, but you can drink it without it.

Orange Martini Cocktail


  • Martini “Bianco” - 60 ml;
  • orange juice - 60 ml;
  • orange - 1 slice (for decoration);
  • vodka - 30 ml;
  • ice - to taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Squeeze the juice out of the orange, pour it into a glass shaker.
  • Add alcohol and ice.
  • Shake the shaker for 30-40 seconds.
  • Strain the drink by filling it with a cocktail glass.
  • Decorate with a slice of orange.

Cocktail has a refreshing taste, easy to drink. It is pleasant both to ladies, and representatives of the stronger sex.

Laguna cocktail


  • cognac - 60 ml;
  • vodka - 10 ml;
  • martini “Bianco” - 10 ml;
  • Campari Bitters - 5 ml;
  • ice - to taste;
  • cocktail cherry - 1 pc.

Preparation Method:

  • Mix the drinks, pour into the shaker tank.
  • Shake with ice.
  • Strain through a strainer immediately into a martini glass.
  • Decorate with cherries.

Martini Bianco is not dominant in this cocktail, but largely determines its taste and aroma. Despite the romantic name, the drink is not ladylikely strong. When consuming it, you should know when to stop.

Dirty Martini Cocktail


  • Martini “Bianco” - 60 ml;
  • gin - 60 ml;
  • Olive pickle - 2-3 ml;
  • Olive - 1 pc.

Preparation Method:

  • Pour gin and martini into a shaker with ice, add olive pickle, stir.
  • Pour into a cocktail glass.
  • Thread the olive on a skewer, put it in a drink.

This cocktail is extremely popular. It is impossible to remain indifferent to him: he either does not like it, or causes delight and desire to drink it again and again. The ratio of martini and gin can be changed at your discretion. Some refuse to use brine, but put 3 times more olives.

Martini "Bianco" is extremely popular with visitors to clubs and nightlife lovers. Almost no social event can do without it. If you drink this vermouth correctly, the impressions of meeting him will remain exceptionally good.

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