How to store pineapple

How to store pineapple

Sweet and fragrant pineapple is an exquisite treat, so many people prefer to add a festive menu to this exotic fruit. Others just love pineapples and try not to miss the opportunity to feast on a juicy slice. Finally, you can just give a pineapple to someone - this edible gift is always very welcome.

Sometimes these fruits have to be stored at home, for example, before a holiday or simply by purchasing a few things for yourself. However, pineapple is very picky about storage conditions and often begins to rot, although it is possible to avoid this.

There are several ways to store pineapple at home:

  • at room temperature;
  • in the refrigerator;
  • frozen;
  • in recycled form.

It is very important to determine the degree of ripeness of the fruit: the immature pineapple is stored slightly differently than the ripe one.

Storage at room temperature. “Ripening” pineapple

This is ideal because all tastes of the fruit are preserved. While having lain in the refrigerator for only 2-3 hours, the pineapple begins to “dry out”, and its taste becomes not so saturated.

At room temperature, the pineapple is stored in a cool and shady place, for example, under the table. It is best to spread the newspaper. You can not hide the fruit in the kitchen cabinet - light ventilation is necessary. If pineapples are stored in a horizontal position, they are turned over 3-4 times during the day. Standing upright pineapple 2 times a day, put on its side for about an hour. It is also necessary to ensure that no brown spots (rot) or whitish coating (mold) appear on the peel. When storing several pineapples they are placed at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Ripe pineapple can be stored a day. A slightly unripe pineapple is stored for no more than 3 days. Green pineapples are kept at room temperature especially to ripen. As soon as the fruit became a little softer and fragrant - it “ripened”. It should be eaten immediately or put in the refrigerator for further storage.

Cold storage - longer, but more troublesome

Pineapples are stored in the refrigerator in the fruit compartment - putting them in a common chamber, you risk then eating sausage, butter, and even soup with a wonderful pineapple flavor. The ideal storage temperature is + 8-10 ° C. Only 1-2 ° C lower - and the taste of the fruit will begin to change for the worse. At temperatures above +10 ° C, green pineapples begin to ripen, and ripe ones - to rot. Each fruit is wrapped in paper.

Mature pineapples can lie in the refrigerator for up to 12 days. Unripe and “ripe” fruits are stored for 2 weeks. Green pineapples can be stored for up to 3 weeks. Every day, pineapples are unfolded and carefully inspected for rot. Wet paper immediately replace dry. Pineapples turn around several times a day.

Storage frozen and processed

Pineapples of any degree of maturity are washed and dried well with paper towels. Cut the green “tuft” and cut off the peel. Then cut into cubes, straws, rings (in this case, the skin can not be cleaned), half rings or slices. The sizes of the pieces are arbitrary. After they pack up the chopped pulp in one or more bags and put them in the freezer. When storing rings (or semirings), each ring can first be frozen separately, and then folded into one package. Frozen pineapple retains all the vitamins and remains tasty and fragrant for 3 months.

In processed form, pineapples are stored for a long time. Fresh fruit is used to make compotes, jams, candied fruits, juice, and even pickle. Banks with exotic blanks are stored as usual preservation.

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