A good dough for samsa is the basis of an amazing result! We prepare the real dough for samsa with fat tail, on kefir, milk, water

A good dough for samsa is the basis of an amazing result! We prepare the real dough for samsa with fat tail, on kefir, milk, water

Samsa is one of the most delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine. It is very similar to the pie, but is made exclusively with raw stuffing. Regardless of the composition of minced meat, it is important to prepare a good dough. It should not burn or dry before filling is prepared. A good dough remains soft and exfoliates, it keeps its shape perfectly and does not cause difficulties when forming the samsa.

Dough for samsa - general principles of cooking

For samsa, it is best to use white flour of the highest grade. Be sure to sift the product before use, better even twice. Random scrub in the dough is not needed, besides the loose product is easier to combine with the liquid, the batch will cause less difficulty.

What else is needed for the test:

· Water or other liquids;

· Salt;

· Fats;

· Sometimes eggs.

In the traditional recipe for dough for the Uzbek samsa, the main focus is on correct rolling and twisting. Be sure to use fat or oil, due to which a layered structure is achieved. Baking with proper rolling is not hard, even if you use the most primitive dough made from water and flour.

Dough for Uzbek samsa

The simplest and most common recipe for dough for samsa, which is prepared in Uzbekistan. Mandatory ingredient - fat tail melted fat. But more and more often it is replaced with boiled lard (smalts). The amount of flour approximate, it may vary slightly.


· Half a kilo of flour;

· 70 grams of fat tail;

· 0.5 tsp. salts;

· 250 grams of water.

Method of preparation

1. Sift the flour twice in a bowl, only after that add salt to it, stir and make a hole in the center, start pouring ordinary water at room temperature. We carry out the kneading inside the hole with a spoon.

2. Gradually, rotating the spoon clockwise, collect flour along the edges. After a few seconds, the dough will begin to thicken. It's time to remove the spoon and start kneading the dough with your hands. We take it until it turns into an elastic mass that resembles clay. If necessary, pour some more wheat flour. 3. We round the cooked dough, lay out in a bowl sprinkled with flour, leave for fifteen minutes, cover with a napkin.

4. Roll out the dough into one large cake. It is better to give the shape of a rectangle or a square at once, so that the twisted roll has the same diameter everywhere.

5. We grease the entire surface with fat-tail or other fat, twist the taut roll, roll it up in a spiral and put it on any dish, plate, cover with film. Remove the dough for an hour in the fridge.

6. We take out the dough, cut the roll across the pieces we need, roll each into flour, roll out the cakes and form the samsa with any kind of filling.

Dough for samsa on kefir

This dough will be a little crumbly due to the addition of butter to kefir. You can use margarine in the same amount in the same way. In this embodiment, you do not need to roll a roll with fat, to achieve lamination.


· A glass of kefir;

· pack of oil;

· Salt;

· Three glasses of flour;

· Egg

· 0.3 tsp. soda

Method of preparation

1. Oil for such a dough should be rubbed or immediately put into the flour and chopped with a knife, pour 2.5 cups until.

2. Salt the egg, beat, send to kefir. Mix, throw a pinch of soda. You can knead the dough without it. With a ripper, it turns out to be slightly porous, without it more sandy. Knead cool, but not hard mass. We shift in the package.

3. Remove the dough for half an hour in the fridge. Then we get, sculpt and bake samsa with meat, onions, any other types of minced meat.

Dough for samsa with milk

This variant of the test is tastier, because instead of water whole milk will be used. Additionally, you need one egg and a small amount of any vegetable oil. For the interlayer, butter is used; if necessary, we replace it with any fat.


· a glass of milk;

· Egg

· 20 ml of sunflower oil;

· 550 g of flour;

· Salt;

· 50 g butter.

Method of preparation

1. We break the egg into a bowl, add salt to it, shake it with a boletus or a whisk, break up the protein clots and the yolk. Then add milk at room temperature, continue stirring and add wheat flour. 2. Knead dough. As soon as it gathers into a lump, we introduce a couple of spoons of vegetable oil, it will increase the elasticity of the mass.

3. Give the dough to lie down. You can roll out at once, but it will not be easy to do. Let the mass lie better for a quarter of an hour.

4. Roll out the cake, cover with a layer of butter, twist a tight roll. We put in the fridge so that the fat froze. Keep 40 minutes. You can put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

5. After the butter hardens a bit, the roll will become a little tougher, you can chop the dough into pieces, make a samsa.

Dough for samsa with sour cream

Another recipe close to the sand dough. Sour cream can take any fat. If the product is slightly lacking, then we partially replace with mayonnaise, kefir, yogurt, but only without dyes and other additives.


· 0.25 kg of oil;

· 0.25 kg of any cream;

· Flour (as required);

· one egg;

· 5 g ripper;

· Salt

Method of preparation

1. Pour two full cups of flour in a bowl, immediately add the baking powder from the bag to it. You can make just shortbread dough without it.

2. Put the butter or margarine, cut into pieces. We take a large knife, sprinkle the butter with flour and begin to chop it with a knife until a uniform crumb is obtained. Large pieces in it should not remain, it can be checked by hand.

3. Mix the egg with salt and sour cream. In the oily crumb make the hole, lay the remaining ingredients, begin to mix.

4. As soon as all the baby is gone, sprinkle plain wheat flour, knead the shortbread dough.

5. We form a small bun, put it in the bag, put it in the fridge for an hour. If time is short, then cool in the freezer for 20 minutes.

6. We get the dough. The oil in it froze, so the mass became tougher. Divide into small pieces, roll out, periodically sprinkle with flour.

Yeast dough for samsa

You can also make dough for samsa with yeast, although this option is very far from the classics. Baking turns soft, airy, will delight you with a beautiful crust and pomp. The yeast in this recipe is used raw, but can be replaced with a dry analog. Ingredients

· Kilogram of white flour;

· 10 g of salt;

· 30 g yeast;

· 250 ml of water;

· One and a half spoonful of sugar;

· 150 g of oil.

Method of preparation

1. The dough is cooked without a dough, but the yeast still needs to be activated. Mix with warm water and sugar, leave until the foam appears. About a quarter of an hour.

2. Melt the butter. You can use any fat or margarine for your yeast dough. It is important to cool after melting, hot mass is not added.

3. Add salt to the yeast, then add melted butter, after dissolving, knead it all with sifted wheat flour. Take care of getting a homogeneous lump.

4. Since the dough is yeast, it needs heat. We shift into a large saucepan, cover and set to approach. The first time it will rise in about an hour and a half. The mass should increase about three times. It is necessary to dampen the hand, lower and slightly knead.

5. Next, wait for the second climb. It will happen faster in about an hour. After that, you can begin to mold samsa.

Homemade puff dough for samsa

Often samsa is made from purchased puff pastry. But you can make it at home, it will turn out no worse. This dough is perfectly stored in the freezer, it turns out tasty and tender, while preparing the most primitive ingredients. Butter can be replaced with a good margarine.


· 3 cups flour;

· 0.3 kg oil;

· 3 / teaspoon fine salt;

· 3/4 standard glass of water;

· A pinch of citric acid;

· A pair of eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Sift the flour and measure exactly six spoons. We remove them to the side, leave for the oil part.

2. Water must be pre-measured and put into the fridge, ice liquid is used for puff pastry. In the water we throw a pinch of citric acid. You can knead the puff pastry with vinegar, add half a teaspoon.

3. Mix eggs and salt, beat with a fork. We combine with ice water, to which they have added lemongrass, and then with sifted flour. Knead dough until smooth. 4. Chop the butter with six tablespoons of flour, grind, gather in a lump. Roll out the first dough, distribute the carrot mass on it, zaschipnut, to get something like a pie.

5. Roll out the roll with the oil inside to a thickness of one centimeter. We turn in three, and it is better four times, we shift in a package, we clean in the refrigerator.

6. Roll out the dough again, roll it up and put in the fridge for half an hour.

We take out the dough, roll out and cut into pieces. It is more convenient to make square cakes from puff pastry and sculpt samsa in the form of envelopes. We form products with any stuffing, we send to be baked.

Dough for samsa - useful tips and tricks

· Samsa immediately after the oven is usually dry, the dough is tough, but this should not frighten. Hot products should be covered with thick towels folded in several layers. Within fifteen minutes, the moisture inside will be distributed, the crust will become softer and recede.

· Most types of dough tolerate cold storage. Therefore, you can knead in advance, put in a package, hold up to days. The filling can also be done in advance, but it is better to bake the formed samsa immediately.

· If suddenly the dough turned out to be too steep and dry, then you should carefully pinch the edges of the samsa, you can twist it with a figured seam so that nothing will unfold during baking.

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