How to store peaches

How to store peaches

It is difficult to be from a ripe peach. Its taste is a bit like a melon, but it still remains special. Unusually good fruit in the ripening season. But you can not eat them immediately a lot, I want to extend the pleasure.

Information on how to store peaches will help to enjoy the juicy fruits of summer longer.

How to keep ripe peaches a little longer

To taste the peaches did not disappoint and they lay at least a few days, you need to choose the fruit correctly. Putting the fruit in the basket, you should pay attention to this:

  • There should be no dents on the fruits, skin lesions, rot or green spots.
  • A pleasant aroma emanates from the peaches.
  • Fruit is covered in red blush.
  • No need to give up fruit of irregular shape. If they are not damaged, then such peaches are considered to be the most delicious.
  • With a slight pressure on the fruit, the flesh is slightly pressed.
  • The bone should not fall apart and be wrinkled. If so, then the peaches were subjected to significant chemical treatment and it is not safe to eat them.

High-quality peaches can be preserved for several days even at room temperature.

In order for the fruits to remain in good condition longer, they must be placed in the refrigerator, choosing a place intended for fruits.

Best of all peaches are stored in paper bags. Polyethylene should not be used, because in them the fruits are saturated with moisture and deteriorate faster. Ripe peaches are well preserved in the refrigerator for a week or a bit longer.

Immature Peaches: How to Store

Peaches are among the fruits that can ripen after being picked from a tree. Therefore, most often for transportation use slightly unripe fruits.

To bypass their side is not worth it, although by sweetness they are slightly inferior to their relatives, ripened on a tree. The reason is that in the torn peach sugar stops producing. Surely, there will be those for whom this feature of the undersized fruit is positive.

To peaches ripened, they should be placed in a cozy corner of the kitchen. They can turn into ripe fruit only at room temperature. In the refrigerator, the fruit will either deteriorate or remain as it was at first.

Peaches ripen faster with other fruits. Therefore, next to the unripe fruits can be placed apples, pears, bananas. After a couple of days, the peaches begin to turn red and turn into juicy fruits, which are time to eat.

How to save peach harvest

Fresh crop of peaches can be saved, but this period is calculated not for months, but for weeks.

You must comply with the following conditions:

  • Properly choose storage space. The temperature should be above zero, but not exceed two degrees. Optimum air humidity - 85-90%. Some peaches can be placed in the refrigerator, the rest - in the cellar or pantry.
  • Each fruit must be wrapped in paper. Boxes with or without cells are suitable for storage indoors. Lay out the peaches in two or three layers. It is desirable that there is a small distance between the fruits.
  • It is necessary to place containers with peaches away from other fruits, as they can “help” each other to deteriorate faster.

If these conditions are met, peaches can be preserved for a month. From time to time it is necessary to check the fruits and those that begin to rot are removed.

Other methods of long-term storage of peaches

Save peaches in a different way:

  • Fruits are sweet and sour and sweet are suitable for them to dry. In this form, peaches are stored for more than one year. You can dry the fruit in the sun or using a fruit dryer. For this procedure, the peaches are cut in half or in four slices, the stone is removed.
  • Sand Storage. Slightly immature fruits of late varieties should be selected. They must be firm and free from flaws. For three or four days, peaches are left in a dark room with good ventilation. During this time, the fruit will lose a significant portion of moisture.

    Then the fruits are wrapped in paper and laid out in boxes of no more than four layers. The space between the peaches is abundantly covered with dry and clean river sand. The fruits do not spoil for two or three months.

  • Freeze peaches. It is possible that this is the most optimal way to preserve fruits for a long time (up to a year) without losing all the beneficial properties. Fruits are frozen in the whole form, and slices. Fruits with stones should be placed in a container or in a bag and sent to the freezer. Slices of peaches are frozen with syrup. To prepare the latter, four cups of cold water are mixed with three cups of sugar. Three tablets of ascorbic acid are added to the mixture.

    Slices of peaches are placed in a container, completely filled with syrup and put in the freezer. They are perfectly preserved for one year. Low temperatures have a positive effect on fruit - the structure of the pulp remains unchanged.

  • Preservation of peaches. Another way to save the harvest. You can preserve fruit with a stone, or remove it beforehand. It is necessary to thoroughly study the technology so that peaches do not lose their taste and beneficial properties.

You can save fruit in various ways. But the most delicious and fragrant is the peach, which a moment ago was still hanging on the tree.

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