The easiest recipe for fish stew with carrots and onions. Different fish stew with carrots and onions - a delicious surprise for loved ones

The easiest recipe for fish stew with carrots and onions. Different fish stew with carrots and onions - a delicious surprise for loved ones

What could be better than fish? Only fish with onions and carrots.

It can boil, fry, steam, make cutlets and simmer.

The latter method is most preferable for gourmets.

Fish stew with carrots and onions is an ideal dish for both a dinner party and a family dinner.

It is prepared simply and eaten with a big appetite. In addition, the fish - a very useful product.

The source of vitamins and such substances necessary for our body as calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus and others. And fish is a godsend for those who pay attention to their figure.

The basic principles of cooking fish stew with carrots and onions.

Depending on what kind of fish you intend to extinguish, you must carefully process it, remove ridges, bones, heads and tails.

To taste the fish had a richer taste, you can first fry the fish, and only then extinguish it in the oven or multi-cooker.

The fish stew with carrots and onions only at first glance is easily prepared; when choosing a method of cooking, you should take into account the cooking time. Do not overdo fish, otherwise it will turn out too dry. In the slow cooker, half an hour is enough, but in the oven for about ten minutes more.

For extinguishing the best types of fish such as Pangasius, carp, pike, coho, pollack.

When eating fish with carrots and onions, you use a large amount of other vegetables, then you can do without a side dish. Otherwise, potatoes or rice will be perfect as a side dish for fish stew with carrots and onions.

Cooking fish stew with carrots and onions will take a certain amount of time, but it's worth it. One of the proposed recipes will definitely take a worthy place in your personal cookbook.

Fish stew with carrots and onions in a slow cooker: from crucian to pike

For this recipe, any kind of fish will do. You can take ordinary river crucians, but if you and your loved ones prefer the fish of “noble blood”, then you can use pangasius or pollock.


3-4 small crucians

a pinch of salt

special seasoning for fish

2 spoons of mayonnaise

2 spoons of vegetable oil

3 medium carrots

2 small bulbs

1 garlic clove


Prepare the fish: clean, remove the insides, heads, tails and fins. Cut the fish into large pieces.

Grate the carrots on a medium grater, cut the onion into rings, crush the garlic in the garlic press.

Pour the vegetable oil into the bowl of the slow cooker, put the cleaned fish out.

Add carrots and onions, garlic, sprinkle everything over the top with seasoning for fish and pour mayonnaise. Salt

Set the multicooker timer for 25 minutes, the temperature is average.

After the fish is ready, put it in the middle of the dish, overlay it with boiled potatoes. Sprinkle everything with greens.

Kizhuch stewed with carrots and onions surrounded by vegetables: long live tenderness and aroma!

The recipe for this fish stew with carrots and onions is not easy, but it justifies the time and effort. No side dish is required, as the fish is stewed with various vegetables.


half kg of coho salmon

2-3 medium carrots

1 onion

1 spoon of vinegar

1 eggplant

1 zucchini

2 sweet peppers

2 tablespoons sour cream

2 tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic

2 spoons of vegetable oil

3 spoons of soy sauce

2 spoons of mustard

Provencal herbs, rosemary, basil, dill, parsley


First, prepare the marinade for coho. Mix the mustard and soy sauce, in this mixture lay out the chopped silver salmon. Leave 20 minutes.

Cut finely-small garlic, grate carrots on a small grater. Fry in a skillet in vegetable oil.

We cut the onion into not very big cubes and add to the garlic-carrot mix. We clean the zucchini, cut it into cubes, put it into the pan to other products and fry.

After the zucchini also do with eggplant and sweet pepper. Last add tomatoes and vinegar.

Leave to stew in a skillet for about ten minutes.

We spread pickled coho in our slightly stewed mixture. Fill with sour cream and sprinkle with herbs and spices. We draw a lid.

Set a small fire and leave for 25 minutes.

The dish turns out colorful and appetizing.

Fish stew with carrots and onions in the oven

The fish stew in the oven is very tender and juicy. This recipe is different in that fish and side dish are stewed in the oven together.


1 big fish

6-7 potatoes

1 clove of garlic

2-3 medium carrots

2 small bulbs


3 spoons of mayonnaise

Bay leaf

jar of sliced ​​champignons

2 scoops of sunflower oil

150 gr. cheese

dill and parsley


For this recipe we can use carp or carp. We clean one big fish, remove the insides, head, tail, fins.

Put it on a deep pan, well oiled with vegetable oil.

Peel potatoes, onions and carrots. All cut into rings.

Around the fish lay layers of potatoes, put carrots on top, then a layer of mushrooms, followed by onions.

Add the bay leaf, salt and squeeze garlic with garlic press.

Add mayonnaise.

Top sprinkle with whole grated hard varieties of cheese and dill and parsley.

Cover the baking sheet with foil and put in the oven for approximately 50 minutes. The extinguishing temperature is average.

Fish stew with carrots and onions: a budget option

The peculiarity of the budget version of the fish recipe m is that in its preparation used eggs, which add satiety. In addition, the egg filling is very gentle, it allows the fish and vegetables to keep the maximum amount of their juices and flavors.

Ingredients: half a pike perch

salt and pepper

3 spoons of sunflower oil

half a cup of milk

2 small bulbs

2 medium carrots

2 eggs


Use perch fillet. If it is frozen, leave it to defrost. Wash well and dry.

We clean vegetables.

Onion cut not too large, fry in oil.

Carrots are also cut into small squares and add to the pan to the onions. Fry for about 10 minutes.

Whip milk in a bowl with eggs, salt and pepper.

In a deep pan lay out thawed and dried pieces of pike perch fillet, and add fried carrots and onions on top, pour the egg-milk mixture.

Put the pan in the oven for half an hour to stew. The temperature is set to the average.

After the fish stew with carrots and onions is ready, sprinkle it with greens.

Tilapia with carrots and onions (stewed)

Despite the fact that any fish has a sufficient amount of its own moisture, this recipe uses water as ingredients, which makes our dish even more juicy.


6 tilapias

2 small carrots

one and a half onions

150 gr. sour cream

half a liter of water

spices and seasonings

lemon juice


Cut into medium pieces of pre-processed tilapia. Put them in a bowl, add spices, salt and pour a small amount of lemon juice. Leave for 6-7 minutes.

Slowly fry the finely chopped onion in vegetable oil over low heat.

To it we add coarsely grated carrots, salt.

Leave the stew for 10 minutes.

After spreading in a pan with onions and carrots tilapia. Fill with water and sour cream. Add seasonings.

Stew for 25 minutes until cooked.

Fish stew with carrots and onions: an hour for a culinary masterpiece

The classic version of the recipe for stewed hake can be an excellent lifesaver for the hostess in case the guests suddenly arrived. He prepares an hour, but eaten in five minutes. Ingredients:

One kg of hake

one and a half onions

2 medium carrots

a quarter cup of tomato juice

3 tablespoons flour

salt pepper


We process carcasses of hake, cut into medium pieces. Fry each piece in flour, then fry in vegetable oil from each barrel.

Finely grated carrots and finely chopped onions fry in oil over low heat, add tomato juice and a glass of water to the pan. Leave to languish for 15 minutes.

After that, put carrots and onions on carrots and onions. Close the pan with a lid and leave to stew for half an hour.

As a side dish you can boil coarse-grained rice.

Boules-bul-bul Karasiki ... Crucians stewed with onions and carrots

This recipe will please fans of ordinary river Karasikov. To prepare a meal will require a minimum of physical effort, and a set of necessary products is in every home.


7-8 medium crucian carp

2 onions


3 carrots

3 spoons of sunflower oil

3 cloves of garlic

salt pepper

3 tablespoons sour cream


We clean and clean fresh crucians, while leaving the tail and head on the fish carcass.

Fry the carrots and finely chopped onion with butter and add the garlic crushed on the garlic press.

Give the mass to cool. After that we stuff our carcass carcasses with it. Fry them on each side until golden.

We lay out the semi-finished carcasses in a deep frying pan and pour half a glass of water mixed with sour cream. In order for carcasses not to open, it is necessary to fasten them with halves of toothpicks.

Leave to stew for 15 minutes under the lid.

When the fish is well drained, sprinkle it with greens.

Fish stew with vegetables: nourishing, juicy and beautiful

The exquisite recipe of this dish will help to understand the benefits of fish in general and the indescribable taste of pollock in particular.


kg pollock

4 carrots

100 gr. beans 1 cauliflower head

1 onion

a half cup of water

salt pepper

dill, parsley

2 spoons of sunflower or olive oil


Peeled carrots cut into large rings.

We put the beans in advance, but when it is half ready, we get them.

Kachan cauliflower leave in water for 25 minutes, and the water should be slightly salted. After the cabbage is soaked, disassemble it.

Pour water into the pot, salt it. After it boils, we put the carrots in there, then the beans, then the onions and the last cabbage. Leave to boil for five minutes.

Lay the sliced ​​pollock on vegetables, add olive oil.

Cover and simmer for about 40 minutes without stirring.

Secrets and tricks of cooking fish stew with carrots and onions

If you use frozen fish while cooking, do not rush to thaw, let it melt slowly but surely.

To prevent the fish from falling apart, leave it for a while in salted water.

If the fish you intend to extinguish is small, then you should not even try to remove bones from it. In the process of extinguishing, they will become soft and not felt when consumed. But if the fish is more than a kilogram, one should pull out the bones from it, remove the ridge.

Make sure that the liquid in the extinguishing container is moderate, because the fish itself has the necessary amount of moisture.

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