How to store jelly

How to store jelly

Kholodets is an excellent meat snack that can be prepared by any housewife. The main thing is to choose the right meat for it.

  • Feet, tail, head, ears, lips are suitable for aspic. It is they who, when cooked, give such a broth that hardens well.
  • The fatter the meat, the tastier it will turn out aspic.
  • Meat for the jelly should be fresh, as it is stored in the freezer affects the taste.

Rules for storage of jelly

In fact, brawn is prepared to be eaten immediately after solidification. But often it turns out so much that even invited guests cannot cope with it. What then to do with it? How to store?

Aspic - a classic dish. It was prepared before. Then, when there were no refrigerators. In those days, aspic was cooked only in winter, or if the owners had their own glacier or cold cellar, where the temperature did not rise even in summer above + 8–10 °. Future aspic was poured into bowls, molds, cooled, well covered with lids and carried out in the cold. As such, aspic was stored for 1-2 weeks. The main thing is that the dishes should be clean and there should not be any thermally treated additives in the cold beet. Well, the salt in it should have been enough, because it is an excellent preservative.

In our time, when the refrigerator appeared, the hostesses send the finished jellied meat there. And he is well kept there. But in order to keep the jelly gone, it must be properly prepared for storage.

  • Jelly is poured into clean plastic or enamelled containers.
  • If it is harvested for the future, then do not put greens, fresh carrots, uncooked garlic or onions, as the products added in raw form will significantly reduce the shelf life of the jelly.
  • The fatter the broth, the better the jelly will be stored. Fat broth, while freezing, forms a thick layer of fat on the surface of jelly, which will be a kind of shutter or sealant that does not allow air to pass through. After all, oxygen, entering into interaction with products, degrades their quality and contributes to damage (prokisaniyu, fermentation).
  • Tare with brawn must be closed with a lid or cling film. Due to this, it does not absorb extraneous odors and does not give its garlic (onion) flavor to other products in the refrigerator, there is no access to oxygen for it.
  • The optimal storage place for brawn is a shelf in the fridge closest to the freezer. At this point, the temperature is slightly above 0 °, and this is quite enough so that the brawn will not spoil.
  • If you put it below, where the vegetables lie and the temperature is 6-8 °, then the jelly will need to be eaten within 1-2 days. Still, meat is a perishable product, and therefore you should not risk health.

It is believed that jelly can be stored in the freezer. But in order to refute this, it is enough to remember how aspic was stored in the winter in the villages. If there was a severe frost outside, then the aspic, exposed in the passage, must be wrapped with a blanket so that it does not freeze.

So do the modern housewives who live in a comfortable apartment with a balcony and in the winter endure brawn there. And all because it, completely freezing, can be stored for up to two months. But what happens to him afterwards? If you bring it into heat, it begins to actively melt. And after a few minutes on a plate will be a piece of jelly floating in the liquid. Even if you do not allow it to melt and start eating right away, you will notice that its quality will not be perfect, because the liquid crystallizes in the freezer and it turns into ordinary ice.

Meanwhile, this does not mean that the jelly can not be stored in the freezer. There are exceptions. For example, the hostess prepared a pan with jelly, but everyone already ate and are not going to destroy it in the near future. In this case, you can put it in a container, close it well and put it in the freezer. However, in the future jelly can be used only for cooking soup. To do this, take it out of the freezer, shift it to the pan and bring to a boil. Then add vegetables or cereals and cook the soup.

Mistress of the note

  • Do not store jelly, which for some time was warm, for example on a festive table. The shelf life of such jelly no more than a day
  • It is believed that grated horseradish, sprinkled on the already prepared dish, does not allow the aspic to spoil quickly.
  • If the jelly has an unpleasant smell or has changed color, then you cannot eat it already.

But in order not to become puzzled about how to store jelly, it needs to be cooked for as long as you can eat within one or two days.

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