Fig calories

Fig calories

Figs are a very tasty and useful product, it is just a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. It is good both in fresh and dried form, it is recommended to eat for the prevention of many diseases, as well as during the recovery period after an illness. It has a positive effect on all processes occurring in the body, strengthens the heart, blood vessels, improves the composition of the blood. But how safe is it to eat figs in terms of shape and diet?

How many calories in figs

Figs can not be called low-calorie berries, but not so scary. 100 grams of fresh figs contain 54 calories. One fruit can weigh from 30 to 150 grams. On average, one piece of fig berries weighs 40 grams, which is 21.6 kcal. If you follow the measure, then a dessert consisting of 200-250 grams of figs will not in any way affect your figure and will bring only tremendous benefits to the body.

Nutritional value 100 grams of fresh figs is as follows: proteins - 0, 7 grams, fats - 0, 2 grams, carbohydrates - 12 grams, water - 83 grams, dietary fiber - 2, 5 grams, organic acids - 0 , 5 grams, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - by 0, 1 gram, mono- and disaccharides - 11, 2 grams, starch - 0, 8 grams, ash - 1, 1 gram.

But dried figs - this is a completely different conversation. Passion for this dried fruit can cost you dearly, because its caloric content does not even approximately resemble the caloric content of fresh figs. 100 grams of dried figs contain as many as 257 calories, which is 4, 7 times more than fresh. In terms of diet, on the basis of these data, fresh figs are certainly leading, but it is not always possible to abandon dried, especially in winter, when vitamin deficiency, weakness, and colds await for every angle. Dried figs are better eaten by the piece, during the day, then there will be no harm to the figure. And besides, dried figs are very rich and concentrated, it will not be easy to eat a hundred grams of this product. Nutritional value of dried figs is as follows: proteins - 3, 1 grams, fats - 0, 8 grams, carbohydrates - 57, 9 grams, water - 16 grams, dietary fiber - 18, 2 grams, organic acids - 2 grams, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - 0, 2 grams, mono- and disaccharides - 54, 9 grams, starch - 3 grams, ash - 2 grams.

Figs, harvested for the winter in a light sugar syrup is also useful - it is added to cereals, muesli, pastries, desserts, yogurt. If the syrup is really not very concentrated, then the caloric content of figs from this does not greatly increase. Calorie figs canned in light sugar syrup - 69 calories.

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