How to store Kiwi

How to store Kiwi

Among the exotic fruits of kiwi occupy a place of honor. They stand out with an unusual look and original taste. Kiwi fruit is a berry because there are many soft grains inside. Thanks to them, the taste of the fruit resembles gooseberries and strawberries.

Someone biting off a piece feels the aroma of a banana, pineapple and even cherry.

Good fresh fruit. From it you can make jelly and jam. Add pieces of fruit in salads, so that they become more exotic and nutritious. Therefore, it is not bad to keep a small supply of kiwi at home.

Storage of ripe fruits

The main sign of ripeness of kiwi fruit is softness. Such a fruit must be cleaned and eaten with pleasure.

Ripe fruit is not necessary to send in the refrigerator. They feel great at room temperature. Kiwi is best placed in a vase for fruit, in a basket or on a plate. Such dishes do not prevent the access of air. Kiwis must “breathe”, otherwise they will start to dry out or rot.

Container with fruit must be placed away from sunlight. Their direct hit has a negative effect on kiwi fruit and contributes to the deterioration of the fruit.

Under all the conditions described, ripe kiwis remain in excellent condition up to five days.

Long-term storage of kiwi

Most often, kiwis are not bought in large quantities, as they are available all year round. When there is a need for their long-term storage, you should consider some features:

  • It is important to choose the most suitable kiwi. Fruits intended for storage should be moderately soft and free from external flaws. We need to carefully examine them. Although kiwi and covered with fluffy skin, scratches and dents can be seen. Such fruits are not suitable for storage.
  • It is impossible to wash kiwi, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate.
  • It is necessary to choose the right place for storage. At home, kiwi can be placed in the refrigerator. But it should be noted that the temperature should not fall below zero. In the refrigerator, the fruit is stored for a month or two.
  • To place the fruit, you need to prepare a container with vents. The best option is a plastic container. In extreme cases, the kiwi can be laid in a plastic or paper bag, making several holes in it. If to protect kiwi from air intake, they will start to deteriorate - become covered with a thin layer of rot. Therefore, the presence of ventilation - a prerequisite for long-term storage of fruits.
  • Kiwi should not be kept near food with a strong odor, such as near fish. The fruit is sensitive to the surrounding flavors and is able to absorb them.
  • Do not put other products on the container with kiwi. Bananas or apples should be placed near the fruit, not on top. Ideally, if the kiwi lie at a short distance from each other, they do not touch each other and the other fruits.

During long-term storage, fruits almost completely retain the original amount of vitamin C. This is due to their fleecy skins and acids, which are in the pulp.

It is important to check the status of kiwi every day or two. If a fruit starts to deteriorate, it should be removed immediately, otherwise the rot will quickly spread to neighboring fruits.

Deep freeze Kiwi

To save the kiwi for several months, you can freeze them. This procedure is done not with whole fruits, but with their pieces.

Kiwi must be cleaned before freezing. Then the fruit is cut into small circles, so that inside there are seeds, and around - the flesh.

A food wrap is placed on the surface of the freezer. Kiwi circles are laid out on top. Between them you need to leave a few millimeters so that they do not stick together. On top of the fruit covered with another layer of film.

The temperature in the freezer should be -12 ... -18 degrees. Then the pieces of kiwi are frozen through. After a day, they can be put into a container with vents and stored in it, but in the same freezer.

Thanks to fast freezing, the kiwi does not dry out. Circles of fruits preserve all aromatic substances and vitamins. After defrosting, they are almost as tasty as fresh.

How to store immature kiwi

By chance or unknowingly, you can buy immature kiwis. Eating them immediately is not worth it, because the taste of the fruit is far from desired. But after all, green bananas are spiced up! Kiwi also belong to those fruits that are able to ripen and after a few days turn into ripe and tasty fruits.

Unsurprised fruits should not be put in the refrigerator - they will remain firm and immature. We need to find a cozy place for them, where the room temperature remains.

Kiwi love a neighborhood of apples and bananas, which somehow speed up the process of their ripening. Therefore, these fruits can be placed nearby.

Thus, depending on the desired shelf life of kiwi can be kept:

  • at room temperature;
  • in the compartment of the refrigerator for fruits and berries;
  • in the freezer.

Proper storage will provide access to ripe fruit at any time.

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