Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers - an excellent appetizer. Making salad for the winter of tomatoes and peppers

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers - an excellent appetizer. Making salad for the winter of tomatoes and peppers

The golden summer time is short-lived, so the real mistress should work hard to have time to prepare vegetables for the winter. Delicious, varied and very healthy salads can be made from tomatoes and peppers, adding fragrant spices and greens.

And then, when snow falls outside the window, summer will settle on our kitchen table.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers - the general principles of cooking

Perhaps the basic law of cooking salads for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers is to respect the correct proportions and the use of fresh vegetables. Since we are preparing a salad, the part of the product that has begun to deteriorate is sufficient to remove with a knife.

Salads are stored in glass jars. Before filling, they must be conscientiously washed and sterilized, and before washing they should be inspected carefully from all sides in order not to miss cracks or chipping.

Check the suitability of the sealing key is necessary.

For successful storage in winter, salat cans are sterilized or poured several times with boiling water and brine.

Spices and greens are widely used: pepper and bitter pepper, ground and in peas, bay leaf, horseradish, garlic, parsley, dill and others.

So that work does not end with physical injuries or burns, the roll-up of vegetables must be carried out in an apron that does not let water through.

Observance of these elementary rules will save from failures, and the presence of tasty preserves in winter will be ensured.

Winter salad with tomatoes and bell pepper “Favorite”


For 4 kg of tomatoes and Bulgarian pepper 4 kg:

80 g of rock salt.

360 grams of sugar.

360 g of refined vegetable oil.

120 g of vinegar.

4 cloves of garlic, 3 sprigs of parsley - on a half-liter jar.

Method of preparation.

Cut tomatoes into medium slices.

Peeled peppers cut into two parts.

At the bottom of a large tank, pour out half a liter of water, pour in the prescribed amount of salt and sugar. Waiting for the water to boil, we throw a leaf of laurel.

In a boiling marinade pour pepper and tomatoes, carefully, so as not to crush the tomatoes, stir. The mixture boils slightly for 8-10 minutes. Pour vinegar and oil into the salad. Add the garlic. Cook at low boil for another 3 minutes. For a few seconds before the end, we throw the parsley sprigs.

Very carefully we pour the salad into liter or half-liter jars and finish the work with the help of a sealing key.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers “Azov etude”


1 kg of tomatoes and peppers.

5 medium onions.

3 tooth. garlic.

Flour, sugar and salt - in full Art. l

Cooking Method

Send the vegetables under running water, shake.

Peppers with entrails and tails fry in a pan under the lid until a brownish skin appears. We invest in a deep container, cool a little and remove the skin.

Cut tomatoes into medium slices.

Peeled onion cut into half rings.

At the bottom of the saucepan pour oil, and fry the onion and garlic until soft. Pour the flour and salt.

Add tomatoes to vegetables, fry until a rich tomato juice. Pour a spoonful of sugar and turn off in half a minute.

In a container with pepper, pour the tomatoes and bring to a boil.

Carefully move into a glass container, cover with lids and complete the process using a sealing key.

Winter salad with tomatoes and bell peppers “Two plus”


Sweet peppers, tomatoes - 2500 gr.

Carrot, onion - 2200 gr.

Bite - 30 gr.

Sugar - 40 gr.

Sunflower refined oil - 1/2 cup.

Black pepper - 4 peas.

Salt, spicy paprika.

Bay leaf.

Garlic cloves - 2-3.

Fresh parsley.

Cooking Method

Well washed and dried vegetables.

We cut:

Tomatoes - into 4 parts.

Pepper sweet - strips.

Hot peppers - as small as possible

Onions - ringlets or half rings.

Carrots - large straws.

We put in a large saucepan in layers in any order, but with the proviso that the tomatoes are in the bottom layer and the onions are on top. One layer from another is separated by several slices of red hot pepper.

Add lavrushka and peas of black pepper to the vegetable mixture.

In the next step, pour sugar, paprika and 2 tablespoons of table salt without a slide, pour in the oil.

Next you need to bring the contents of the container to a boil, reduce fire to a minimum. Ten minutes later, again, add the maximum heat and cook for another half hour. A minute before the end of the cooking process, add vinegar, parsley sprigs and garlic to the container.

Using a large spoon, carefully pour the salad into a glass container, cover with boiled lids and finish the work with a sealer key.

Winter salad with tomatoes and bell pepper “Green”


Green pepper and green tomatoes - by 21/2 kg.

Carrot - 3 roots.

Arugula - 30 g

Onion - half a kilo.

For marinade (per 1000 ml of water):

50 gr. rock salt;

half a cup of sugar;

4 small garlic cloves;

75 grams of vinegar (9%);

a mixture of peppers (peas);

Lavrushka leaves.

Cooking Method

Peeled peppers cut into 4 parts.

Cut carrots into straws and onions into thin rings or half rings.

Crush the garlic with garlic or chop very finely. Grind arugula, mix with garlic.

Cut the tomatoes into four parts, but not until the end. Put in a cut a little mixture of greens with garlic.

Mix all the ingredients of the salad in a deep container and pour the marinade cooked in advance. When preparing the marinade, vinegar and garlic should be added at the very end.

The mixture should boil for a few minutes. We leave our semi-finished product for ten hours. It is better to distribute the work so that these ten hours pass at night. Then in the morning bring the mixture to a boil and immediately pour into the prepared container.

Already in a rolled up jar of salad, you need to shake a little and put it in a cozy place down with covers.

In a day, put a container with a salad for the winter from tomatoes and bell peppers in the usual position and place them in a room where they will be stored until December.

Winter salad from tomatoes and bell pepper “Simple”


A pound of ripe tomatoes.

Five pieces of Bulgarian pepper.

Two onions.

Half a head of garlic.

Celery greens.

Horseradish leaves.

Marinade (as in the previous recipe).

Cooking Method

Peel the garlic and onion, soak the greens in salted water, free the peppers from the entrails, and wash.

Cut the vegetables: onions and peppers - in rings, tomatoes in quarters, garlic - in half.

Celery and horseradish leaf are laid on the bottom of the jar, vegetables are placed on top. First, place the pepper, then onions and tomatoes. Sprinkle garlic on top and stir the vegetables again, how much will fit. At the very top you need to put celery and half a piece of horseradish. Not forgetting to wear a protective apron, pour boiling water into the jars. Set aside to cool down a bit. As soon as you can touch the glass container without gloves, pour the water into the sewer system, and pour the salad with the marinade already prepared (it is prepared without vinegar). Add vinegar and close the jars with clean lids. After seaming, the banks are covered with something warm and keep the day like this. 24 hours have passed (minimum), and the container with the finished salad can be moved to the cellar or a cool closet.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and peppers with cucumbers


Three pieces of fleshy tomatoes.

Two Bulgarian pepper.

Three onions.

One carrot.

Two cucumbers.

Bunch of parsley.

Two cloves of garlic.

On bank of 500 ml:

Two pinches of salt.

Spoon Art. vinegar and sugar.

Cooking Method

Prepare two clean half-liter jars. In each of them we will put sliced ​​vegetables in layers.

Garlic, onions and carrots are cleaned and washed.

Pepper freed from the inside, washed together with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Parsley slightly hold in salt water.

All vegetables are dried.

We start cooking the salad by cutting the onion into half rings. The resulting amount is divided in half and immediately sent to the banks.

Pepper cut into strips - and in a jar on a layer of onions.

Finely chop the parsley first, then the garlic and alternately lay in a glass container.

It is advisable to grate carrots on a Korean grater so that it is thin and long. Sprinkle on top of garlic.

We do not clean the cucumbers, cut them into small pieces (in quarters) and place them over the garlic.

Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the stem and cut them straight into a jar of salad pieces.

We add salt, sugar, vinegar to each jar. Pouring it all over the top tomato layer.

Fill jars with boiling water to the top, cover with lids and put on sterilization in a large container.

We are waiting for boiling water and sterilize for 8 minutes.

We take out banks, we wipe, we twist covers and we turn over upside down.

From this amount of vegetables, two half-liter jars of lettuce for the winter from tomatoes and bell peppers are obtained.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell pepper “Autumn”


One and a half kilograms of pepper.

Yellow and red fleshy tomatoes - per pound.

Eggplant - one.

Fresh tomato juice - two glasses.

Vinegar - 40 ml.

Vegetable oil - half a cup.

Salt - one and a half Art. l

Sugar - two Art. l

Ground sweet paprika - two and a half tablespoons.

Cooking Method

Prepare vegetables: clean, wash, dry.

We cut, turning the pepper into straws, tomatoes and eggplant - into small pieces.

Chop the onion traditionally - half rings.

In a container with a thick bottom put tomatoes and eggplants. Pour the vegetables with tomato juice. Cooking tomato-eggplant mixture over low heat should take no more than half an hour.

Add onions and peppers, mix. Sprinkle with paprika, salt and sugar. Pour in the oil. We continue to stew the future salad for another 15 minutes.

Add vinegar and, without turning off the fire, pour the mixture into jars.

Glass containers filled with vegetables, sterilized, and closed with a sealing key.

The next day we transfer banks to their place of storage.

In winter, when serving, you can add garlic to the salad.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and bell peppers “Sensation of summer”


On a jar of 500 ml:

Three Bulgarian peppers.

200 g green tomatoes.

50 g carrots and onions.

Boiled parsley root (20 g).

20 g of green.




40 ml of vinegar.

50 ml of vegetable oil.

Rock salt.

Cooking Method

Green tomatoes cut into 5-6 slices.

Peeled peppers cut into small pieces of strips.

Cut the carrot into small strips, divide the strips in half.

Boiled parsley root (you need to cook it for 15 minutes) cut the same way as carrots. Finely chop the greens.

Onions cut into rings, or half rings, if the onion head is larger.

Mix vegetables in a large bowl and pour 40 ml of vinegar.

Lay the vegetable mix in a clean jar. Salad salt, add allspice pepper, cloves (all to taste). From above you need to put a bay leaf.

Sunflower oil is poured into a small saucepan, bring to a boil and add hot to a jar of vegetable mix.

Glass container loosely cover the lid, leaving a hole for air. Put the jar in a container with warm water and begin to sterilize. Lettuce stew over low heat for 55 minutes.

We take out the can, twist and turn it over. A day later, we put the finished salad in the pantry and remember it no earlier than December.

Salad for the winter of tomatoes and peppers - tips and helpful tips

  • In order to preserve as much as possible all the nutrients and valuable substances that are contained in vegetables, it is advisable to process them in the first hours after removal from the beds.
  • Tomatoes for salad are suitable and slightly crumpled, but the degree of ripeness must always be the same.
  • Carrots should be soaked in clean water for a short time before cooking. It will be hard, easy to cut, and most importantly - the salad in the finished form will be juicier.
  • Greens before processing should also be held in salted water to protect themselves from various insects and bugs that can hide in it.
  • In order to make all the salad preparations especially tasty, we add only refined vegetable oil made from high quality seeds.
  • If you add small pieces of horseradish and young carrot to the salad with the greens, the finished product will be even more appetizing.
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