Velvet sauce

Velvet sauce

French cuisine is famous for its sauces, which can give any dish new flavors and turn ordinary foods into delicacies. But the majority of French sauces are prepared on the basis of one of the four sauces, which are considered the main ones. Veluté sauce is one of the main sauces of classic French cuisine. The composition of the sauce is extremely simple: broth, spices and golden ru. Ru in French cuisine is called an oily flour mixture. Depending on the degree of frying of the flour, pv may be white, brown or golden. The stronger the flour is roasted, the darker the ru will be. To get the golden ru, the flour is fried to a caramel color separately, and then they continue to fry in butter until the mixture has a golden hue.

Velvet sauce can be served with meat or fish, and can be used to prepare other sauces. For example, onions, paprika, wine, lemon juice, greens are often added to it, getting sauces with completely new flavors.

Cooking Features

The finished velute sauce should have a smooth, uniform consistency, cream color, resembling thick cream in thickness. It is not easy, but possible, to get a sauce that has all of these characteristics. Moreover, even an inexperienced hostess will cope with this task if she knows a few important moments and precisely follows the technology of preparing the sauce.

  • To make a golden velvet sauce, both ru and broth must be available. You can use both meat and chicken and fish. Chicken broth sauce is quite suitable for meat and poultry dishes - it is universal. But the sauce, boiled in fish broth, can be served exclusively to fish dishes and seafood.
  • Broth for the sauce must be well filtered. To make it bright, it must be boiled with vegetables (onions, carrots) and the foam forming on the surface should be removed. If, despite your efforts, the broth came out cloudy, you can try to lighten it. To do this, put a handful of pure rice in a gauze bag and drop the broth. Boil the broth for 10 minutes, remove the rice - the broth will become transparent.
  • After cooking, her hands should be allowed to cool. During this time, broth should be heated, it is better to even bring it to a boil.
  • If you pour ru into broth, then avoiding the formation of lumps will be more difficult than pouring broth in a thin stream into a container with ru. In any case, the mixture must be whipped intensively with a whisk, otherwise it will not be possible to obtain a smooth consistency.
  • After combining ru with broth, it is boiled over low heat for quite a long time, that is, about 40 minutes. At this time, a froth will form on the surface of the sauce. It must be removed. Otherwise, coarse skins will be found in the sauce, which will spoil its whole taste.
  • When adding various spices and spices to the sauce, observe the measure - the sauce must be tender, you should not give it a strong piquant taste.

The sauce can be poured into a sauceboat and served to the table, and can be used to prepare various dishes, in particular cream soups, baked fish.

Classic recipe for velute sauce


  • clarified broth - 1 l;
  • butter - 60 g;
  • wheat flour - 60 g;
  • spices - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Sift flour.
  • Place it in a dry frying pan and fry to a caramel color.
  • In a skillet, melt the butter, add the fried flour into it, whisk it.
  • Fry, whisking, to obtain a thick, viscous mass of golden brown.
  • Leave the creamy flour mass to cool.
  • Boil the broth.
  • Add a thin stream of broth into a saucepan. Do not forget to beat him intensely so that there are no lumps.
  • Cook over a low heat for 30-40 minutes, stirring it constantly. By this time, he should acquire the consistency of thick cream and a delicate cream shade.

The sauce prepared according to this recipe is universal. However, remember that if you used fish broth, the sauce does not suit all dishes.

Wellness sauce with onions and fish wine


  • fish broth - 1 l;
  • dry white wine - 100 ml;
  • onions - 50 g;
  • wheat flour - 100 g;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • white ground pepper - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel the onion and cut it into very small pieces. If you want the sauce to have a delicate flavor, you can use shallots instead of onions.
  • Melt the butter and add chopped onion. Fry it over low heat until it is translucent and soft.
  • Add flour fried to golden brown. It is better to fry it in a separate frying pan in advance.
  • Fry, stirring until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • Add the wine and whisk together to avoid lumps.
  • Bring the broth to a boil.
  • Transfer the flour mixture to a container where you will be cooking the sauce.
  • Pour broth into this container while simultaneously beating it vigorously.
  • Simmer the sauce for an hour. 10 minutes before readiness add pepper.
  • Strain the sauce.

It’s a good idea to serve fish or seafood under this sauce. It can also be used to bake these products. For meat snacks, this sauce is not suitable.

For the same recipe, you can prepare the sauce for meat dishes. However, in this case, the fish broth should be replaced with chicken, and white pepper - with paprika powder.

Velvet sauce refers to the dishes, the recipe of which every cook should know, even if he does not work in a French restaurant. A skillful hostess, this knowledge also does not seem superfluous.

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